Hello and thanks for giving this story a shot. It is not a cross over but there is a cameo from the Supernatural Bros. and some minor supernatural goings on. But that only lasts for a chapter or so, so please don't let that scare you off. This is mostly a family type story with team bonding and some action later in the story. I'd like to thank reluctantslashfan for being my beta.

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Chapter 1

"Why did I let you talk me into this?" Tony asked McGee as he hiked along behind his partner. It was a beautiful summer afternoon in Prince William National Park.

"Because you said you wanted to learn tracking. Come on Tony, it's a nice day. Try and enjoy being outdoors," McGee replied over his shoulder.

Oh yeah, Tony forgot he'd asked McGee about the tracking. Maybe Abby was right, maybe his memory really was going; must be all those head slaps. With a silent snort, he turned to Tim and said, "Do you know what I was going to do today before you showed up McGee? I was going to spend a day on the beach, enjoying the view."

DiNozzo really had every intention of spending a day at the beach when McGee had shown up at his door, backpack over one shoulder, asking Tony if he wanted to go out for a hike.

"You could have said no Tony." McGee suddenly stopped and turned, looking at Tony. "Why did you agree to come then?"

Tony would never admit it, but he'd been secretly impressed by the tracking ability Tim had displayed during their various investigations. Also, something else he'd never admit to, he kind of liked spending time with his partner. They had developed a pretty close friendship over the past few years, and Tony liked hanging out with the man he thought of as his little brother. So, DiNozzo had ditched the beach plans and headed out with McGee.

"Had to make sure you were safe traipsing through the woods," Tony lied flawlessly, a relaxed smile on his face. "What kind of partner would I be if I let you get lost out here, all on your own?"

"Are you forgetting who the Boy Scout was, Tony?"

Ignoring McGee's response, Tony continued, "And now you owe me, partner. So be prepared to pay back this favor at any time of my choosing."

"What favor?"

"The enjoyment of my company, and the privilege of me watching your back," Tony responded grinning.

McGee glared at Tony then shook his head and continued his trek through the woods. "I see a deer trail up ahead. It's a bit easier to follow so it'll make a good start for your lesson."

Tony listened closely as Tim proceeded to tell him about the various methods of tracking a larger animal traveling through a wooded forest.

"Think you've got it?" he asked Tony when he wrapped up his explanation.

"Yeah, sure. No problem." Tony was surprised at how good of a teacher McGee was. He'd been able to relate some of the key points of tracking in a way Tony would remember. McGee had even thrown a movie reference in. His partner was learning!

"Why don't you see how far you can follow this trail then? Come on, lead the way." McGee stepped aside and let Tony take the lead.

Tony used the tips McGee had taught him and actually managed to follow the trail for a good ways before he lost it. McGee came up next to him and clapped him on the back.

"Not bad Tony. I –" McGee was interrupted as they heard the sounds of someone or something crashing through the woods near them. Suddenly a woman appeared, running right into McGee, nearly knocking him down.

"Are you okay, ma'am?" McGee asked as the woman righted herself while holding onto him.

"Do you need help?" Tony asked. The woman didn't seem to have heard him as she looked frantically behind her. Tony could hear more crashing sounds. Whatever the woman had been running from was quickly approaching. Tony reached for his gun. Thank God he'd gotten into the habit of carrying it with him at all times.

The next few moments happened so fast, Tony wasn't sure of exactly what he saw. Just as two men came crashing through the woods, the woman put both hand on either side of McGee's head and threw her head back, her eyes rolling back into her head. As McGee cried out in pain, the woods filled with shouting.

"Federal Agents, stop right there!"

"Get away from her! She's dangerous."

"Shit Sam, she's starting. Stop her!"

Tony had no idea what was going on. He held his gun on the two men, but was worried about what was happening to McGee. He appeared to be on his knees, the woman's hands still on his head, her head still thrown back, a moan escaping her mouth. As Tony watched, the taller of the two men stepped towards the woman and threw some sort of powder on her. She screamed and let go of McGee.

The woman turned suddenly, holding out both hands in front of her, aiming them at the two men. Both men quickly ducked and rolled out of the way as, what looked like, lightening erupted from her outstretched fingers. Tony's eyes widened as he shifted his gun back and forth between the men and the woman. What the hell was going on?! The lightening emerging from the woman's hands had momentarily rendered him speechless.

After a moment the lightening stopped. He watched as the taller man charged the woman and tackled her to the ground. The woman was spitting curses, her eyes rolling madly in her head. The tall man held her down as the other man approached and began chanting in another language. Great, that's all Tony needed to make this experience even more odd: crazy occultists.

Tony kept his gun on the group of people before him, but began slowly making his way towards where McGee had gone down. He needed to check his partner, make sure he was okay. After the woman had let go, he thought he'd seen McGee fall back behind a bush.

Just as he found where he'd last seen Tim, the man stopped chanting and the woman beneath the other man disappeared, a loud clap like thunder resounding through the woods. For a second, it seemed as if a strong wind blew past him, but it passed as quickly as it had come.

"Well that was fun," said the man who had been chanting. "Who knew a crazy witch woman could be so damn squirrely?"

"You weren't the one who had to tackle her." The other man complained as he climbed up off the ground.

"No, I just had to collect the blood of a skunk for the damn neutralizing powder. A skunk, Sammy! Who the hell decided to use skunk blood in the ritual to release a witch's energy? Don't complain to me about tackling a hundred pound woman!"

"Hello, I have a gun. Did you miss the part where I'm a Federal Agent? Are you two going to tell me what the hell is going on, or do I have to shoot you?" Tony snarled, sarcasm dripping from each word. The two men seemed to have forgotten he was standing there, holding a gun on them.

In the silence that descended on the group, the sound of a quiet sniff could be heard behind Tony. He turned his head to check on his partner and froze at the sight that greeted him.

A small boy stood in a pile of clothing, McGee's backpack resting nearby. The boy was wearing a t-shirt that hung off one shoulder, the bottom of the shirt pooling around his feet. A t-shirt, Tony thought, that looked exactly like the one McGee had been wearing when they left that morning. The boy looked up at him and Tony gasped. Bright green eyes looked at him from beneath a mop of sandy brown hair.

Tony just stared at the boy. Was he really seeing what he thought he was seeing? Where was his partner? And where had the little boy come from? Seeing the hair and the eyes, the logical part of his brain was telling him something unbelievable. That the boy was his partner - but that was impossible!

"Wow, did not see that coming." Tony thought it was the shorter man that spoke.

Tony tore his eyes from the little boy and turned back to the men, his grip tightening on the gun. "Okay, you two better start talking soon or I will shoot you."

The two men exchanged a look. The shorter one sighed. "Why don't you put the gun down, get the kid and we'll talk?"

"I'm in the woods with two men who somehow made a woman disappear in front of me and a kid that looks suspiciously like my partner. I'm keeping my gun out. You two," he gestured to the two men with his gun, "had better start talking; fast." Tony was getting angry. He needed answers now.

The taller man looked past him. "Umm…You might need to put the gun away. Your, uh, partner is running away."

Tony looked behind him and swore under his breath. The little boy was running. "Stay here!" he shouted at the two men as he put his gun back in its holster and ran after the kid. The kid was surprisingly fast for wearing only a shirt, but eventually his little uncoordinated body tripped, and the boy went sprawling on the ground. The boy was just pushing himself up when Tony caught up to him. DiNozzo could hear him crying. He quickly knelt and picked the boy up, turning him around to face him.

"Hey there buddy. You okay." Tony had always had a protective instinct towards his team mates, but now that instinct came on strong as the little boy stood, crying in front of him, a bloody scratch on his chin and wide green eyes staring at him. Tony pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and wiped at the boy's face.

"W-who a-are y-you?" The boy hiccuped as he tried to speak through his tears. Tony's heart clenched. The boy was heartbreaking - fear radiated off of him. The part that Tony struggled with was that he was pretty sure this was his partner. He didn't know how or why, but looking into those eyes, Tony knew this was the kid version of Timothy McGee.

"My name's Tony. I won't hurt you. I'm a friend. What's your name?" Tony wanted to hear confirmation of his suspicion from the little boy.

The kid scrunched up his nose as his eyes squinted. He could see the boy's eyes darting back and forth as the kid thought. Tony worried about why the kid was struggling with such a simple question.

"I-I d-don't k-know. W-what's m-my n-name?" Yeah, that wasn't good.

"I'm pretty sure your name is Tim. Tim's a good name. I've got a friend name Tim," Tony said, his smile a little less genuine as he stomped down hard on the panic trying to surface. Tony was in the middle of the woods with two crazy occultists, a kid version of his partner and no clue as to what was going on. Now was definitely not the time to lose his cool.

The kid scrunched up his face as he thought again. He seemed to do that when he was thinking hard. The expression reminded him so much of the adult McGee it sent conflicting emotions coursing through Tony. His urge to comfort and protect the kid where at odds with frustration and the now subdued, but still present panic. This was McGee standing in front of him. He shouldn't be a child!

"Okay. I-I c-can b-be a T-T-Tim like y-your f-friend," the boy said quietly. The kid was really wreaking havoc on Tony's emotional state.

"Can you come with me Tim? I need to go talk to someone then we can get out of here. Maybe get you some clothes. How does that sound?"

"A-are y-you m-my d-daddy?" Tim asked. Tony was shocked into silence. He didn't know why but the kid's honest question had thrown him for a loop, his chest tightening for a moment.

"No, Tim. I'm not your dad. But I'm going to look out for you until we figure out what's going on. Is that okay?" Tony answered quietly.

"Y-yeah." The little boy held his arms up to Tony in the classic sign to be picked up. Tony hesitated a second, then picked the boy up. Skinny arms snaked around Tony's neck as he stood. The weight in his arms was odd, but not uncomfortable. He didn't think he'd ever held a kid like this before. Tony shifted Tim to his left side, so the kid wasn't pressed up against his gun, and began walking.

"I'm scared," the little boy whispered.

"Hey, don't be scared. It'll be all right. Let's go see if we can figure out what's going on."

"Is s-something w-wrong?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, you could say that Tim." As Tony carried the boy back to where he'd left the two men, he tried to wrap his mind around everything that had happened in the last few minutes. He couldn't believe he was thinking this, but he was pretty sure that somehow his partner had been turned into a small boy. And had that woman been shooting lightening out of her hands? Just what the hell was going on? Had he ended up in the twilight zone?

Tony was a bit surprised to actually find the two men where he'd left them. He thought they'd be long gone by the time he returned with the kid.

"Hi," the short one said with a cocky smile. "Bet you didn't expect to see us."

"Not exactly. But since you're here, mind telling me what the hell is going on?"

"Yeah, sure. I'm Dean. This is Sam. The crazy bitch was – " Dean stopped when he heard Tim whimper in Tony's arms.

"Hey! Don't swear in front of the kid!" Tony snapped. Tony watched as the tall one, Sam, glared at Dean. He knew that look. He'd seen it from McGee just a little bit ago. It was a classic "you're being stupid" glare. He unconsciously tightened his hold on the small boy he was holding.

"Oh, yeah. Uh, sorry." Dean cleared his throat. "Anyway, the woman was a witch. She was performing some crazy mojo in the area, killed a few people. We heard about it and came to stop her." Dean gave Tony a sardonic smile, clearly not expecting Tony to believe him.

"Why didn't you go to the police?"

"What are we going to tell them? 'There's a witch woman in the area killing off people. Go arrest her. Oh, but don't touch her or she'll kill you. Sorry there are no bodies, they tend to disappear when she's drained their life away.' Yeah, I'm sure that'd go over well."

"Okay." It was taking everything Tony had not to just run away screaming from the men. What they were saying was absolutely nuts. But still, he couldn't deny what he'd seen with his own eyes. "What happened to her body? It disappeared."

"Yeah, she was so old she was pretty much just being sustained by the energy she was draining. The spell we cast released all the energy at once, destroying her," Sam explained hurriedly, shifting from one foot to the other.

"Poof!" Dean illustrated with his hands, earning him another glare from Sam. He shrugged as if to say 'what?'

"If I wasn't holding the mini version of my partner, I'd think you were crazy. Actually, I still kind of do, but since McGee is now a tiny tot, I guess I have to listen to what you're saying." He glanced at Tim and demanded, "Why is my partner a kid?"

The two men exchanged another look. This time Sam spoke up, scratching the back of his head, "Uh, we're not really sure. We've seen her do that before, touching a person and draining them. Believe it or not, that woman was over 200 years old. Like we said, she drained people of their life, using their energy for her own power, to stay young and to cast spells. The victims literally faded away to nothing. But she's never been stopped in the middle of draining someone before."

"We think she might have drained his life, but not all the way. So…we think he's kind of been reset to an age that would equal how much life he had left in him when she was stopped." Dean studied Tim for a minute. "I'd guess he only had a few years left in him when she was stopped."

Tony stared at them in disbelief. He didn't want to believe them. How could he? They were talking about witches and magic, impossible things! But the little boy shifting in his arms shattered any denial he could think of. How else could he explain McGee's disappearance since that woman had touched him? Plus, there was now a floppy haired, green eyed little boy clinging to him that could easily pass as McGee's son. He was way past denial and heading straight for crazy town.

"Okay. I guess that makes sense. You know, in a completely demented, Harry Potter sort of way. So, can you fix him? Make him himself again?"

The men exchanged yet another look. It was interesting being on the outside, watching the silent conversations. Now he knew how people around him and Gibbs felt.

"Well, the witch is gone. Like we said, she was really old. The stuff she was practicing was ancient. We'd have to look into it, but…ah, we don't think anyone else has done that kind of magic. We've never seen it before."

"Oh, and I suppose you see this stuff often?"

"You'd be surprised." Dean replied evasively, grinning, waggling his eyebrows Sam's way. The taller man rolled his eyes but didn't respond.

Tony looked at the little boy he was holding in his arms. The boy had rested his head on his shoulder as he watched the men talk, his arms still around Tony's neck. When DiNozzo looked at him, big green eyes met his. "So you don't think anything can be done for him?" Tony asked. His heart started to race. What was going to happen if they couldn't change Tim back?

The man's smile slipped off his face. "No. We don't think so. Sorry."