I wrote this a few years ago as a summer reading project. But I thought now it might be something worth putting on fanfiction since I do love Percy Jackson a whole lot.

I don't own Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Hey, Dad

I don't know whether you'll get this or if it'll just get washed out with the tide, considering this is a message in a bottle. But whatever! That's not the point!

Today was hard on the battlefield. Did you know the Minotaur is back? And he's joined Kronos' army! I thought that giant, walking, mound or ground beef would stay dead for a few centuries. But hey, half-bloods never have it easy, do we? I mean… I'm not saying your job is any easier, you're god of the sea and trying to fight Oceanus.

I wish I could've stayed down there to help you, but I guess you were right that I was needed to help protect Manhattan. By the way, I finally used that sand dollar you gave me last year. I used it as payment for the gods of the East and Hudson River so that they would keep the rivers safe from Kronos' army. They also tried to kill me, but since I've got the Curse of Achilles (You know, Achilles was dipped in the Styx except for his heel and became invincible? Well, I've got that too.), the gods saw no point and I just gave them each half of that sand dollar.

Also, Annabeth kind of forgot about the Achilles Curse because she took a knife for me, completely forgetting I'm invincible now. Not very smart for a kid of Athena. But she's doing okay now. We got a healer to her in time, so she'll be alright. If she wasn't alright, she wouldn't have been able to write this message for me. Sorry, dyslexia kills my brain and gives me headaches when I even try to read or write. But I'm narrating while Annabeth types. And now, she's telling me to stop talking about that and get back to what I really want to say. And she called me 'Seaweed Brain' again. I wish she'd cut that out.

Thalia also came back. She came with about thirty more Hunters! Looks like she and Artemis have been busy on their adventures! She and I are with Annabeth right now. By the way, both of the girls and Grover say hi.

Grover's been busy rallying nature spirits. Nico and I finally found him yesterday before I took the dip in the Styx. Apparently, Morpheus the god of sleep is apparently working for Kronos (but I guess you already knew that) has put all of Manhattan to sleep. No mortals are awake. I wonder if that means Mom and Paul too. Remember Paul from my birthday last year? Well, he and Mom got married. They're really happy together.

Anyway, back to Grover. He met Morpheus two months ago and the sleep god put him to sleep for those two months. When Nico and I found him, he thought it was still June! That's some powerful sleep magic. But even with the sleepy mortals, we're trying to hold Olympus. And I think I've got to go now. I just heard that Grover's back and he's chewing on furniture again. We're in a hotel! He can't do that! Hopefully, all the campers and Artemis's Hunters will be long gone (as in we left, not we died) before the mortals wake up and we get in trouble. And Silena Beauregard went to try and convince Clarisse and the Ares campers to come help us fight. It's some stupid fight with the Apollo cabin over a chariot. They're being stupid about it. Okay, Annabeth says I'm off topic again. Sorry.

Anyway, good luck with your fight. I send Amphitrite and Triton my best wishes. I hope we all end up winning this war. We'll hold Manhattan. I hope you can hold it undersea.