The three arrived at the main street, 3 blocks down from the mini-park

"Yes, I found two survivors." Jill said talking into her earpiece "They are rather young"

"Hey Luca..." Jessica called to her friend "Do you think we might actually escape?"

"I dont know" He answered "But all we can do is look at the positives we have"

"Daddy why arnt we leaving yet?" A little girl asked his father

"We will right now Ellie we just need to get supplies" He said knocking on a door "Excuse me, can you please just give us some supplies? We will leave right after!"

The people inside the house denied "I will break down this door if you do not open it! Right. Now!"

Ellie`s father slammed on the door "Let me in!"

The door opened up only for a woman to point a gun at Ellie`s father



Her father gasped as he held his chest as the woman realizing what she has done the door closed only for another bang to be heard and something hitting the ground

He slumped against the wall as his life was fading away

"Daddy?" Ellie got on her knees next to her father "Daddy!"

"Calm down Ellie..." He said putting his hand on her shoulder "It`s alright..."

"No, no its not..." She said rubbing her eyes "You said Jaime was going to be okay but she wasnt..."

"Your sister...I couldnt do anything to help her..." He quietly told his eight year old daughter "But dont worry about me you are brave you can handle yourself..."

"Yes, I can, I can." She said sobbing "But I want to be with you!"

Hanging on his last words "Just go sweetie...Just remember, I`ll miss you..." His eyes started closing "I...Love you..."

"I love you too..." She said as she shook her dad "Daddy...Daddy!" She shouted

Attracting unwanted attention

The group heard the little girl scream from the house two houses ahead

"Stay near me kids" Jill told Jessica and Luca

Luca mindlessly ran off towards the little girl

"Luca! Stop!" Jessica shouted in his direction

Jill felt that he had taken her knife too "What is he doing?!"

"Not another little girl. Not another. My little sister was enough already..." Luca told himself as the flashback of them passing a collapsed house which where his little sister was at for the weekend played out in hi head