To Chase The Sun

"For those who gave up too soon."

To Chase The Sun- Iland Girl

Transformers- Hasbro

Chapter 0: In The End We Always Run


That was the closest wording I could find to describe the looks on everyone's faces. It was like their whole world had come crashing down when they looked at me. Like I had ripped their flesh from their bones, cleaved their hearts right out.

It was just so silent.

It was deafening.


It was the first person that made any noise. Will looked at me with such utter shock, and pain. There was so much pain on his face. He didn't want to believe it, no, he wouldn't be able to believe it. My eyes were trained on him, I didn't move at all, there wasn't any point in covering it now.

"It's true," I began, my face void of any emotion other than the insane calm I was so good at using as a mask. Even though my heart was slamming in my chest, my mind like a static filled TV, I didn't show the slightest bit of guilt. It was nibbling, chowing down on my very soul, but I wouldn't show it, I couldn't show it. I didn't know how, that part of me was never born, never existed.

I didn't know how to show such weakness.

Well then again, that was a lie. They had showed me, let me let myself out. I had been me, they had accepted me, and for a long time that was all I ever desired. I truly believed they liked me, I truly believed I could trust them.

I was wrong.

"How?" Epps demanded, like the very thought wasn't registering. I didn't move though, but my eyes do flicker over to the Bots. The intense glare from Ironhide, the pained look on Bee's face. The yellow robot covered his face with his guard before hunching away from me. Optimus, he shunned any emotion as he looked at me, like he was so disappointed. We were more alike than I thought, because he too looked unbelievably calm. Sideswipe looked ashamed, whether it was because he had been my friend or because I had fooled him I would never know.

Then there was Sunstreaker. The utter disgust, the look that took years to wipe off his face. It was back tenfold, he looked at me like the tar in the pit. I wasn't worth the dirt on the Earth surface to him. That made my chest lurch, I thought we were friends, but apparently I was wrong.

Nobody said anything for a long time, and for a long time, everyone just looked at me with such disgust.

Don't mock me.

Who are you to judge me?

"I think it speaks for itself," I said casually, taking a step towards Will. He raised his gun though, in turn I raise a brow. "When we met in Qatar, I wasn't there for some tour. I was dealing, and you all happened to get in my way."

"So what?" Will began, anger taking over his usually calm voice. "You were planning to off us first chance?"

"At first," I admitted, but then he shook his hand to stop me from continuing.

"You know what? It doesn't matter. You are under arrest Hayden Johnston." He said, motioning for someone to cuff me. I chuckled though when someone walked closer and raised a brow.

"You really think you can contain me?" I asked, actually humored by this. Ironhide's cannon is pretty menacing though, making me a bit edgy. Not once did I show it though, because I'm too busy stalling and thinking of a plan. It's then, when the man handcuffed me successfully, that everyone relaxes.

That's when I made my move.

With the man still near me they can't attack, so I turn to the guardrail on the raised platform and jump on it, then off. As I did so, I brought my arms from being tied behind my back to in front of me by jumping my legs through the chain and then swung the chain around the man's neck. He gasped as I used him as a living shield against Ironhide's cannon and all the guns pointed at me. Will and Optimus shouted orders, telling everyone to stand down, this made me smirk.

"Funny how one life is so damn precious." I sneered, knowing kind words won't solve anything anymore. Backing us up to the stairs, I made sure to keep watch that Mirage behind me won't attack. There's only one shot at this, I won't have another. Will looked at me, looking so upset.

"Hayden!" He shouts, looking at the man who is slowly losing conscious from lack of air. "Just let him go!"

I snort, smirking slightly. Just twenty minutes ago they wouldn't hold a gun near me, and now all of them had one pointed at me.

It was so disgusting.


I pulled the chain from his neck, and he gasped, but then I grabbed under his arms and lifted him. In one quick movement I swung him and he went flying at Mirage. It's enough of a distraction that the Autobot is forced to catch the human while I leap down to the ground floor from the raised platform.

More men come at me, but I punched and dodged my way out of the mass. The Autobots are useless because of all the humans surrounding me, but then the humans backed off to let the metal giants through. This time I feel more evenly matched as they make a grab for me, some pointing their weapons.

I dove past the weapons counter, setting off dozens of smoke bombs. This blinded my human companions, the non-biologicals still chased me, but only I could fit through the small human sized door. They'll be at the front of the building in no time, I was just lucky this isn't Diego Garcia anymore, things would've been too tricky then.

Rounding a corner rather tightly, I smash into people and shove others aside. There's no more time, I had to run. I ran up the stairs, the top of the building won't be blocked off yet, but it will be the moment Lennox gives the word. When I got to the stair well, and looked up, I realized if I run I won't make it.


Instead, I take a running leap and began to leap from side to side up the guardrail, it's much faster. When I reached the top, a guard was waiting there with a gun, he took a shot and it grazes my arm, but I don't stop. He realized this too late as I punched him out before opening the door. Seconds after I exit the cage is dropped on the door, it would've stopped me, but I was faster.

Now I was out in the open, the Autobots couldn't chase me now, but the moment I touched the ground they would be on me like white on rice. I couldn't go by the ground, so the only way was... I glanced over to the building across the street. A busy street with a lot of cars and people... and a very long drop. I stood on the edge for a while, fingering the item in my pocket. A grapple hook, one that Wheeljack had created specifically for me.

"Hayden!" Will shouted as he ran through the door, soldiers piled out and set to aim at me, I just smiled.

"I told you Will," I paused, looking at the ground again. "The world isn't black and white."

"You betrayed us."

"Did I?" I asked, looking to the setting sun. "I've forgotten what it feels like, hasn't happened in a long time."

My eyes drifted to the ground though, and I frowned. Optimus and Ironhide were already on the ground, waiting for me to go splat! I didn't want to think about that part though.

"Come quietly." Lennox urged, but then I looked back and him and shook my head.

"You might not believe this Will," I began, pursing my lips and furrowing my brow. "But I never lied about my goals. I'm pro Autobot, nothing's going to change that."

"You lost the privilege to say that the moment you became a criminal." Lennox said, making me chuckle.

"Just thought you should know that." I said, ignoring his statement for the most part. Then I turned back to the open air, and I jumped.

For a moment, I fell, but then I touched the grapple hook onto a street lamp and it continued to extend until I nearly crashed into Optimus' hood. Tucking my legs up, I swung long and hard until I let go.

There was a moment where I wanted to scream my lungs out, but I was too afraid to do that as I soared right over the building across the street. I landed on the edge, but used the momentum to push off and leaped onto the building after that, rolling to spread out the hit. I continued to do that until I landed on the roof of a gas station before leaping down onto the ground.

From there, I found a motorbike just leaning against the wall. It took all of ten seconds to hot wire it before I took off down the roads, ignoring all the traffic rules. I had to drive, and I had to drive fast. If I reached the city limits fast enough, I could be out of here and away from them.


The Autobots.

My family for the last four years, and now we were nothing anymore. All because of a name. Stupid, stupid me! Why did I think it could be different? I was trained not to think foolishly, and here I had been for over a year, plotting the perfect way to tell them! Stupid! Who could love this face? This hideous face that's done so much wrong.

An anger filled me then, at the disgusted looks they shared. They didn't understand, they would never understand, but it's okay now, none of them want me alive anymore. So I slammed my foot down on the gas a little harder, seeing the edge of the city.

I tried not to think about them, about how unhappy they looked. Then I began to feel disgusted, with them for talking how different they were from humans when in truth we were just alike, for saying they wanted me no matter who or what I was, for then turning their back at the mere mention of a name.

Most of all, I was sick with myself, for falling for it.

The world isn't black and white, it's a horrid grey, with no real lines that are definite. They still didn't understand, after all of this time, and they probably never would. All the lies they had fed me, about being the good guys, about trying their best to find a peaceful solution.

You liars!

Four years had made me soft, four years had ruined ten of training and watching my own back. I needed to get back to basics, I needed to get out of here, and I knew, the only way to do that, was to go and see him, the person who set me this way, my rise and my downfall.

I geared even higher on the outskirts, not once looking back as I traveled down the long, twisted road. The sun was setting in the distance, I growled. It seemed I was always doing this, running, getting away from something, searching for something, always on the move. It was my life, the one I forgot when the Autobots appeared, and now I knew I couldn't go back to such a tranquil time.

I will always be a runner, I will always be on the open road. It took me four years to realize, you can't trust anyone in this world. No one is who they say they are, not even me.

And so, I will keep on chasing the sun. I will follow it into my tomorrow.

Wherever that might take me.

For it is the only thing that is true anymore.

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