My Best Man's an Idiot
~Fran Gipani

Disclaimer- I don't own Merlin, I am just borrowing the characters, immersing them in the future for a little while and them putting them back where they belong unharmed :)

Note from the Author- This is a Modern AU that I am writing for Merlin in the form of a Romantic Comedy. I haven't really written anything in this style before so I hope I do an OK job of it. I would love to hear what you think so do review if you have the time :) Enjoy :)
~Fran xx

~ 2001 ~ Camelot High ~ First Day Year 10 ~

"Good morning 10-G, today we welcome a new student." Mr Gaius said as he gestured for the rather short and skinny boy next to him to stand forward. The boy had pale white skin, jet black hair, wide blue eyes and a pair of abnormally large, sticky-out ears. The boy stepped forward and was so nervous he managed to trip over his own feet and would've fallen flat on his face if it hadn't been for Mr Gaius's steadying hand. "This is Merlin Emrys; Merlin your seat is at the back there, at the desk next to Arthur."

The boy, now identified as Merlin, nodded and then walked slowly the back and sat down, followed by whispers and harsh sniggers all the way. He tried not to make eye contact with anyone as he walked down between the desks; when Merlin sat down Arthur didn't even acknowledge him apart from a fleeting glance. From the safety of the back of the room Merlin scanned the faces looking for anyone who seemed friendly. After his only friend will had taken his own life, Merlin had had a hard time making friends and had moved schools. He felt a rush of relief run through him as dark haired girl turned and smiled at him when Gaius was facing the board. Merlin smiled shyly back at her, glad to know that there was at least one friendly person in the class; though Merlin gathered that Arthur, on the other hand, wasn't the nicest of guys.

Merlin learnt soon enough that his original assumption was correct; Arthur was the bully of the year and with his father being the principal of the school that made Arthur even worse. The girl who had smiled at him though on his first day tuned out to be Merlin's closest friend at the school; her name was Gwen and she had a twin brother, Elyan, who disliked Arthur just as much as Merlin (who Arthur had taken a fancy to teasing) and Gwen (who hated how Arthur treated most of the people in their year) did. Elyan was nice enough and meant well but was a truant and had a reputation for causing trouble; he was much the opposite of Gwen who got good marks in all her subjects and could sew a dress with her eyes closed.


It wasn't until one day at the end of Year 10 when Merlin decided that he'd had enough of Arthur bullying him and most of the rest of the year. Arthur was in the gym shooting hoops with the basketball. He was getting a year seven to collect them for him and when he didn't do it quick enough Arthur would throw a ball at him. Though the year seven was pretty good at dodging them but he still got hit a few times and when they did, it hurt a lot.

Ignoring the glare he got from Arthur, Merlin sauntered into the gym, "That's enough now. I think you've had your fun my friend." Merlin smiled at his class mate hoping that he wouldn't get a punch for his troubles. Arthur was a good size bigger than him and Merlin knew that if a fight started then he would definitely come out worse.

"Do I talk to you?" Came Arthur's sneering reply. The year seven, now quite forgotten because of Merlin's outburst, slipped out the back door of the gym.


"And yet you called me friend?" Arthur replied smoothly. He took two steps towards the smaller boy and had him in a headlock before Merlin could even blink. "It's Merlin isn't it?" He growled.

Merlin nodded quickly before stamping on Arthur's foot and walking two paces back as the blonde released him. Merlin grinned, quite proud of his chosen tactic, that was at least until Arthur picked up a basketball and lobbed it at Merlin's head. Merlin ducked and picked up another ball, he threw it as hard as he could at Arthur's stomach. Arthur dodged it and threw another just as the sports coach entered the room.

"Pendragon, Emrys. What are you doing?" The harsh sounding voice came from behind them. Both boys turned around silently, each waiting for the other to speak. "I'll tell you what you're doing; detention, now, my office. You will both stay there until you work out your differences and I come back." Merlin and Arthur followed the teacher up to his office where he indicated for them both to sit. That they did but not without glaring at the other and crossing their arms in unison. The coach left, closing the door behind him with a resounding clunk.

It was a while before Merlin took in a deep breath and turned to Arthur, he held out his hand for Arthur to shake. "Hello, I'm Merlin." Merlin was surprised to feel Arthur's firm hand in his smaller one, they shook hands.

"Arthur." Arthur said gruffly, as if he hadn't really done this sort of thing before.

"Glad to meet you Arthur."

"You too," Arthur smiled playfully, and then added as an afterthought, "Idiot."

Merlin grinned widely, "Pratt."

That handshake was the beginning of an unlikely friendship. Arthur's bullying habit eventually eased off under the guidance of Merlin and Gwen. Arthur though, always had a special tease ready for Merlin and Merlin…well he always had the perfect retort, meaning their banter would usually go on for ages. Arthur and Merlin stayed friends all throughout high school and university much to the surprise of Gwen and Elyan. The twins eventually befriended Arthur as well, and the group became rather close. Soon enough Arthur developed a thing for Gwen and they dated for a while before the couple broke up at the end of year twelve; something to do with Gwen cheating on Arthur with Lancelot. Gwen cheating on Arthur was something that was only ever a rumor but that was the last time Arthur and Merlin saw the twins for a very long time.

Note from the Author – Hello! So I hope you enjoyed :) I know it wasn't really too funny yet but I wanted to give the characters a bit of an introduction first, as well as giving Arthur and Merlin's relationship a starting point. The 'Romantic Comedy' bit will come next chapter :) I haven't really written like this (Modern AU) or in this genre before so bear with me and any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and review at will.
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