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Alice ripped her hand away from Aro.

"It doesn't matter what I show you…even when you see, you still won't change your decision." She stated before looking at Bella and saying 'now' Bella hoisted Renesmee up on Jacob's back and the two galloped off into the woods.

"Get them."

Santiago ran off after them and Alice kicked Aro who went flying back.

He landed cleanly and two guards grabbed Alice.

"Take her away." Aro announced.

"Let her go!" Carlisle shouted and ran at Aro who ran to meet him.

They jumped into the air and met head on Aro landed and showed the head of Carlisle.

Esme screamed and Caius burnt the body.

Hanra was shell-shocked, Carlisle was dead, and she placed a hand over her mouth and etched closer to her father now holding onto his cloak.

Edward read her thoughts, 'not happening to my father…get OUT OF MY HEAD EDWARD!'

The Cullens started to run, Aro raised his arms and the guard joined the fight.

The first vampire who came at Hanra was Maggie from the Irish coven; she burnt the head off her shoulders quickly.

She saw Emmett attempt to fight Alec but got over there in time to rip him off Alec who she then helped up.

Suddenly her father was beside her and Alec, he had just beheaded Jasper.

"Alec, take her and go." He hissed.

Alec nodded grabbing onto Hanra.

"Dad…no!" She pleaded.

The war was raging on around them they ducked when a wolf…Paul went flying at them; Demetri grabbed the hind leg and threw him half-way across the clearing.

He hugged his daughter. "Hanra please…go with Alec."

He held onto her shoulders when pulled away from her. He looked like he would have been crying if it was possible.

She nodded and hugged him again before pulling away and holding onto Alec, using vampire speed the couple was gone.

Not five minutes later, Edward ripped the head off of Demetri.

The couple were nearly three miles away now when Hanra paused and put a hand over her dead heart.

"He's dead Alec….my father's dead…" She was dry sobbing and he held onto her for a few moments head buried in her hair.

"Hanra…we have to keep going…"

She nodded and took his hand again, he kissed it lightly and they ran again.

After Jane was killed by that black mutt (Sam) Caius entered the fight and almost instantly fell victim to Kate and Tanya Denali.

Marcus allowed himself to be ended by the Romanian vampires stating "Finally." Just before he would die.

Aro himself would then enter the battle and get into a fight with that blasted newborn Bella and her mate Edward.

The cause of all the trouble.

His fight would not last long and his head would be ripped off his body by Edward before his mate would set him alight.

Aro was dead….


A high-rise apartment in New York, the outer walls made off glass but with drapes for the overly sunny days for the south facing walls.

The sun was just rising over Manhattan and Alec was up and dressed to watch it and his mate.

Hanra had taken decided to sleep after the night before; her mind mentally drained from…everything.

A thin Egyptian cotton duvet covered her waist but her legs and back was visible to him since she faced away from him.

She was as naked as she was the day she came into this world and Alec (with some smugness) was proud that he was the reason she had nothing on. (Manly pride seesh)

He watched the first rays of sun lit up her skin like diamonds; the violin curve of her back sparkled and glistened all the way down to the light swell of her ass which was blocked from his view.

Her hair fell in a glossy wavy curtain over her shoulder.

"Stop staring at me…." She grumbled turning around to ace him with her slightly slanted ruby eyes.

The barest smile lit up his features as she propped herself up on one elbow.

"I'm sorry does it bother you?" He asked slyly moving toward her.

"Maybe how will you make me feel better?" She asked him grinning slightly.

"I have no idea…" He was now hovering over her.

She placed a hand behind his neck and guided his lips to hers before using her other hair to rip the light t-shirt off him.

He flipped them around using vampire speed, attaching his lips to her neck…


Alice snatched her hand back away from Aro. "There, that's your future…unless you decide on a different course." She told him darkly.

"We cannot falter our course the child still poses a grave threat." Caius told him.

Aro was shell-shocked at what he had just seen.

His death, Demetri's, his brother's, Jane's….Alec's betrayal and his desertification.

Edward Cullen's voice reached him. "But what if you could insure that she would remain cancelled from the human world. Would you let us leave in peace then?"

"Of course but that cannot be known." Caius announced.

Edward smiled. "Actually it can."

Two new presences entered the clearing, a female vampire and a…

"Hybrid." Demetri and Hanra whispered together.

"I have been searching for witnesses of my own." Alice stated. "Among the Tacoma tribes of Brazil."

"We have enough witnesses!" Caius announced.

"Let him speak brother." Aro shushed him.

"I am half-human, half-vampire." He said. "Like the child. The vampire seduced my mother. Who died giving birth to me. My aunt Huilen raised me as her own. I made her immortal."

"How old are you?" Bella couldn't help but ask.

"A hundred and fifty years."

"At what age did you reach maturity?" Aro asked fascinated.

"I became full grown. Seven years after my birth."

"And your diet?"

"Blood. Human food. I can survive on either."

"These children are much like us." Marcus said amazed.

"Regardless the Cullen's have been consorting with werewolves." Caius snapped. "Our natural enemies."

Aro shook his head and turned to face the guard. "Dear ones….there is no danger here. We will not fight today."

The guard members looked at each other and Demetri visibly relaxed.

Hanra nodded and closed her eyes.

They all turned and began to leave one by one.

Aro stopped and looked back once before continuing on.

Peace, at last.


"You what?" Aro asked.

"We want to leave. We'll return for visits and special missions but we would like to experience the world. Together. The three of us." Demetri nodded.

Himself, Hanra and Heidi were lined up in front of the guard the two older looking vampires standing slightly in front of Hanra.

"May I ask why?" Marcus asked.

Alec had his eyes to the floor, he knew she needed this, he knew she would now always come back to him.

But he wanted to go with her, them…but he couldn't and that sucked.

"I spent a long time hating my dad….he spent a long time grieving over my death thinking I'd grown up, had a family and died peacefully but I never did. We need to understand each other more." Hanra stated.

Aro sighed. "You swear to return if needed."

They nodded.

"Then….I grant you your wish. As long as you keep your promise…."

And they did, Demetri returned every once in a while to do odd missions for Aro with Heidi and Hanra usually met Alec halfway if ever going on a mission, she never actually returned to the castle, but she was keeping her promise to do what she was needed to do….


The wedding of Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen was the biggest event of the decade.

Renesmee had even invited members of the Volturi as a peace thingy…

(Yeah like that would work.)

But they did Aro, Caius, Alec, Jane and Felix arrived.

Honestly the Cullen's were surprised about there being no Demetri or Hanra.

Renesmee seemed to be planning something but kept her mind off it because of Daddy Dearest reading her mind.

Suddenly the vampires, hybrid and wolves in residence heard a large car roar up the driveway.

They stepped outside. "No way." Edward hissed.

"Yay!" Renesmee giggled. "They're finally here."

The windows of the brand new large silver Ranger Rover were down and music blared out until it parked right in front of them.

The driver door opened and a Greek looking male stepped out.

The driver door was facing them so they couldn't see the passenger inside but the scent told them there were two people in the car.

He was about 6'3 in height with olive skin that had a chalky pallor.

He was dressed in a v-neck white t-shirt, a brown leather jacket and black jeans.

He wore a pair of sunglasses.

He leaned against the car as the front passenger door opened on the other side.

Alec grinned.

The female looked about twelve with wavy-curly dark brown locks let free down her back.

She wore a sheer sleeveless blouse with a light pink blazer over it.

She wore a light pink shirt that came from the waist to a few inches above the knee and was patterned with flying birds.

On her feet was a pair of converse.

She too wore a pair of sunglasses.

She carried a handbag that almost looked like a large pouch.

It was pretty awesome. (A/n I have that bag….)

Carlisle walked down the steps to them.

"Hanra, Demetri….welcome."

And that's when Bella stormed down the steps and pointed at Hanra angrily.

"Just what are you doing here?"

Hanra just scoffed.

"You have no right to be here you deserted this family…"

"If you want to talk about this family I'll have to pull the 'I was here first card' I left because you were supposed to be a vampire after the honeymoon and I was supposed to live a life full of annoying my brothers Isac and Elijah, reconnecting with my dad and Alec….maybe popping in every once in a while to see you all…but know you and Edward had to find another way to put everyone in danger…..need I go on because I can?" Hanra stated.

Renesmee giggled and walked down okay skipped down the steps and embraced Hanra.

"I'm so glad you could come!"

"PDA! Get off me!" Hanra told her half-heartdily.

She did and turned to Bella. "It's okay mom….I invited them…."

Everyone stilled and suddenly a voice was heard. A mocking voice.

An annoying brotherly voice?


Everyone turned to see four figures sitting on the steps, other guests that Renesmee had invited without telling her parents.

(Or Jacob.)

"Hey sis!" The first said, he was about thirteen or fourteen with smooth tan chalky skin, red eyes and curly dark brown hair and a cheeky grin.

"Causing trouble again?" The next was a female with flaming red hair and a soft smile.

"Honestly Demetri you need to keep a tight leash on Firecracker over there." The next was another female, this one had blond hair the palest shade of gold.

"Oh be nice…" The final was a boy, he looked like the first boy but his hair was longer and slightly darker, he was taller too.

"Isac, Sophia, Lilia and Elijah…well this is a family reunion gone wrong…"

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The Ten years later part for those who didn't get it was Alec and Hanra's future if they'd ran.