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Unexpected Reality

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It has been 3 years since I met him. Since that day I walked to his makeshift house and saw him, since that night where he saved me for the second time. A lot has passed in this time and I am sure that there is still more to come. Our lives are complicated but we are drawn to each other, the force being so strong that not even the beast within him can fight it.


"Where the hell are you going?" As we turn around JT is glaring at us and I just playfully elbow Vincent letting him know that he should have warned me about JT being there.

"We are going to solve a case, why you wanna join us?" Vincent replied with a devilish smile threatening to appear in his face.

"And get involved in all your mushy sexual tension work, no thanks, I rather stick needles in my eyes while scarfing down a bottle of tums, since it appears that I was the only one that was rational here and wanted to keep Vincent a Secret." At this remark both Vincent and I couldn't help but gawk at first but then burst out laughing at his last remark!

"Glad I have monkeys in my face and am able to amuse you two." And with that he stood up
from the table and grabbed his bag, muttering something about going to the university to grade some papers.

As we left the warehouse and headed for the crime scene, I was half listening what he was saying about the case, when I suddenly heard him call my name.

"Catherine, are you listening to me?" Vincents voice came to me and disrupted my line of thinking.

"Yeah, of course." was the only thing that could come into my mind.
With a slight grin he just took his eyes of the road to look at me and asked "Then what was I telling you?" At my hesitation and slight blushing he just chuckled and went on to talk about the evidence and the potential perps that Tess had digged up.

I just couldn't keep my head from wandering how had we became so lucky. Almost half a year ago, we were able to gather so much evidence about Muirfield that we had done a secret trial and were able to shut down the government program, well not after we had "taken care of" the people that where the heads of the "Eradicate Vincent Keller project". After that Vincent was able to get his life back, well sort of. We had found that one of the unmarked formulas in my mothers notes was actually a serum that couldn't cure Vincent completely but let him have complete control over the beast. On the other hand, Evan, who was actually a great surgeon, had decided, with a little encouragement from the precinct, to go back to his real passion of saving lives. That mean that there was an opening for a medical examiner, and since he was a doctor and had learned to love being a detective as well, Vincent accepted Joe's offer to become the new member of our precinct team. As for Tess, let's just say that she did find the rock that she wanted, as she now is engaged to a pretty damn successful layer that we met during one of our investigations. O don't get me wrong he was just defending the family of one of the victims and was in no way related to the perp. Heather was just, well, Heather and my dad and Brooke were expecting their first child. Can you imagine me a big sister again in my 30's? That will be an adventure. So thats pretty much where we stand, well that and the fact that JT was married to Sarah, who knew everything about Vincent and Murfield, which made her love her man even more.

As for me and Vincent...

So... What did you think? Should I continue or leave it at this?