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Puella magi Kakudo magica


200 years ago

A girl stared towards the setting sun, her hand clenched into a fist so tight that blood started to drip from it. The tears from her eyes slowly stopped falling; she turned her head towards the gray rabbit- ferret hybrid creature. The girl spoke in a cold, emotionless voice "Nanbey," the strange creature tilted its head surprised to hear its name, "I think, I have finally decided what I want to wish for."

1 hour later

The creature was crawling his way through the sewers. He finally came to a stop and rested his head on a nearby wall, then for the first time in its existence the creature broke down and began to cry.

3 years ago

Within a church, lay two bodies, both female, one belonged to an adult woman; the other was a young girl who was aged from eight to ten years old. Hanging above them, with a noose around his neck was the body of a man. The women's blood splattered all over the floor, tainting the once holy ground, of course that didn't matter, to the pitch black ferret creature approaching the bodies.

"Well, well, well, look at the mess we have here, the fact you are still alive is a miracle, I would say your will to live is impressive, but it is more likely daddy just messed up when he tried to cut your throat, not that it matters, you will bleed to death very soon, but worry don't your old pal Ryubey will fix you right up, all you to have do is from a contracted with me." The being known as Ryubey said, his voice displaying a level of joy and glee that would only be found in a serial killer who took pleasure from cutting up people's bodies like cattle, something that was very unnatural for any member of any species, but especially for his own. The girl's dying body suddenly sprang to life and whispered something into the black demon's ear.

"Ah, I see very well then." Ryubey's vectors suddenly began to stretch out, digging into girl's body and removing a maroon egg shaped gem from it.

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