It Came From The Nuberlous Abekotsh System

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I felt like doing something scientific. If you could classify it, anyway. Enjoy.

"Golly, I sure am bored." Toadette mumbled as she sighed, placing her hands on her face as she looked up at the clear blue sky, being in the Mushroom Gorge, where else? And in front of the white gorge containing several mushrooms. "I just wonder what Dry Bowser is up to..."

Suddenly, the entire Mushroom Gorge shook, and Toadette gawked as she fell flat on her face. She looked around, genuinely curious at what caused the shaking, when the blue tinted, green colored mountain as smashed by a giant meteor. Toadette gasped as she ran to the mountain, wondering why it got struck. She headed over the small green, grassy hills resting next to the mountain by flying over the hills using her spinning pigtails, to see giant red balls of flame bouncing out of the seemingly bottomless white gorge.

"Gosh!" Toadette exclaimed as she placed her hands on her mouth. "What kind of meteor was this?"

Dry Bowser then popped up behind Toadette, riding in his own Koopa Clown Kar, which was greyish instead of green and red instead of orange. "it came from the Nuberlous Abekotsh System, just several light years away."

Toadette was literally speechless, unable to understand what Dry Bowser has just said. "Excuse me?" She pardoned, being quite confused.

Dry Bowser closed his eyes as he wagged his finger. "Wherever the meteor landed, it surely will cause intense flames to arisen. After all, it's fairly common for it to happen when traveling through different galaxies."

"How do you know so much about this?" Toadette asked as she continued holding her hands together, still in disbelief.

Dry Bowser placed his right skeletal hand on his chin. "Kid, when you traveled across all of the universe looking for condemned souls to send to the afterlife, you learn a thing or two about that specific galaxy." He then noticed the gorge turning bright red. "And speaking of which, we might have some trouble on our hands..."

Toadette watched alongside Dry Bowser as they backed away from the gorge, with huge streams of red hot lava surging out of the gorge as ominous laughter was heard. While Dry Bowser prepared for the unexpected as he sharpened his already sharp claws, Toadette whimpered as she trembled with fright, not knowing what could emerge from the lava surge, the bright blue sky turning incredibly dark.