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"I said no buts, you two you are going to go into the academy I don't care what you say you wanna do once in there but make sure that you are involved in the circle the girls were in. Oh and before I forget you two have to go in as a couple and Keller you will propose to Chandler once you have gained the circles trust."

We were all in shock as Joe gave a small chuckle and started to walk towards the door and leave it open for us to get out of there. "Well you two seem close since you decided to spend the night at the precinct ordering chinese take out and everything and Vargas will be the chaperone. So get back to work and then after lunch go pack and meet me here at 3pm so I can give you all the details and be on your way."

Joe's tone said that the discussion was over and that if we wanted to keep our jobs we would just have to accept what it was and "go with the flow".

As we left the office we all headed to our respective work places and didn't even utter a single sound, each immersed in our thoughts...


Well this is going to be interesting and annoying. On the one part I hate the fact that I get the short end of the stick. I have to be cooped up in a freaking room for God knows how long in a God forsaken neighborhood. Alone, bored out of my mind... well i better pack some movies and books and magazines... God I'm gonna be bored out of my mind, thanks lousy no good boss. But on the other hand, I was going to be fun having to see those two be a couple. Everyone knows they like each others, hell you would have to be blind not to see it, wait scratch that even blind people can feel the attraction between those two. Hell, if I didn't know any better I would say that those two have a lot of history and might even love each other. This last one is my theory but I haven't been able to crack any of them, maybe I can get proves for my theory on this trip. Hum, at least I found something that will keep me entertained. Now the question is what will I pack to wear?


I can't believe this, I just can't! Once I get to my office at the morgue I just lock myself in and let myself sink into the chair in my desk. What the hell did just happen? I run my fingers through my hair as I try to make sense of what am I feeling at this moment. There are so many things going through my head right now. Ok, breathe Vincent, just breathe. This clears my head a little bit and I try to figure out what we are going to do. Ok so we have to go into an art academy, that ought to be interesting, gain the trust of the circle of friends, easier said than done, and I have to propose to Catherine. Propose. Ok, so even if it is as an undercover project, even if it is fake, I can't make myself not feel nervous about it. I know that she has to say yes but I still don't know how or where or when. How about a ring? What would she like? Woah Vincent remember that it is not reality, as much as you want it to be its not. She has made it perfectly clear that she wants to be friends, colleagues. Oh God if only it were real, if only he could really propose and she would really accept to be his wife. If they were to share the rest of their lives together. Snap out of it Keller, it's a job and you have to focus, you are after a killer not a romance. Ok so change subjects, we'll need a copy of the notes I took from the bodies and I have to stop by the warehouse, I should really move out soon and make JT get a better place for Sarah's sake, and grab some clothes, comfortable ones if we are to be in an art academy. I hope I don't have to sing nor dance. Oh, and I should probably grab that as well... my mind just keeps making a mental note of all the things I have to pack as I print out a copy of my notes and set them inside a file so we can take them with us.


Joe did NOT just do this to me! Did he hate me? What the hell did I ever do to him that he felt the need to punish me? Did he know how much pain he is going to put her through?! Oh God how much would I love if the proposal Vincent was going to do to me were a reality! How much would I love that the words of love that will flow from his mouth where true! How would I love that the ring that he will slip on my finger was really a symbol of our love our overcoming love. How much would I love to hear him say "My Fiancé" and to say "he is my fiancé" knowing that the words are true! How much would I love to know that I were to prepare a wedding where I would become the wife of the man that I completely and truly love, knowing that we would spend the rest of our lives together! Snap out of it Cat! You are a grown woman, a detective with an assignment that you have to complete, even if it breaks your heart. Even if what he thinks is you acting as if you love him is merely what you really wanna be showing all the time. Why did I ever tell him in that night in my fire escape after he got his life back that I thought it was best for us to be friends, colleagues, and to stick to cases? What the hell was wrong with me? I know Chandler, you were afraid to love and be loved, to be dependant emotionally of someone else. You were afraid to not be in control of your feelings of the possibility of sharing your life with someone. And now is to late! He is a gentleman and will never tell you how much it hurt him in the beginning and he will never tell you when he is to go out on a date but you know that you lost him and that he will never be yours. Stupid, mistake. If I had to pick my most moronic move, my worst mistake that night wins by long run! Ok, just forget about this Chandler, just focus on getting evidence and finding the sick psycho serial killer. Focus Cat, just Focus.

After lunch everyone went home to pack and by three the gang was here waiting for further instructions.

"Ok so you guys will stay in two little appartments about a block and a half away from the academy. They are side by side apartments and have a door that connects them. Chandler and Vargas you guys have one room and Keller the other but if you are having friends over, which I suggest you do to get their trust, the happy couple will have to be together in one of the apartments while Vargas stays out of sight. Capish." Joe said as he gave us the keys to the apartment as well as a piece of paper with the address written in it.

"Once you have a good feeling that the group likes you two, Keller you will propose to Chandler in front of the group since we believe that the perp is either one of them or has a connection to them and we want to spread the word to get him/her excited."

We nodded our heads and kept listening to his instructions.
"Keller you take care of the ring. Might want to use the excuse of buying it to get some bonding time with the people that you guys by then have on the top of your lists for potential perps. Oh and please get a ring at this store, heres the address, I already called them and explained the situation so they will lend us a ring so Chandler take care of it or its coming off your paycheck! If by then we haven't gotten the perp yet, we'll see what we will do. Ok so thats it, on your way. Oh, before I forget, here are the papers that you will need to get into the academy. Everything is taken care of with the uttermost discretion but still and for simplicity purposes you guys use your same names."

To this I gave him a weird look and asked "But boss, if we use our same names and the perp does a check on us wouldn't that scare him or her away?"

He shrugged and said "I know and that is why I want you guys to say that you two were, emphasis on the word were, part of the NYPD but that there is some kind of a "unknown" rule in the precincts that colleagues can't be together, lets just say conflict of interests, and that you are so in love that decided to leave the force to be together and are now pursuing your share passion for the arts. That way the perp knows that you guys are part of the force but think that you are quote on quote retired. Any more questions? No, good now get going and keep us up to date Vargas."

And with that we were on our way to a new life experience, even if it were for a couple of days, where I would live out a dream of being an important part of Vincent's life.
We soon got to our destination, filling out our papers in the academy and then going to settle down in the apartments. Well, this is going to be interesting.

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