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'Hope! Hurry up or we'll be late for school!'

Hope woke up and sat up in his bed to see Serah Farron standing in the doorway; she was covering her mouth with her left hand and laughing.

'What are you doing in my room?!'

'Your mom let me in. Now hurry up and get dressed before you make us both late!'

Hopes face went red as he realised he was wearing nothing from the waist up. Serah simply giggled before turning around and leaving the room, closing the door behind her. Hope removed the sheets from on top of himself before stepping out of bed and moving over to his wardrobe. He picked out a black t-shirt, an orange jacket, a green scarf and a pair of khaki shorts. He quickly put all of his clothes on, not wanting to make either him or his friend Serah late.

Hope had known Serah Farron for most of his life. Hopes parents had used to babysit Serah's older sister Lightning before Serah had been born. When the Farron sisters' parents died the Estheims helped Lightning by taking care of Serah when Lightning had to work late and also by giving Lightning financial help when money was short. Lightning didn't like accepting their help but she knew it was the best option for her sister and that the Estheims were only trying to help. School ended at 3:00PM and Lightning would not get home from work until 7:00PM so from the age of 4-13, when Serah became old enough to take care of herself adequately, Serah would go to the Estheim's house after school until Lightning came to pick her up after work. This meant that Hope and Serah grew up together and despite Hope being 1 year younger than her, the two of them remained best friends throughout school.

Hope ran down the stairs as fast as he could, Serah was standing at his front door, holding it open for him.

'There you are Hope! Come on we're going to be late for history!'

Hope really didn't want to be late for History, it was his favourite class. Although Hope was a year younger than Serah, he had been moved up a year because of his intelligence and was in almost all of Serah's classes.

Hope walks through his front door and shuts it behind him. Hope and Serah have walked to school together for years but somehow they always found something to talk about.

They were almost at the school when Serah pulled out her phone and stared at the screen, grinning.

'Noel's just text me, he's asking where we are'

Noel was Serah's boyfriend; they'd been going out for around a month now and they seemed really happy with each other. Hope still wasn't sure about Noel though, in truth it wasn't because he didn't like Noel rather that he was scared that their relationship would get in the way of Hope's and Serah's friendship. However Hope preferred Noel to Serah's last boyfriend Snow, Hope hated him, he was just so smug, Hope secretly loved seeing the look on Snow's face the day Serah broke up with him.

'Serah!' Noel ran over, pulling his girlfriend into a warm embrace as Hope and Serah walked through the school gates.

Hope just stood there awkwardly whilst Noel and Serah kissed. He hated situations like this, he felt so uncomfortable.

Noel broke the kiss and turned to Hope.

'Hey Hope, how are you doing man?' Noel ruffled Hope's hair.

Noel always ruffled his hair, Hope thought it was patronising at first but he has grown to actually like it and almost see it as a sign of affection. Hope shook his head in an attempt to let his hair fall back into place.

'Errrm… Hi Noel, I'm fine thanks, how are you?'

'I'm great Hope' Noel said with his trademark grin on his face. The bell rings 'Well…. great if you don't count the fact that I have to sit in an hour long history lesson'.

Noel hated classes, he was nowhere near as academic as Hope or Serah, however he wasn't stupid, he was just the type of guy who does an assignment at 1AM on the morning that it was due in and the type of guy who did the bare minimum required to achieve a pass. Noel would much rather spend his time playing video games or with Serah than trying to get an A grade.

The 3 of them went to history class, Noel holding hands with Serah and Hope noticeably awkwardly walking alongside them.

After an hour of Noel drawing doodles in his notebook, whilst Serah and Hope scribbled down notes of everything their teacher was saying, the bell rang and the class was dismissed. Noel and Serah got up from their seats and started heading towards the door to leave, when Serah turned, noticing Hope walking towards the front of the class.

'Hey Hope are you coming?' Serah shouted to her friend, rewarding her with a glare from the history teacher.

'Yeah, just go without me, I'll catch up in a sec, I just need to ask a few questions' Hope replied, but in a quieter voice as to not earn a glare from the teacher.

Serah nodded and smiled in response, before dragging Noel out of the classroom with her.

3 minutes later Hope left the classroom, shutting the door behind him, he then began to walk towards his next class, music.


Hope turned around to see Snow down the corridor, hurtling towards him.

'Oh great' Hope whispered under his breath, as Snow reached him.

'Hope, I wanted to talk to you about Noel and Serah'