Lynn, be nimble, Lynn be quick!

The little scooter carried Adrena Lynn quickly through the winter evening into town where she had a small but comfortable apartment.
As she headed down a narrow street, a car rounded the corner coming the other way.
Just as the car cleared the corner it suddenly, out of the blue, got into a spin and there was no space to avoid the car that came towards her, drifting sideways.
Once again her experiences as a stunt woman came to her rescue. She jumped up so her feet rested on the seat of the scooter, keeping her hands on the handlebars.
"Got to time this just right." She thought as the crash came closer.
The moment before the car slammed into her scooter she let go of the handlebars, jumped up, somersaulted up, put her hands on the roof of the car and flipped over it, landing safely out of harms way.
As she got up from her landing crouch the car came to a halt and the driver jumped out, looking both surprised and upset.
"Are you all right?! He called to her.
"Yes, I'm fine!" Lynn replied, angry at the loss of her poor scooter. "How the freak are you driving, man?!"
"I-I don't know what happened!" The man stammered. "I just rounded the corner and then the rear wheels lost traction and I got into a spin!"
Lynn hunkered down to look at the remains of her scooter.
"Don't worry, my insurance will buy you a new scooter." The man said as he got his mobile phone out to call the police.
Lynn made a noncommittal noise and was about to stand up when she noticed two things.
One, Her snowboard had survived.
Two, and this was more serious: There was a bullet hole in one of the rear tyres of the car.
This, combined with the, in the light recent events, artificial avalanche earlier that evening could only mean one thing.
"It's not paranoia if someone actually is out to get you..."
She looked around but didn't see anyone.
The guy with the car was on the phone with the cops and since the license plate of her scooter would be enough for them and the insurance company to find her she decided to get out of the street and darted down an alley rather than remain in plain sight.
Lynn hurried towards her home, her snowboard under her arm, and thought she'd made it when her journey was interrupted once more.
This time it wasn't an avalanche or a spinning car but three guys.
By the looks of them they were of the kind small-time criminals and thugs you could find in any city or town, anywhere in the world.
One was big and burly, the other was of medium height and weight and the last one was small, wiry and rat-faced.
Lynn figured he'd be the first to attack. Being the smallest in the gang he had the most to prove.
He proved her right by pulling out a knife and lunging at her.
Although not a professional fighter, Lynn had been through enough scraps and trained enough martial arts to have a few tricks up her sleeve.
Instead of pulling away she stepped inside the man's reach, half turned and slammed her elbow as hard as she could into the side of his face.
She was rewarded with the crunch of breaking teeth and a wail of pain from her assailant.
As the skinny guy staggered to the side, Lynn looked around, trying to spot the others.
"There's the big one. That means the other guy is..."
The attack came from behind. The medium-sized guy grabbed Lynn from behind and pinned her arms to her body. At the same time the big guy moved closer, preparing to attack what he assumed was a helpless victim.
Once again it was a matter of timing. The moment the big guy got within kicking range, Lynn flung her head back as hard as she could while lifting both her legs and kicked out with both legs.
The back of her head connected with the nose of the guy that pinned her arms and he let go to grab his injured nose in pain.
Her feet hit the big guy in the chest and made him stagger back as Lynn dropped to the ground. Without losing a moment from her full, she jumped to her feet preparing to either bolt or resume the fight when she was interrupted by a voice calling out.
"What's going on here?!" The police had arrived.
Two uniformed policemen shined flashlights at the scene and Lynn's three attackers scrambled to their feet and hurried away.
To her surprise the cops didn't run after them but rather wanted to talk to her.
"Are you alright Miss Lynn? Are you unhurt?"
"Yeah, it was freaky but I'm just a bit winded..." She stopped for a moment. "Hey! How did you know my name? I didn't tell you who I was!"
"No, you didn't. But we know who you are anyway." The man grinned.
Lynn's eyes widened when she realized she had been led straight into a trap all along.
"You're not cops!" She shouted.
"But we are taking you in, Adrena Lynn." The man in front of her said.
"Oh no, you're...OW!"
A sudden sting in her buttock caused Lynn to cry out and instinctively she reached around her back and yanked out what had stung her.
She looked down at a tranquillizer dart.
The world grew darker around her as the drugs took hold, pulling her under.
And all she could think of to say was:
She was asleep before she hit the ground.