Prometheus: The New Black Gold

Epilogue: Testament

Audio recording of escape pod D-1, USCSS Gehenna, first entry

Begin transcript/

The storm has passed. The sun is rising. It's large. Yellow. Not warm though. But I wouldn't know in here.

This escape pod has enough air, food, and water for two people for one week. As I'm the only one in here, maybe I can last for two. Still not enough time to be rescued unless a miracle happens. And after the events of the last twelve hours, I've learnt that miracles don't exist.

The Gehenna is destroyed. Its crew, Captain Wheaton Mordain, Doctor Isabelle Ruda, Nurse Anna Chapel, Worker William Everton, are dead. Through further logs, I will make a detailed account of events for those who may find this pod, but if this is the only log you listen to, take note. Do not approach the site. There's only death here. It was always here. We just didn't know it. And we paid for that ignorance with our lives.

This is Robert McPhail, last survivor of the Gehenna.

Signing off.

End transcript/


Why yes, this was based on the endings of Alien, Prometheus, and arguably Alien 3. What gave you the hint? ;)

I actually considered tacking this onto the ending of the last chapter and/or having it written normally, as in, interspace Rob's words with narrative. Looking at the endings of the novelizations of Alien and Alien 3 however, looking at how Foster handled the writing, I settled on the above format, and to make it an epilogue.

So, that's that. The fic is done. Don't have any more Xenopedian stories on my 'to write' list at this point in time I'm afraid. Currently working on Section 8 story titled The Spark of Life for what it's worth. So that being said, thanks to everyone who reviewed.