Well I didn't think that I would have a new story so quickly but this one has been floating in the far spaces of my brain for awhile. So after finishing my last two stories this one could finally see the light of day. It takes place in S1 and S3 with NO specific order or timeline. Makes the story boring cause we all know how the seasons and eps turned out. The jist of the story is Chuck and Sarah Casey too are team up but General Meriweather has other plans. As the team tries to justify his actions, they are given their final answer that doesn't sit well with any of them especially Sarah. Will the team get back to their glory days or will their final decision be their last?

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The choices we make

Chapter 1 – Broken Trust

The apartment door slammed putting an end on a disastrous dinner that Ellie's had planned for days in order to meet Chuck's new girlfriend Sarah. Chuck, Casey followed Sarah as Chuck's answers didn't sit well with her. Besides that Chuck had been off for several days himself. He chalked it up to lack of sleep, missions and his overtime at the Buy More, but mostly it was his relationship with Sarah.

Chuck and Casey had found Sarah on the docks but as the evening unfolded Chuck decided that he needed to save the day, make it right with Sarah. He lacked the trust and because of that Sarah's life was now in danger. But instead and as always Chuck's attempts to rescue Sarah didn't go as planned. Chuck just stood there on the docks after Sarah had scolded him in front of Casey after his heroic attempt to save her from Dr. Zarnov. Chuck couldn't for the life of him understand why Sarah would be so upset. Her words continued to play through his mind. "What the hell were you thinking? The secrets you that you know are incredibly important – you compromised everything."

Casey just shrugged then quickly responded. "You should have stayed in the car!" This time his tone was little harsher than usual. Sarah stormed off and Casey went his way as well. Chuck was left there to justify what the hell just happened. In his head it made sense so why didn't it look that way. 'My intentions were good weren't they?'

Hours later…

As he walked the docks, he couldn't go home knowing that he'd have to explain to his sister, Devon and Morgan as to why he was home so early and without Sarah. So this was his answer and he walked them in the same manner, he did the first night he downloaded the intersect months before. The same loneliest feeling came over him as he wished and hoped that he would never have to feel this way again. His walk just added to his the replaying in his mind every minute of every day that he had been with Sarah. When Sarah convinced him that he could be that hero and that this was fate stepping in, he quickly jumped on board. Chuck had never had that much confidence expressed upon him before, so when any pretty girl importantly a girl like Sarah told you those things you started to believe it yourself.

Sarah watched Chuck all night from a distance. She couldn't leave him, even when her feelings clouded her judgement and she reacted a little too harshly. But she had a job to do and she couldn't let one man change that even if that man Chuck Bartowski. She was a professional spy whose job was to watch a very important asset. But as time went on that was changing as well. It was early the next morning when Chuck got out of the cab. Sarah's cab pulled in up the street. "Keep the engine running." She told the cab driver. She stood back not to be seen as she watched from the corner as Chuck paid for his cab and placed his hands in his pockets and walked into his apartment. Sarah knew that what she was doing wasn't seen as proper CIA protocol but since the day she walked into the Buy More, nothing was as it seemed. She took a deep breath and settled back into the cab. She knew that Chuck had the day off and as far she knew there weren't any mission to go on but a debriefing later in the day. "Maison23 please." as the cab sped off. Chuck grabbed a shower and dried off and wiped the mirror down. He grabbed his shaver but didn't feel like shaving. He brushed his hair and teeth then crashed on his bed.

Later that afternoon

Casey brought Chuck to Castle later that day as Sarah wasn't too far behind. Chuck looked different and Sarah kept looking at him. Then she knew why? Chuck hadn't shaved. The 5 o'clock shadow at 3 in the afternoon made him look like a real spy. 'Spy would I think that, that's so far from what I want him to become, he is more than that.'

"Walker?" Casey bellowed.

"Oh sorry."

"Well now that we have the attention of the whole team. Please fill me in on the latest with Dr. Zarnov?" Beckman a little perturbed.

Chuck, Casey and Sarah looked at each other, knowing what really happened but weren't ready to tell Beckman 'everything'. Nothing that they had trained for could explain why Chuck acted like he did. Beckman looking back and forth at the team. "So is anyone going to speak?"

Chuck stood forward then looked back at Sarah. "General, we apprehended well I didn't but.. Anyways Dr. Z – Dr. Zarnov wanted to know the who the person was behind Project X, somehow he figured that if he got a hold of Sarah she would spill the beans. But Casey and I arrived and he took me."

Beckman sat up. "Is this right Agent Walker, Major Casey?"

"Yes maam but only for a few minutes as we regrouped, he pulled a fast one on us. But as a team we managed to get him."

"General what Major Casey is saying is true. We had a little miscommunication but it won't happen again. Chuck wasn't harmed in the proceedings and we were able like Casey said to regroup. Chuck was safe and headed home."

Beckman looking back and forth again amongst the team. "So Chuck's secret is still a secret."

"Yes maam." They all spoke.

"Ok that is the main thing; Chuck's secret needs to remain just that. You guys need to work on your communication. I don't want to hear that it's going to be a problem. Chuck's life depends on it and the future of this team, both for all of you and for me. That is all."

"Good afternoon General."

Chuck turned around and headed up the stairs. "Bartowski where are you going?"

"Home?" Turning around and looking down stairs. "No can do buddy! You heard Beckman; you're not leaving our sight. Either you stay here or…"

Casey looked at Sarah. "Can't unless he goes with you? I have to work at the Buy More. Not all of us have the day off."

Chuck looks at Sarah. He should be happy that she was free and that they could spend some time together but after the incident last night, he knew that he wasn't one of her favourite people right now. Sarah jumped for joy inside but had to drown those feelings once again. 'The job, remember it is a job.' Putting on her agent face she headed up the stairs. Chuck looked at Casey and shrugged his shoulders. "Well are you coming?" Sarah asked.

Chuck skipped on the step and headed up behind Sarah. Chuck got into Sarah's car, closed the door and buckled up waiting for Sarah to do the same. Sarah turned the key and shifted into reverse and drove off. Chuck was afraid to ask where she was taking him. He assumed that she was taking him home. At least there he could watch TV or something while she 'watched' him. But instead they headed down into Chinatown. Sarah parked and got out, then looked back into the car. "You got to eat right?"

Chuck tried to absorb her sincerity and the sweetness in her voice. Everything about her melted his heart but, was this 'his' Sarah or Agent Walker in disguise. Chuck slowly unclicked his belt as Sarah closed her door and started heading onto the Promenade. Chuck got out and closed his door. No sooner Sarah's car alarm was set. Chuck half walked half ran to catch up to her as she headed to their restaurant. Chuck was surprised that Sarah remembered which door to enter into. They all looked the same from the street. The waitress welcomed them and escorted them to a booth. Chuck looked over the menu as did Sarah. But he knew what she would order; she just pretended to look at the menu for whose sake Chuck didn't know. He thought that it was cute the way she scanned the items and asked him questions but every time it was the same. 2 egg rolls; vegetable, Szechuan noodles mild and chicken and a glass of water. Chuck took one last look and to humor Sarah he drew it out while the waitress waited. When Chuck saw that the waitress was getting a little impatient Sarah was enjoying it. Chuck looks up and orders. "I'll have the same except I'll take ginger beef and dry ribs instead of Chicken." Chuck closed his menu and passed both of them back to the waitress. Chuck chuckled to himself as Sarah noticed everything about Chuck she has noticed lately.

WASHINGTON DC – Office of General Beckman

General Beckman closed the two files she had on Chuck and placed the thinner one in upon her personal items in a safe behind her and the other in her filing cabinet marked The Intersect. The file in the cabinet also included a file on both Agent Walker and Major Casey. Beckman guarded the one file with her life. All day words were filtering by the water cooler that the CIA was reconstructing its departments and Special projects. Missions were being cancelled and dissected with a fine tooth comb. Any discrepancies or problem they were going to shut them down, no questions asked. The General had been with the CIA most of her life and nothing like this had ever happened so why now? As her thoughts consumed her mind, her assistant knocked on her door. Beckman snapped out of her thoughts and called her in. "General is there anything else you would like me to do for you before I head home?"

"No, you're free to go home."

"Thank you General, one more thing? You wanted to know when General Meriweather was back in his office. Well he just arrived with an entourage of suits?"

"Thank you Stacey, and good night."

"Goodnight General."

The General headed down the hall to his office and stopped at the entrance to his hallway. She saw that the door was closed to the conference room next to his office, and all she could see inside were six people besides Meriweather discussing something that heated up very quickly. A lone male opened the door. He had a slight Spanish accent dressed formally in a suit as her assistance stated. He turned to face the group. "This needs to be taken care off, my people won't wait." As he walked past Beckman he greeted her. Beckman nodded and resumed her view on the conference room. When Meriweather noticed Beckman outside in the hall he motioned for his men to close the blinds. The General walked back to her office, grabbed her coat and secured her office and headed down the elevator. Beckman scanned her card and walked up George the security guard. "Evening George."

"Evening General, how are you this fine evening?"

"Pretty good. So who was meeting with Meriweather?"

"Don't know maam, but the guy who just left wasn't too happy."


"Yeah he signed out in a huff and stormed off in a black SUV."

"Did you get a name?"

"Sounded like an instrument, I mean he had a name that had to do with an instrument?"

Beckman waited as George headed to the washroom then Beckman flipped the sign in book around and scanned the names. Tomas Henry, Casper Hilton, Nick Jones, Marcello Benetio, Sergio Constantinople and Alexis White.

"Marcello Benetio." Beckman flipped the book back and finished buttoning up her coat. Luckily her ride had just pulled up as George walked past her and opened the door for her. "Good night maam." "Good night George. Don't work too hard?"

Beckman's door closed and her driver took her home. Mr. Benetio didn't seem too happy to leave that meeting. She opened her briefcase and wrote his name down on a piece of paper. Clicking her briefcase closed she would look into the name in the morning.

Echo Park

Sarah pulled up as Chuck again unhooked his seatbelt. Chuck got out as Sarah opened her door. "Where are you going?" "Well inside?" Chuck looked confused. "Chuck, Casey works till 11 and by the time he gets here it will be half past that so until then you're stuck with me."

Chuck thought to himself, there could be worse things to get stuck with, and then his mind went to where it shouldn't go, not with Sarah. So he chose to walk inside. "Can't we sit out here?" "Oh Yeah, sure!" Chuck noticed that Sarah was rubbing her arms. He ran inside and grabbed his Buy More jacket and placed it around her and sat down. "Thanks." "No problem." "Care for anything?"

"No not right now. Your challenge on a second round of egg rolls still haven't settled yet, if you know what I mean." Sarah smiled shyly as Chuck beamed. Chuck leaned back on the lawn chair with his feet on the edge of the fountain as Sarah moved from the edge of the fountain to a chair moving in beside him. They faced staring the entrance and gazed at sky. They could faintly make out some stars as Chuck kept the both of them entertained. As Chuck explained the meaning of the big dipper; Sarah placed her hand on Chuck's arm. Chuck sits up from leaning back and whether it was the rush of sitting up after you had been leaning backwards or the fact that Sarah's hand was touching him he felt a little light headed. "Chuck about last night." Chuck put his feet on the ground. "It's ok." Sarah turned to face him. "No its not, I shouldn't have…." Just then Chuck's eyes look down as Casey walked in from the street. "Bartowski, Walker what's going on?"

"Chuck and I were just hanging out and waiting for you." Sarah got up as Chuck looked at her wanting to know where the girl who had just sat there went to. Sarah walked up to Casey and patted his shoulder. "He's all yours. Good night boys." As she walked she waved goodbye behind her head. Chuck got up to follow but Casey stopped him. "It's late you're going inside and staying put while I get some sleep. See you in the morning Bartowski." Casey walks off and Chuck hears his door open and then close. Chuck turns around and sees his jacket, he picks it up and carries it inside and hangs it on the hook. As he rests his hand on the hook, Sarah's perfume waffles through the jacket. He wonders what she was going to say to him before Casey arrived. 'I guess I will never know."

Chuck grabbed a glass of water and settled on the couch. He was tired but settled to watching some TV instead.


Sarah turned her lights on to her room. She walked to her sparse kitchen and opened the fridge. All that was there were a few bottles of water and some jam. Her counter housed a wine rack with a few bottles of wine on it but looking at her watch, if she had a glass now she'll never get to sleep. She changed and settled down in her bed. She sat on her bed reliving the evening; she wasn't tired so she hoped that a game of solitude would help her fall asleep. Several games later her eyes started to feel heavy. She looked at the clock which read 12:30. She shut her computer down and pulled the covers up and around her shoulders.


Sarah walked in holding a tray of coffee and donuts, Chuck had just come from the dujo and jumped in to give her a hand. She smiled as she passed out the coffees among the boys. Chuck had his towel around his neck as he was still dripping with sweat after his workout with Casey. Casey grabbed his coffee and doughnut and mouthed thank you as he headed for the shower. Chuck sat down as he wiped his brow and took the lid off his cup and took a sip. He liked it when Sarah got the coffee as she knew how he liked it (One crème and two sugars). But when Casey was on coffee duty it was always the bottom of the barrel sludge and as thick as molasses. Chuck often wondered if that was Army issued coffee he was served, thick nasty coffee to burn your insides, or it would grow hair on your chest. Chuck didn't need any more and well Casey could lose a few hairs and not have him grow more. Sarah sat on the chair beside him as they nursed their coffees, she leaned back to see if Casey had actually left. Sarah wanted to talk to Chuck but every time she started to apologize something stopped her. "Chuck." Chuck was busy eating his powdered doughnut when he heard his name. He looked up and Sarah laughed, Chuck had more powder on his face than what he had in his mouth. Sarah jumped off her chair and grabbed a napkin, as she brushed Chuck's face her closeness dried his already dry mouth. He tried not to react to Sarah's closeness but the closer she got the hotter he got. Grabbing his towel she started to wipe his face. Chuck grabbed her hand with the towel and just stood there. Looking eye to eye with her, he grabbed the towel and whispered 'Thanks I can take it from here.'

Sarah bowed out gracefully and sat back down. Chuck brushed his face then looked up at Sarah for approval. She nodded and Chuck took a sip. They sat a little while longer suffering in utter silence as they drank their coffees. Casey finally walked back out. "The shower is yours now unless you need some more time here?"

"Awe no I'm good, I mean I will be after I change." Sarah licked her lips as she bit into her crème doughnut. Chuck eyes fell on her lips as she bit down and closed her mouth. Casey put a stop to Chuck's ogling and pushed him into the direction of the shower. Chuck disrobed and stood under the water. 'You idiot, why make it so obvious that you like her. You can't and you know that Bartowski, she's way out of your league and your fake dates are just that 'fake', made up, a role to play, and a job.'

Chuck cooled off and returned to his coffee. It was luke warm but the way he still felt anything hotter wouldn't help cool him off. The satellite feed beeped as Beckman came on the screen. She greeted them the way she did every time and they replied as they always did, but today Beckman was a little off. The team stood then sat down when she asked them too. They looked amongst themselves wondering what was going on and why she had such a concerned look on her face. "Team, sorry for the concern in my voice but this job doesn't always go as smoothly as we want it to. So I am a little preoccupied. But enough about me your next mission I would like you to look into a list of names; I am sending them to you now." Sarah gets up to grab the fax. She looks at the names then passes the names onto Casey he takes a look then passes the names onto Chuck as he looks up. "What do you want us to look for specifically General?" Chuck looked at the list and flashes on a few names. "Chuck did you flash?" "Um…" As he shakes him head. "Ya, these are not your average blue collar workers or even white collar for that matter? Some of these people are or were CIA?"

Sarah sits up as Casey takes the list back. Chuck points to the few names, Casey circles the three names. "Team I want you to look into these names but what you find is just between you and me. After this meeting any and all correspondence will be done on a need to know basis. I will be in LA the beginning of next week. We can discuss what you find then. Until next week team, good luck."

The screen went black as Casey showed Sarah the list. "So Chuck three of these names are or were associated with the CIA?" Chuck stood up and wrote the names down on the white board. Tomas Henry, Casper Hilton, Nick Jones, Marcello Benetio, Sergio Constantinople and Alexis White. Chuck circled Tomas Henry, Sergio Constantinople and Alexis White. "Tomas Henry and Alexis White were CIA up to recently and Sergio was a CI. Sergio worked for the Cuban secret Police, but was hired by the CIA after he worked on a few cases with Alexis. It looked like the CIA liked his work. Tomas Henry 25 years of service and now is the CEO of San Angeles Telecommunications. His company bought out several of the private telecommunications companies creating a net worth of 1.1 million in shares this year alone."

"So why would the General be interested in these names? What about Casper Hilton and Nick Jones?"

"Don't know didn't flash on them but it doesn't mean that their not in here." As Chuck points to his head. "You don't know when they'll pop up?" Each took two names Casey took the first two, Chuck the next and Sarah the last two. Casey headed off as he preferred to do his work while watching his guns. Chuck had to install a computer and hooked it up to the main frame just to please the man and his guns. Chuck settled at his computer as Sarah stood in in front of hers. Chuck typed in the names Nick Jones on one search bar and Marcello Benetio on the other. Chuck was getting good at multi tasking and it helped when he could stare at Sarah and still get his work done. Chuck came up with nothing at first then ran the names through the LA licence registry, Interpol and the CIA data base. As the search did its thing he sat back and watched Sarah type away.

"Hey Chuck looks like Sergio Constantinople and Alexis White were stationed in West Indies until recently when their mission was suddenly closed down. Parts of her file were redacted, looks like someone was trying to hide something. Come take a look."

Chuck walked over as Sarah brought Alexis's file up on the screen. "It doesn't make sense, why would someone delete a file when as of last week she was on a mission. And this Sergio going from a CI to an active agent?"

"Sarah we don't know if Sergio is or was an agent or even a CI. Maybe he was Alexis's bunk buddy?"

"Maybe they are keeping him close, maybe Alexis said too much during their pillow talk?"

Sarah looks at him. "Seriously?"

Chuck shrugged his shoulders. "Stranger things have happened."

Chuck's computer beeped as his search was done. Marcello Benetio playboy and entrepreneur grew up in Spain but were brought to the US by his paternal Grandmother 'for a better life'. It looks like he has ties to the mob; Chicago and Miami." Sarah walking around in front of Chuck's computer "It still doesn't give us anything really?" Just then Casey pipes up "But I might have something. Nick Jones and Casper Hilton were arrested in a joint operation. Records show that Nick Jones and Casper Hilton are not who they say they are. Their names don't add up, and what I found had nothing spyish about it. Chuck took the names that Casey had and ran them through his search files. Chuck bypassed several firewalls and re-entered the names Nick Jones and Casper Hilton. As evening roll on they hoped that Chuck's final search would give them something. "Hey guys we have been searching all day on these guys. If you were them and you didn't want to be found what would you do?"

"Pay for a new identity?" "Or better yet, Casey, have someone do it for you?" "Right Chuck." Sarah moved Chuck out of the way and logged onto the WITSEC. (US witness protection services) she was able to type in Nick Jones, bringing up his file that Chuck quickly read. One advantage of having the Intersect. As he read Nick Jones's real name flashed across Chuck's cortex. Sarah looked at Chuck and then continued. She typed in Casper Hiltons name and as a she brought his file up Chuck's computer frozen. The site had been blocked. Chuck took over the keys and counter typed the block, he was able to retrieve a link but it closed down as well. "Sarah go to yours and retype the address." Sarah ran over and did what Chuck asked her. "Nothing!" "Do it again?"

"Nothing!" "What's going on?" "Either they have changed our accessibility access or someone doesn't want this information to get out?" Sarah looks at Casey then back again.

Following Monday

Beckman had a car waiting for the team as they drove out of LA. Beckman had made arrangements to meet outside LA at a truck stop. The team pulled up and got out. Sarah took her sunglasses off and placed them in her black leather jacket. Chuck didn't know what to wear for such an occasion so he opted for his converse, jeans, t shirt and a jacket. Casey, jeans and his army jacket. Beckman was seated at a booth near the kitchen. The team sat down. She seemed pleased that the team was there. Though she wouldn't show her feelings in public she was starting to like this team. And she feared that if the rumors were true would her team be able to survive.

They all greeted her and settled. The waitress brought coffees to go around and pie. Casey liked his pie. Chuck and Sarah sat together on the one side of the booth as Casey towered over Beckman in the other. "So team I am glad that you were able to meet me. I know that you've probably have lots of questions as do I on the list of names that I gave you." "We do." Sarah speaking for the team. "Our lists gave us everything from married men to playboys to possible WITSEC clients." Beckman was surprised to the degree of information and so fast. "But!" Beckman looked up. "When we did a search for the last names on your list our system was shut down. Any access to CIA to WITSEC was blocked. Chuck is trying to link into another source but nothing yet. Our computers are still trying to break in."

"Good good don't give up?"

"What is so precedence about these names?"

"I don't want to alarm you until I know more and these names seem to be the key. Last week General Meriweather had a secret meeting which included these people attended. It was around the time that rumours started to circulate around Langley that changes were happening and that missions and projects were being shut down or modified. Since Bryce took the Intersect from the DNI, other departments have had their hands slapped as to how this security breach was even possible. But looking into Bryce's activity before you got the intersect he knew that something might have been up. And when you mentioned that your access had been denied, I think that Meriweather's has something to do with it. I can't prove it now but I can't allow this team be shut down. You guys need to stick together. Meriweather has the right to shut down any project even this one."

"Do you think that we are a threat?"

"Don't know Agent Walker, but until we have proof, you guys need to keep this quiet. I don't know who we can trust and there are only so many people that know about Chuck." Beckman opened her file she had under her hands and gave it to Sarah. On this list are the only personal that knows about Chuck. It's a small list but a very influential list at that. Meriweather is one of them. Langston Graham you know Agent Walker and Major Casey, he brought you into this team. So he would be a trusted soul. Colonel Frederick Hafford, Lieutenant Garret Forman and Secretary Alison Baines who was the director of PDP – Domestic Protective division until recently, and General Colton Sanders Ministry of Defence so at this point tread lightly." Sarah folded the list and put it in her inside pocket. Beckman looked at her watch. "I'll be staying at the Hilton downtown for a military conference. I will get in contact with you. Chuck will you do me a favour?"

"Certainly, what would you like?"

"I need a burner phone that can't be traced. I can't trust the phone lines. With the burner phones we can keep in contact."

"I'll get right on it."

Casey moved out so that Beckman could slide on through. Sarah and Chuck were about to get up. "Sit, relax and finish your coffee and pie. We will be in touch and remember to stay together."

Beckman walked out and got into her black SUV and drove off. Casey slid back in as the waitress heated up their coffees. Sarah took out the list. "This is not looking good. What do think Meriweather is up too?"

"Don't know but looking at these names." as Casey asks for the list. "If these are the only people who know about Chuck then why is Beckman so afraid that Chuck's secret is going to be leaked?"

"People always talk." As Chuck digs back into his pie.

Chuck's words hit hard as the team wondered if Beckman was just over reacting, but they knew from experience Beckman doesn't over react she reacts.

Months later

Beckman had the team resume it duties but kept them busy off hours on the list of names. The halls were quiet as several of the departments were vacant. Beckman walked down the hall from the elevator to her office when Meriweather stopped her in mid stride. "Diane, good afternoon?"


"So how is work going?"

Beckman knew that Meriweather wasn't a man who liked small talk. He was a man a facts so this conversation worried her. She decided to play along just to see how far he would go.

"Work is fine, missions are on schedule, paper work backed up but you know how it is?"

Meriweather nodded. "Yes it never gets done when we want it to does it?"

"Certainly not."

"So how is Team Bartowski doing?"

'Jackpot' Beckman thought to herself, 'It didn't take him long to inquire.'

"They are good, they work well together, it was the best decision we could have made. It will take a lot to break them up. They work well together."

"Any changes with the Intersect?"

"No, why?"

"Just wondering if it was causing any problems or any tweaking needed to be done with it."

"Mr. Bartowski has been a great host for the Intersect. I wasn't too keen at first but he has proven himself to be a great asset to the CIA and he could easily become a great agent. He knows a lot of information." Beckman watched Meriweather's reaction to what she just said and it didn't sit right with him. She knew that Meriweather wasn't talking to her for her health but getting something on Chuck and the team.

"It's been great talking to you but like I said I have lots of paper work. So if you would excuse me."

"Sorry to keep you this long. Until later."

"Indeed, goodbye."

Beckman turned the doorknob to her office and closed it quickly. Beckman watched from her window that faced the hall that Meriweather quickly called someone. Beckman quickly called Chuck.


"What's his number?"


Chuck clicked on Fleet Tracker and typed in the number. "Ok its searching."

"Chuck things don't look too good, he was asking about you."

"What did he want to know?"

Just then Casey and Sarah came in as they were prepping for a mission.

"General I am going to put you on speaker phone, Casey and Sarah just walked in."

"Team as I was just saying to Chuck, Meriweather stopped me in the hall, he was wanting to know how Chuck was doing with the Intersect and if it was causing him any problems and how you guys were doing? When I told him that Chuck knew a lot of information he quickly got nervous. Something is going down."

"General the number he called is a number for a telecommunication company? The call lasted 3 mins. The location southern USA."

"I will set up a tracker on his phone so any new calls we can listen in on them. If he is hiding something we will find it."

"I will snoop around here and what I find I will send to you. I know that he will now be watching me."

"You take care General we're not the only ones who needs to look out for ourselves."

"I have been taking care of myself long before you got out of diapers and it will take a long time before I give up or someone does it for me. I don't have this red hair for nothing."

"Haha understood General."

Chuck pressed his phone as he sat back. "So now what?"

"We need to find out what Meriweather is hiding? Until then we are sitting ducks."

The team headed out.

They hadn't been on a stake out for months so it was nice to get back to something familiar. Chuck brought his stake out mix while they sat waiting. They needed to keep an eye out on a jewel thief that had been casing Hollywoods' elite. The last hit the thief took off with more than just diamonds he took off with a file that listed all the names and numbers of some very important political benefactors. The client needed the list back as names and numbers and social security codes were also part of this list with names and passwords of governmental documents.

Chuck and Casey walked the block casing out the homes that they figured he would hit based on the list and his MO. Sarah watched from the van. She noticed a tall man sneaking around the parked cars and called the boys. "Casey, Chuck bogey on your left, three cars up. 5'9' dark clothes, duffle bag in hand."

"Roger that positive visual."

Casey motioned for Chuck to stay low and head up and around. Sarah jumped out and closed the door quietly and met up with Chuck. The lone male walked up the street then hopped the fence. Casey followed as Chuck and Sarah headed around the back through as neighbour yard. The lone male got a glimpse of Casey and gunned it. "Been spotted he's heading your way."

"We see him."

Chuck and Sarah ran after the man as he ducked in and out of the neighbourhood. Casey ran back to the street and ran to the alley as he saw the man turn the other way. Sarah and Chuck jumped a few fences trying to catch up with the man. They eventually ran into a mini mall and Chuck noticed the man had climbed a ladder. Chuck and Sarah quickly jumped onto a garbage bin and Chuck hoist Sarah up. Sarah climbed up the ladder and Chuck followed. They ran length wise across the roof of the mall following the man. Casey ran street side and fired a shot knicking the man's left leg. The man fell to the roof of a car as Casey was there to cuff him. Casey looks up. "Nice run guys?" Chuck trails up to see the man lying flat on the roof of the car. Chuck is huffing and puffing at his excruciating run on the roof.

Sarah calls Beckman. "The man has been apprehended."

"Good job team, another team will be there shortly and an ambulance." Chuck and Sarah headed back to where they came up from. Chuck goes first as Sarah comes down after him. He looks up and her ass is right in his face. So what came out of his mouth was not what he wanted to say. "Nice assets."

"Mr. Bartowski do you realize that you not the only one on this feed. "Sorry General I just was stating we.."

"We all heard what you said."

"Oh no not that General it's, I wanted to say that we did well.."

"Can it Bartowski." Casey grunting and Sarah blushing even though he meant something else it was nice to know that he looked at her the way she looked at him.

Chuck mouthed to himself. 'It's not what I wanted to say.'

The next mission didn't go as planned and Chuck's life was put into danger again as well as the teams. Chuck had to diffuse another bomb but it had to go on Sarah's count and not his. But Chuck being Chuck went ahead causing more damage than was needed. The next mission Chuck and Sarah argued on the benefits of staying in the car, when the Intersect was better needed out in the field. Sarah had enough and passed it onto Casey who wanted to stay out this fight as it wasn't mission related but rather as he defined it a fight between a married couple. Casey washed his hands of it and Chuck got his way. Chuck saved the day but at what cost to his life. Sarah knew that their fight didn't sit well with him. She could tell that when his emotions got in the way his judgement was clouded. But her feelings got in the way as well.

Downtown Chicago

Chuck and Sarah broke into the side door of a manufacturing company. Intel discovered that a substation within this company was leaking information to the Russians. Chuck and Sarah had to retrieve this information and shut down the feed. Chuck waited as Sarah picked the lock. His patience was running a little thin. "Hurry up."

"I am going as fast as I can."

"Well it not fast enough."

This just fueled the inner fire inside Sarah. "If you can do better?" Looking up at Chuck who was breathing down her neck.


Moments later.


Sarah got up as Chuck snuck in a deactivated the security system and hooked Casey up to the feed.

"Good to go and you two play nice."

Both looked at each other. They each secretly were wishing that they were doing something else as the friction between the two of them was escalating.

Chuck and Sarah crept down the hall as Casey directed them. Casey looked ahead and gave them the ok. Sarah prepared her gun as Casey noticed a bogey at their 12. Sarah fired and knocked the guy out. Silencer or not Chuck was shocked that Sarah had shot him. "Why the gun?"

"How else am I going to protect us?"

Chuck shows her the tranq guns. "With these?"

Sarah shakes her head and is forced to put her gun away. Sarah bends down and grabs the man's key card. As she gets up Chuck gives her a tranq gun and continues to walk. They reach the server and Sarah passes the key card to Chuck. Chuck heads to the main frame and types in the deactivation code to shut down anymore feeds leaving this building. This triggers a silent alarm that Chuck notices going off. "We have 10 mins before the help find us."

"Well hurry."

"Chuck types as fast as he can and breaks into a three level security system; each pinning off each other. Chuck gets a final location as they see people running towards on the cameras. Chuck presses enter as the feed is destroyed and the data is sent to Langley. Chuck grabs his stuff and they head out. As they turn the corner shots are fired. "Casey, start the van they are shooting at us. Meet us on the east side."

"Roger that." Casey jumped into the driver seat and takes off. Chuck and Sarah dodge bullets as Sarah fires back with the tranq gun but gives up and pulls out her pistol and fires knocking the men to the ground. Chuck sees the exit but not the man who is heading towards them. Chuck is thrown against the wall falling to ground. Sarah screams when she sees Chuck flying to the wall and as the man grabs her. Sarah kicks and screams as she tries to break loose. She can see Chuck lying there not moving. Her emotions take over and as she struggles she is able to grab her knife and as he hits her she ducks and stabs him in the leg. She rolls on the floor and grabs her gun and shoots the man. He falls next to Chuck as Sarah backs up against the opposite wall. Sarah gets up and grabs Chuck by his vest and drags him to the door as Casey over hears the fight. He runs in and picks up Chuck and tosses him over his shoulder. He lays Chuck in the back as Sarah holds his head. Casey speeds off. Sarah brushes his hair back knowing that each touch could be a mark against her but she does it anyways.


Casey lays Chuck down on the bed. Casey leaves to go move the truck leaving Sarah alone with him.

Sarah sits with Chuck icing his head for an hour, her thoughts only on Chuck at this point.

Sarah calls Beckman.

"Agent Walker is everything ok?"

"It's about Chuck's safety."

"I thought that he just needed some rest."

"Well it's about me managing Chuck and keeping his emotions in check so that the Intersect can work. I am beginning to think that I part of the problem than the solution and I think that a different agent might have more success in training him.

"Let me be clear Agent Walker, I don't know or want to know what happened between you two but this is your job and Chucks safety depends on you so get over it and teach him how to become a real spy."

Chuck wakes up lays there overhearing the whole conversation and is busted when Sarah catches him.

Sarah reacts. "Well time to train - Chuck lets go.


Sarah grabs a wooden baton and passes it to Chuck. "Lives are on the line. We need to get the Intersect working properly if you want to be a real spy you need to act like on. "I am a REAL spy."

"A real spy would have flashed on the bow; been able to defend himself. Sarah attacks Chuck with the baton. Chuck blocks her hit several times.

"It doesn't work - ok – it's not working I'm too emotional, my head hurts but if we can just talk really quick."

"You learn to ignore your emotions spies don't have feelings, feelings can get you killed you need to learn to bury them in a place deep inside."

"Sarah stop!" As he grabs her stick and forces it down.

"COME ON! Flash show me attack skills. Sarah attacks Chuck again with force. "Come on Chuck FLASH SHOW ME."

Chuck drops his stick. "NO!"

"Why not?"

"Cause I don't want to hurt you." Chuck starts to walk away as Sarah spins and knocks his feet from under him. Chuck falls hard on the mat. Chuck looks up in discomfort at Sarah.

"Chuck you can't."

Sarah storms off leaving Chuck on the floor. It wasn't only his head that hurt but his heart as well.

Chuck and Sarah never spoke for days after the last mission. Chuck not listening just added to Sarah's frustration with him. But on the other hand she knew why he did what he did. But to her his life was more than a job, and it was getting harder to distinguish between that. Sarah was glad when Beckman had them go back to the list of names. They had taken a break with other missions so getting back to this was a distraction.

Beckman wanted to meet with the team that next morning, but they were running out of time morning was creeping upon them quicker than they wanted it too. Casey had given up stating that Chuck could type faster with or without his breathing down his neck. So Casey opted to find a place in Castle and sleep. Sarah busied herself mostly to avoid Chuck. They progressed to pleasantries but a conversation was probably pushing it. Chuck wasn't going to apologize for doing his job but he was sorry for not listening to Sarah for the most part. Sarah watched him knowing that if she and he were going to get past this she needed to step up to the plate. She was his handler and he was her asset so it was her job to makes things right.

Chuck had comprised the list into three and found some similarities, Sergio and Alexis were stationed in the West Indies staking out a pipeline that was being built. Reports have them checking into a bidding war against the locals in a joint Spanish and Italian money war. The company of interest was called Intersputnik who antiquated undersea telephone cables. For some reason someone in the US was very interested in acquiring this contract. The next list had Nick Jones and Casper Hilton, who were arrested in a joint operation but there were no records on what this joint endeavour was and if they were who they say they were. Chuck writes down WITSEC and circles the names as they had hit a dead end with them. Tomas Henry married three kids and the only legit person of the group 25 years of service and now is the CEO of San Angeles Telecommunications. His company bought out several of the private telecommunications companies creating a net worth of 1.1 million in shares this year alone.

The third list was those individuals who were brought in early with knowing about the Intersect. Langston Graham, Colonel Fredrick Hanford, Lieutenant Garret Forman, Secretary Alison Baines; director of PDP – Domestic Protective division until recently, and General Colton Sanders Ministry of Defence.

Chuck looked at the list. Dotting his 'I' and crossing his'T'. He placed the list down and walked off as Sarah picked it up. She scanned the list and saw the amount of work he put into it; the whole team but it was Chuck who did most of it. Chuck leaned over the railing trying to stretch out his tiredness. He had been going nonstop since his last mission which Sarah knowing that he wasn't feeling he greatest. Sarah could tell that his muscles were achy and tense. Chuck tried to rub his shoulders but the more he tried the more frustrated he got. Sarah put down the list and walked over to where Chuck had now sat down. Chuck reached for his shoulders again when he felt Sarah's presence and her hands softly gripping his shoulders. At first he hesitated her touch but when Sarah was hitting the right spot he gave up. Sarah moved in closer and faced Chuck's muscular back.

She admired how much he had changed even in the last few months. She stood behind him running her hands up and over his shoulders. When she started to caress his front part of his shoulders towards his pecks she asked him to remove his shirt. Chuck agreed but luckily he had on a muscle shirt. He unbuttoned his shirt as Sarah watched. She watched his fingers unbutton his shirt one by one. For some reason watching Chuck unbutton his shirt was something she liked a lot. Chuck pulled his shirt from out of his jeans and tossed it. Sarah continued to massage his achy shoulders. She could feel all the knots and stress that he carried in his shoulders and upper arms. She wondered if the Intersect made his head feel heavy in order for his stress to be carried in his neck area and shoulders. Sarah could feel Chuck giving up and allowing her to take over. Whether it was the time of night or the intimate situation or he had enough Chuck stopped Sarah. Sarah backed off wondering what had happen.

Chuck got up to look for his shirt, when he went to look for it he turned and was face to face with Sarah. He looked at her and she was holding his shirt. Chuck tried to reach for it but as he attempted to grab it he grabbed Sarah's hand instead. Call what you want but a surge of energy shot through his fingers. He looked at Sarah as Sarah bit down on her lip. Chuck knew that what he was about to do would either have him killed or he would die trying at the hands of Sarah but he had to know. Chuck took a strand of Sarah's hair and placed it back around her ear. He looked at her lips then her eyes and tried to spend equal amounts on each. Chuck took a deep breath leaned in and to his surprise Sarah locked lips. Chuck was startled that his move was stolen so he made the second attempt all Bartowski. He grabbed her face and brought his lips to hers. His hands slammed up on either side of her face bringing the gap between them closer. Sarah held onto him as she tried to figure out what to do with her own hands. She settled on his back and neck. There was a slight height difference but Chuck grabbed her and lifted her so that her lips were the same level as his. The kiss was full of passion and energy that had been bottled up for so long, each not wanting to indulge. Chuck lowered her down as he tried to reach for air. The air around them had been sucked up. Chuck breathed heavy as Sarah followed his breaths with hers. Chuck leaned in and kissed her forehead just as Chuck heard Casey coming back in from his sleep. Chuck quickly puts his shirt back on as Sarah jumped in front to divert Casey from seeing Chuck buttoning up his shirt. She cut him off and they headed to the kitchen. Chuck turned to face her as he does the last button. He smiled and Sarah smiled back.

The kiss was mistake she kept telling herself. She drove home after Beckman was pleased with what they had found out. Beckman told them to guard that info; she knew that it would come in hand down the road. Beckman also told the team that Meriweather had shut down four more departments and at the moment had not replaced them. The team feared for their jobs as well as what would happen to Chuck and the Intersect. If things got bad what would happen to him.

For the next few weeks they seemed to be unscaved by the uprooting at the CIA. Sarah still was worried that she had Chuck had kissed. And it wasn't a mission kiss it was real. By the end of that month Sarah started to regret her missions, one her private time with Chuck was limited and her ability to distinguish between being a CIA agent and the 'girlfriend' started to play a toil on her. Chuck tried to lighten the mood but his attempts failed every time. Beckman tried to stay out of their mess thinking that Sarah could get her head on straight. And every time her actions were questioned Sarah swore that they were just 'friends', who needed to remember to be spies first. And not to act like a real couple, but Chuck's unwillingness to listen to reasoning and rules, the fear of being found out was too much.

Chuck sat in Beckman's office. He had heard stories, which were told of people who entered her office, rarely came out unscaved. Chuck rubbed his hands on his pants. (Sarah had bought him a suit as the last one he wore was his dad's.) Chuck didn't know what to expect when suits knocked on his door and told him that he was needed in Washington.

Sarah had already been there and walked back towards Chuck. He saw the look in her eyes when she returned. Even Casey was worried about her. Sarah tried not to look at Chuck as he was escorted into Beckman's office. Sarah had failed. She had failed her job, her role, and most importantly her relationship with Chuck.

Sarah waited outside with Casey outside Beckman's' office as they both feared the worse, but didn't show it. Even if team Bartowski got reprimanded they could continue to be a team and resume their duties but if worse came to worse. Chuck would end up in a bunker for the rest of his life, and Sarah and Casey would either lose some creditability or get new roles. Sarah ran the events of the last few months in her head. Yes Chuck was stubborn but as a team worked together they got the job done, yet not very conventional at times or by the book, they got the job done. They had to rely on what Chuck gave them even if it sounded far fetch. The three of them knew in the end it would work out. But Beckman couldn't defend them any longer. Her superiors were clamping down on her to make some changes or the whole Intersect project would be a laughing mess.