My Best Man's an Idiot
Chapter 2
~Fran Gipani

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Arthur tapped his hand on his leg to the beat of the song, Merlin's voice was deep and smooth when he sang yet at the same time he managed to keep the tone upbeat. Who wouldn't be able to tap along to something like that? The small crowd were cheering and clapping and even singing along to some of the familiar covers. The versions of the songs that Merlin sang were usually pitched lower with Freya harmonizing the high bits but that didn't stop the songs from being recognizable.

Up on stage Merlin let his guitar hang from his neck and was setting up a clapping beat with the crowd. All shyness gone, he grinned widely at Arthur, he knew his friend loved this song; on the beat he put his mouth to the microphone and whispered, "Go." The beat jazzed up a bit and Freya started on the piano. He waited for the crowd to start clapping along and the cue before he began to sing:

"Boring is batshit, you people make me feel so curious and I don't know why you think you'll end up in the sky. Happy as Larry and riding sheep on clouds well I'd prefer your enthusiasm while you're here with me." Merlin watched happily as Arthur got up and began clapping to the beat along with everyone else.

"So stop. Don't get carried away-ay-ay," Merlin turned grinning to Freya who smiled back, "Darling don't you understand that every time we wave our hands we're cool. We're fuckin amazing. We dropped down from some other dimension just to be with you…"

It was as if the whole pup counted the three beats to the chorus before most of the people there began to sing along, "Don't stress, that's dumb, I'm here and it's nice to be alive. Chill out, it's alright, kiss me, it's nice to be alive."

On the last "It's nice to be alive!" Arthur let out a cheer with the crowd and clapped with the rest a huge grin on his face as he watched his friend's reaction to the atmosphere in the small room.

"Ok so that was a cover of Ball Park Music's, It's Nice to be Alive. The next song we are going to do it's a personal favourite for the four of us and I am sure it's a song every single one of you will know." He indicated to the band behind him to start playing and right on cue the familiar beat filled everyone's ears and Merlin began to sing: "This thing called love I just can't handle it, this thing called love I must get round to it, I ain't ready, crazy little thing called love."

The small crowd erupted into a cheer for the Queen song, Arthur grinned, it was one of Merlin's favourite Queen songs and he knew the rest of the band loved it too. As he was clapping along to the beat he caught the eye of a nice looking woman, she had long curly blonde hair and light blue eyes, Arthur smiled at her and went over to her. He had always been a little confident around women, whereas Merlin was the complete opposite, though his friend got away with that for being so adorable, and the fact he could sing.

Arthur introduced himself in the down beat of the song, "Hi, I'm Arthur." He smiled warmly at her, as he began to dance a little again, "Vivian!" She replied, returning the smile shyly and began to dance as well.

"I gotta be cool relax, get hip, get on my track's. Take a back seat, hitch-hike and take a long ride on my motor bike. Until I'm ready, crazy little thing called love." Merlin saw his friend begin to dance with the blonde and a smile spread over his face as he sang the next lyrics. His favorite part of the song was coming up and he knew, though Arthur didn't like to admit it, he liked to dance to that part.

The beat picked up and Will and Gwaine started the instrumental, as the beat slowed and came through the melody Merlin began to sing again, his low voice strong and seductive. "I gotta be cool relax, get hip, get on my track's, take a back seat, hitch-hike and take a long ride on my motor bike, until I'm ready." Merlin winked, "Crazy little thing called love."

As Merlin continued to sing he saw out of the corner of his eye Arthur and the blond dancing together until the last 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' when Arthur led her over to the bar. Merlin felt a smile cross his face before he had some quiet words with Freya, Will and Gwaine. Freya was to sing the main part on this song so she was the one to announce it, she took a step forward and Merlin took a step back with a smile, "So the next song we will cover is a relatively new song, it's originally by Of Monsters and Men, called King and Lionheart. This will probably be the last song for the night but we will have to see!" Freya smiled warmly and then Merlin and Will started on the guitar and soon enough Freya's sweet voice filled the pup with Merlin doing the harmonies, and Gwaine creating the beat.

Down at the bar Arthur and Vivian were talking and laughing together, "So you're only here for a visit?" Arthur asked curiously with a smile on his face.

"Yes, I am only here for another week, to be honest I find this town pretty dull. I will probably only staying here for another few days." She flipped her hair behind her neck with her hand, "I live in London and small towns don't seem to be for me at all." She said a little bluntly.

"Oh," Was all Arthur could reply with, he was shocked, and he couldn't understand how someone could be so blunt and rude but also change tone so quickly. "I am sorry to hear that, I love it here, it's quiet and we all know each other rather well. What do you think of the band?"

"Honestly? I don't really like them; they're lacking something I think. The skinny dark haired one doesn't seem to be able to sing too well, does he?" She laughed coolly, still smiling at Arthur who was trying not to look too shocked. "Well I'd better be off; I can't stand this racket any longer. Coming?"

"Matter of fact I rather like them," Arthur grimaced, "And 'the skinny dark haired one' as you say, happens to be my friend." Arthur replied with ice in his tone. "And I usually take kindly to people being rude about my friends, so I'll decline your offer. Thank you." Arthur frowned at the shrug of Vivian's shoulders, the blonde left without any further words. Arthur breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to the stage where Merlin was thanking the crowd for their enthusiasm and taking a bow with Will, Gwaine and Freya. Arthur joined in the applause as Merlin and the band filed off the stage, huge grins on their faces.

Merlin led them over to where Arthur was sitting at the bar, two drinks were there; one of which didn't even look like it had been drunk, the other half full and in Arthur's hand. "Heya Arthur!" Merlin grinned widely.

Merlin's smile was infectious, so Arthur's mood quickly left, "Hello! Gwaine, Will, Freya. You guys were great! Oh and Merlin, you were alright…" Arthur joked.

They all laughed at this and Merlin gave Arthur a friendly punch on the shoulder, "Thanks mate." He knew Arthur's teasing sense of humour very well, "Where'd the blonde go?" He asked curiously, not having seen her storm off.

"She may have been beautiful, but she was incredibly rude." Arthur said ruefully, "Do you guys want to grab some drinks? I am sure we could all stay for a little longer before you have to pack up." He grinned changing the subject as he didn't want to tell his friends about what Vivian had said.

"Why not?" Gwaine said, he was always up for a drink, and probably always had more than he should have but that wasn't a problem for him. He turned to Will and Freya, "You two going to stay as well?"

"Yeah, course mate." Will grinned at Gwaine's enthusiasm and turned to Freya, waiting for her reply.

Not intimidated by being surrounded by guys Freya replied, "Love to!" She grinned at Merlin, pulling her long wavy brown hair round the side of her neck, she fancied him a little though there was no way she was going to tell him. Little did she know that everyone but Merlin had knowledge of her feelings for him and wanted her to do something about it, also that Merlin had feelings for her too.

"Awesome," Merlin smiled back at Freya, "I'll order and you can find us a table what do you guys want?" Merlin listened as his friends riled of the list of drinks, plus a bowl of hot chips for Gwaine. A while after Merlin had ordered he was carrying a tray of drinks over to his friends, he managed to stumble when Freya smiled at him just as he got to the table and only just got the tray onto the wood before the drinks went everywhere, luckily enough all drinks stayed in the glasses. Merlin blushed tomato red and slid into the spare seat next to Freya.

"Well that was silly wasn't it Merlin? Though truth be told, anyone else would have gone fine without stumbling." He teased and grinned at Merlin's reaction which was to theatrically bury his face in his hands.

"Sorry." He grumbled into his hands and felt a shiver of electricity run through him as Freya patted him to the shoulder. He looked up at her with a smile before handing the drinks out to the respective owners.

By the end of the night Freya was asleep on Merlin's shoulder, and Merlin had his arm around her. Merlin seemed very happy with how the night had turned out, what with the success of the band and Freya falling asleep on his shoulder. Arthur got up to get the bill and split it with an insistent Will, who said 'Arthur always paid, and that he wanted to pay for a change.' As they were leaving Merlin gave Freya a kiss on the cheek as opposed to the usual hug. Both friends smiled shyly at each other while the rest of the group looked smug; they knew it had to have happened eventually. The group walked their different ways with only Merlin and Arthur staying together for the walk home. "You really were great tonight you know Merlin? Not just with the band but with Freya too."

Merlin grinned sheepishly, "Thanks." He replied then frowned, "You know don't you?"

"Of course we know, idiot!" Arthur paused then said, "You aren't exactly subtle!"

"Oh…" Merlin then suddenly looked alarmed, "You don't think she knows?"

"Nope, but you should ask her out. I think she likes you…don't know why though." He joked, grinning at his friend.

"Hey!" Merlin yelped in indignation.

Arthur laughed, "See you tomorrow, idiot." He said endearingly as he reached the door of his flat.

"Yep, see you tomorrow pratt!" Merlin replied instantly as he unlocked the door to his flat and walked inside. He was seriously considering asking Freya out, if he could find the courage and the right moment that was.

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