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Chapter two ~ New mystery guy

*Kim's Pov*

"Kimmy! Hey, Kimmy!" My head snapped to my best friend Grace, who was running towards me waving her arms about like a lunatic. I clutched my fists tightly at the use of my unwanted nickname.

"It's Kim." I stated once she had finally joined up with me and my other friends; Madeline and Donna.

"Yeah yeah Kimmy, Kimberly what ever.." She huffed pushing all the names around like they where nothing. The more she said my nicknames, the more angrier I became.

"What do you want Gracie!" I snapped. She gave me a quick glare before she got all excited again.

"You seen the new boy!" She grinned.

"No..." I groaned starting to walk towards my locker. I knew where this was going. His so cute, I love him, Do you think he'll marry me...

"He's so good looking, I totally take dips!" She giggles like a child making my eyes roll.

"Oh yeah like how you loved: Jerry, Brody, Kevin... Shall I go on?" I teased counting them out on my fingers. The others laughed along with me.

"Ok you got me, but I mean it this time." Grace chuckled sticking her tongue out at me.

"I heard that he took down the black dragons." Maddy said leaning against the lockers.

"Yeah Right!" I chuckled "Like he could."

"Its true Kim!" Donna sighed. "I saw the whole fight. He's quite talented, he even caught Frank's punch!" Now I know they are lying. Where they playing a trick on me? No one can beat the dragons, especially not Frank. I was about to argue with them when the late bell rang.

"Crap!" I moaned running off in the direction of my class. "I'm going to be late. Catch you guys later!" I turned slightly and waved goodbye. I was about half way around the corner when I bumped into someone. Whoever I hit was strongly built. On impact we both crashed to the floor with a big thud. Thankfully I managed to stop myself from hitting my head, but the bang to the floor still hurt. I struggled to my feet and steadied myself. The other person had literally sprung to their feet, as if that was nothing. The corridor was basically deserted so my pride should be still intact.

"I'm sorry..." I begun. His chocolate brown eyes looked into mine and I forgot my words. I became lost in his memorizing eyes. He seemed pissed but I couldn't snap out of this trance. He was hiding something behind them, something he never wanted people to see. When he snapped his fingers in front of my face I blinked and broke the connection.

"Watch it next time Blondy!" He snapped picking up his bag. My anger boiled, if you wanted to get on my bad side, that was how!

"Whoa! Don't call me that!" I snapped back. He looked amused at my anger and took a step towards me.

"Don't push me. I would of done something about it if you, well... if you weren't a girl!" He warned with a smirk. God he is really cocky!

Before I even realised what I was doing I sent a punch to him, and amazingly he caught it. This must be the new kid, funny how I didn't think that before.

"You probably shouldn't of done that!" He growled. Pulling me closer, he twisted my arm and flipped me. I landed on the floor... again!

"Whoa Checka, you ok?" Jerry called running to my side. "Yo, that wasn't cool dude!"

"You got a problem too?" The boy glared. Knowing he had no chance Jerry helped me to my feet and backed off, taking me with him.

"Ha! What I thought!" The boy chuckled walking off in the opposite direction. Once he was out of sight Jerry pulled me aside.

"Kim are you crazy?" He asked. "That's Jack Brewer, third degree black belt. He just moved here, but he already took down the Dragons. You shouldn't mess with him, yo!"

"Thanks Jerry but I can take care of myself." I smiled. Before he could say some smart ass remark I continued. "I'm late for class, but thanks. See you in the cafeteria." He nodded and strolled off down the hall towards his locker. Knowing him he was most probably going home, going for a sleep or just skipping class. Plastering a smile on my face I entered my class room.

"Ah, Miss Crawford you finally decided to join us!" Mrs Anderson smirked. I looked to the clock and realised that I was somehow almost twenty minutes late. "Principles office, now!" I groaned aloud and walked back the way I came. Screaming things loudly in my head as I knocked on the door. 'Stupid Jack, Stupid teacher, Stupid Rules!'

****A Living Nightmare****

While I sat in the chair waiting for my punishment, I went through all possible reasons to explain my lateness. Only one came to my mind. 'The new kid tried to kill me.' Now either they wouldn't believe me or Jack would find out and finish the job later. He really puzzled me though, he didn't seem the bad boy type and yet he was playing the cards as if he was forced to play the game. On his flip he had made sure I landed legs first, not onto my head. And his eyes, he was hiding something, I know that for sure!

"Miss Crawford. In you go!" The receptionist called pointing to the Principles door. I got out of my seat and walked to the door. Before I reached it however it opened and Jack walked out. I froze to the spot as he walked inches away from me. Again he seemed amused at me, but said nothing as he continued to walk from the office. Why had he been there? Already gotten excluded? Hopefully would make things easier...

"Well go through!" The receptionist shouted. Taking in a deep breath I walked into the room. While the Principle talked away, my mind was on the new mystery guy. I know I can figure him out, I just need to get to know him more. I know now that he does indeed know karate!

****A Living Nightmare****

"Well?" Jerry asked looking over to me from our table.

"I got detention for a few days." I shrugged. "I'll still be coming to practice though."

"Whoooo!" Jerry called. Me and the rest of my fellow Wasabi warriors shh'd him.

I go to the Bobby Wasabi Martial arts academy along with Jerry, Eddie and Milton. We may not have a lot of students but the dojo is still getting by. We lived by the Wasabi code: 'We swear by the light of the Dragons eye, to be loyal, honest and never say die!' Which means my fellow warriors are always there for me, no matter what! Jerry and I are the only black belts -well apart from our Sensei- in the dojo. We are both only first degrees though, but I'm hoping to be a second by the end of this year! Eddie is a orange belt, while Milton is only a yellow belt. We needed a lot of help as the boys weren't really all that focused when I came to combat! We do had a great Sensei called Rudy. He may act like a child most of the time and he's not really helpful, but he's always there when we need him.

I may have Grace and my other friends but if I had to chose between who I wanted to hang out with, I'd hang with the warriors. I'm not much of a girlie girl anyhow, I'm more of a tomboy. I love karate its means everything to me, but you may catch me in the occasional dress and maybe some make-up...

"You got detention tonight then?" Milton asked hopeful, finally breaking through the silence that had taken over us.

"Nope!" I grinned. "So as its Wednesday, you and me Milton!"

"Yeeaaahhh!" He cheered sarcastically.

"Guys I'm going to get my apple. I'll be right back." I got up from the table and ran to my locker. As the cafeteria food is most likely to kill you, I bring in my own lunch. But maybe actually eating it at lunch would help.

****A Living Nightmare****

I walked back into the cafeteria playing about with the apple. I threw it up in the air and caught it with my other hand. I did the same trick again, but this time I missed it.

"Crap!" I muttered as my only source of actual food went soaring to the floor. Before it hit the floor however a foot caught it and brought it back up into someone's hand. I looked up into his chocolate eyes again. "Err... thanks..."

"Welcome... Blondy!" He smiled.

"The names Kim."

"Ok... sorry.. Kim." He said holding his hands up in defeat. "I'm Jack" Like I didn't know he's name, everyone one does already. He's the talk of the school, has been ever since this morning. The new record for most popular kid on their first day goes to... him!

"Well that was very twilight!" I giggled thinking back to how he caught the apple. He gave me a confused look. "Vampire and human, with a werewolf, love triangle, Edward Bella and Jacob...?"

"Never heard of it." He shrugged.

"Well ok, thanks again. But can I have my apple back?" I smirked.

"Oh yeah..." He handed the apple back and walked towards a empty table.

"Say Jack... -" He stopped and looked back to me. "-want to sit with us?" I asked pointing to our table. He nodded and followed me over. The warriors mouths dropped as Jack sat by my side. Jerry tapped my shoulder and leaned towards me.

"Are you crazy cheecka?" He hissed. I ignored him and smiled at Jack. He seemed uncomfortable to be sitting with us, but I wanted to see what he was hiding. I can be quite noisy...

"So I hear you know something about karate." I teased trying to make conversation.

"Er... I guess." He shrugged.

"Oh!" I squeaked realising that I hadn't introduced them all. "This is Jerry, Milton and Eddie." Jack nodded to them all in turn.

"I'm Jack. So how do you guys all know each other?" He asked. I sighed quietly in relief that he had finally spoken. I had been thinking that this was a bad idea, but just like I thought, there was more to him then his attitude.

"We do Karate togeth-" Milton begun, but he stopped when a meat ball hit the back of his head. "Gaaaahhhhh!" He called out making the black dragons laugh.

"That's awesome the kid from the..." Jerry chuckled

"Jerry!" We shouted cutting him off.

"Aren't you going to do anything?" Jack asked. "Wait, I thought you guys knew karate?!"

"Yes we do!" Milton grinned jumping up from his seat, surprising us all. Then once he gazed upon our enemy, he sat back down again. "They know it better."

"Come on guys, we better get going." I said getting up from my seat. They all followed me but Jack. I ignored him staying and started to head away from the table. I heard a huge gasp come from everyone in the cafeteria, so I spun around to see what all the fuss was about. I came face to face with Frank's clutched fist. I jumped back on instinct but Jack had already caught the punch, stopping it just before it hit me. He had saved me?

"You probably shouldn't of done that... again!" He growled. He had the look back in his eyes and again I became scared of him. Yes you heard me right. I, Kim Crawford, gets scared, get over it!

"Jack... I ... Err..." Frank stuttered jumping back out of his grasp. Looks like I'm not the only one scared. Even with their numbers the black dragons seemed too scared to attack. All the black dragons backed off and eventually left the room.

"Thanks..." I sighed. "But I can take care of myself."

"Clearly." He glared grabbing his bag.

"Why do you have to be such a jerk all the time?!" I snapped.

"Why do you keep getting in my way?" He snapped back. What the hell is this guys problem? I was being nice to him, its not like I forced him to come to our table.

"After we tried to be your friends." I glared.

"Its not like I asked to be!" He yelled. "It was just my reflex to block, so there won't be a next time! I'll let him hit you Kimmy!" That was the final straw! I launched myself towards him, but just before I reached him Jerry grabbed my waist and held me back. Jack didn't even flinch, was he that good that he didn't need to? I hated that I had even thought there was some good in him. That I actually started to think him as a friend. I can normally read people quite easily, but Jack... Jack was a mystery to me. With me restrained Jack walked away untouched. I glared at Jerry scaring him into letting me go. I walked away from my friends and headed to my locker. After school I was going to beat a punch dummy to death and pretend it was Jack!

****A Living Nightmare****

"Guys I have some awesome news!" Rudy smirked jumping out from his office. We had been wondering what he had been doing, as he'd been in there for a long time. "We have a new student joining today! He's a third degree black belt!" Again Rudy jumped in excitement. My mind wondered to Jack again for some reason, it can't be him... could it. I knew the others where thinking the same. Our worst fears came true as Jack Brewer walked out of Rudy's office in full Wasabi uniform.

"WHAT!" Everyone but Rudy yelled. Jack was even surprised and annoyed to see us. This was going to be interesting!

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