"...What? You?" Dry Bowser stated in disbelief as he shook his head, riding in the Koopa Clown Kar. "But... how? You melted in your own lava bath."

The strange foreboding being revealed itself to be a fiery octopus like creature, the fearsome King Kaliente, resting in a floating black colored pod filled with extremely hot red magma. "Yes, Dry Bowser, it has been quite a while. I'm pleasantly surprised to see you're still in pieces!"

Toadette dropped her jaw in disbelief as she couldn't belief her eyes, still hovering with her spinning pink pigtails. "Oh gosh... he's one big tentacle monster..."

King Kaliente focused his attention on Toadette, observing her closely. "Hmm, this is a small one. You sure are picking smaller and smaller portions over time, Dry Bowser." He laughed as he then promptly introduced himself. "I am King Kaliente, the proud ruler of the slimy race of Octoombas. Of course, I'm more of an actual octopus than my lowly minions, but that is besides the point. We originated from the Nuberlous Abekotsh System, where our race continues to evolve and spread throughout the galaxy." He then grabbed Toadette with his right red tentacle, squeezing her tightly as well as simultaneously burning her. "In fact, I think I'll give you a taste of our mighty power!"

"Eeyah!" Toadette screamed in pain as she felt severe burns all over her body, her pigtails stopping their spins as she struggled to get out, but failed as she was being weakened.

Dry Bowser's eyes glew bright yellow as he pointed at King Kaliente. "Release her. She has nothing to do with any of our business."

King Kaliente laughed as he fired several giant red fireballs from his snout like mouth at Dry Bowser. "Humph! Just try and stop me, you bucket of bones. I'm off to the nearest volcano, to take over this planet for my race!" He then laughed as he flew away in his floating pod, hot orange magma spilling out of the pod as the Mushroom Gorge was completely on fire.

Dry Bowser growled as he followed King Kaliente, intending on saving the planet, as well as Toadette, who fainted from the combination of the tight squeezing and overburn she received.