Riding the white wave

The last of the senior citizens had finished snowboarding class and as darkness fell, Adrena Lynn called to inform her co-workers that she was about to close up for the night.
"Yeah, Klaus, I'm just finish locking up the shed and I'll be on my way down. You can start turning off the lights." She spoke excellent German albeit with a thick American accent.
Once she had been the star of her own TV-show in USA but it had all come to an end at the hands of a certain red headed cheerleader and her too-nosy sidekick. Because idiotic fans tried to emulate her stunts she had been deemed irresponsible. Because she hadn't wanted to risk her life for a TV-show she had been branded a fraud and her career in entertainment had died overnight . Now she was a snowboarding coach at a small winter resort in southern Bavaria.
In Europe no one knew who she was and that was just fine with her.
If there was one thing Adrena Lynn didn't need, it was to be reminded of her failure. She got enough reminders that Kim Possible was as popular and famous as ever through the news and it only served to keep Lynn's resentment well fed.
Lynn got her personal snowboard out and prepared to go down the now empty slope when she was interrupted by an unexpected noise from higher up the mountain.
A strange staccato rumble followed by a deeper, more ominous thundering sound.
She looked over her shoulder to see what was going on and saw a vast white wall of snow coming her way: An avalanche.
Just because Lynn had faked a lot of her stunts during her career as a TV-star didn't mean she was completely incompetent. Back then, she'd chosen to fake her stunts because dying for the amusement of the audience didn't make sense. Now there was no real choice. She had to pull a stunt or die.
She scrambled on top of the storage shed and held her snowboard at the ready. There were no safety margins to worry about because there weren't any.
As the avalanche tore down the slope and flattened the shed she was standing on, Lynn jumped out into the masses of moving snow, riding the crest of this huge, white wave.
Even as the avalanche continued down the slope, Lynn had to dodge and weave to avoid hitting spruces and pines that grew on the edges of the piste. Eventually, with what seemed like almost calculated precision the whole torrent of snow expended it's force at the very foot of the mountain, coming to a halt scant yards from the main building.
Lynn actually managed to make an elegant and dignified stop in front of her surprised co-workers who were actually preparing to go on a rescue mission for her.
They asked her how she was and how she'd pulled it off and Lynn basked in the attention as she explained how she'd boarded on top of the avalanche and, with false modesty, she claimed it wasn't such a big deal although it had been 'freaky fun'.
"It was weird though." Klaus, her boss said. "This isn't the weather for an avalanche. It hasn't been for weeks now. I wonder what caused it?"
Lynn shrugged. Just before the avalanche she'd heard the odd noises further up the mountain. The more she thought about it, the more she began to imagine they'd sounded like explosions.
"Why would anyone dynamite a ski slope? That doesn't make sense." She thought. "Wow, the adrenaline kick must be getting to me! I would sound like a paranoid nut job if I told the others."
She decided against saying anything to the others.
"Leave it to the team from the authorities to work it out." Lynn suggested to Klaus and the others. "Besides it's getting late and I want to get home."
Everybody said their goodnights and Lynn strapped her snowboard to the back of her little scooter and drove into town to her apartment.
Unknown to them, Adrena Lynn and her co-workers were being observed.
On the mountain the leader of a small team of men watched Lynn through his binoculars as she drove off, while the rest of the team packed up the demolition equipment.
The man put his spyglasses down and picked up a comm radio.
"The candidate has left for town. Team B, stand by. She's coming your way."
"Copy that, Team A. Team B out."
"Over and Out."