Luca awoke from having his phone vibrate from a text saying "Open the door? Ive been out here for awhile!" he had been thinking about the nightmare he was in a few minutes ago-

The city was blazing as people ran and were screaming as monsters had claimed their lives

"Help me!" A person shouted to Luca reaching his hand out

"I - I cant!" Luca stretched his arm out and just as he seemed to have his friends hand another monster tackled him, devouring him

"Helllooo?" Luca`s two friends Mila Cairo and James asked through the window

"Yeah yeah hold on." He rubbed ihis eyes as he unlocked the door "Hi"

"Yeah shhh!" Jessica ran passed Luca and turned on his TV to her favorite show "Its the series finale!" why are vampires so hot?

"So we going to leave soon?" Luca asked James, scratching his head

"Mhm, Just after Jessica decides to turn the thing off" James sat down next to her, Luca joining after


"Hey did you guys hear about that virus?" Jessica asked her friends

"Virus? No." Luca answered


"Here, read my phone" She handed her phone to the two guys

"What`s that noise?" James asked "Imma go check it out`" He then walked out side

"Th-Thats pretty weird" Luca told her nervously

"Your not scared are you?" She laughed and looked back at the screen "Well dont worry they say its under -"

Suddenly Jessica`s face froze with fear as she made a worried noise

"What`s wrong?" Luca asked putting his hand on her shoulder

She shakily raised her hand and pointed her finger at the screen in front of them

Luca looked and instead of seeing some cliche vampire show it was replaced with a serious news reported standing at a store they know where is at

"The virus that was thought to be secured and was planned to be destroyed has somehow gotten into the small town of Greene, California-"

The cameraman turns to a man who is coughing up blood and making strange noises stumbling in the store

"Sir, are you alright?" The man approached the two people "Sir- Sir are you alright? Can you please step ba- Ah, AHH!"

The man now on top of the lady started clawing at her and quickly bit down on her neck making sickening squishing noises the cameraman by now had dropped the camera and fled leaving the camera in a shot of the woman`s face, scratched up and eaten


A voice they knew shouted in pain as a bloody hand hit against Luca`s living room window

"JAMES!" Jessica and Luca shouted in unison

"J-Jessica we gotta leave!" Luca panicked as he grabbed a bat and a backpack full of emergency supplies and gave it to Jessica

She slid it on obviously speechless "O-...Okay..."

Luca, not being a huge, powerful strong brute of a guy he was rather unpopular at their school and had no idea how to protect himself other than swinging wildly with any weapon he could get his hands on

He opened up his front door and stepped outside with Jessica, the two stood outdoors with a grey sky and the semi-cold air they both knew that the lives they had before are now gone.