"Okayyyy. Now!" John quickly jumped away and bounced his way to his friend Sherlock. "Everybody back up!" Dean shouted motioning for the group of teenagers to stay away from the firecracker. Sam walked over to his brother "You sure this is the smartest thing for us to be doing? I mean, Dean. You turned 17 like an hour ago." Dean almost appeared offended. " Sammy, don't be such a pain." yelled Greg from across the street. The blonde in the tight grey shirt trotted towards the impala, getting a better view of the stars. For a 16 year old, John was definitely what you would call handsome. He had dirty blonde hair, a strong stature, and dark blue eyes. He leaned against the impala and patted the hood. "She's a beauty ain't she? I think I'll name her Cassie." Said Dean as he looked over and saw John admiring his baby. John giggled "Dean, what if he's a boy? will you still call it baby?" Everybody started laughing and a shockwave came over Deans face. "You could call it Castiel." Sherlock chuckled motioning over to a guy who was also laughing. He had messy dark hair, and bright blue eyes. Sam was bent over laughing and Greg wolf whistled and took a swig of his kool aid.

"That will never. ever. be funny." Dean said only adding to the flames. He walked over to the group of guys around his car who were now laughing even harder. "Seriousl-" Dean dint finish his sentence, because almost instantaneously a spark of bright red shot into the air, being followed by blue and jade. They exploded in the sky an illuminated their eyes. "Happy birthday Dean!" Cas shouted raising his yellow solo cup. "Happy Birthday mate!" Shouted John who also raised his. For a moment everything was silent. The sky was colored and Dean smiled like he had never before. "'Cos I know what it means, To walk along the lonely street of dreams!" Sherlock loudly sang off key as he raised his cup. Sam stated laughing and threw his arm over Deans head, and simultaneously both shouted "An' here I go again on my own!" Greg shot off another firework and continued with the brothers "Goin' down the only road I've ever known!" Castiel threw his hands in the air and loudly sang badly "Like a drifter I was born to walk alone An' I've made up my mind!" Sherlock, Greg, the brothers and Castiel all shouted "I ain't wasting no more time!" There was a moment of quiet and everybody turned around and looked at John. He laughed, threw his cup in the grass, walked to the middle and blaringly sang "But, here I go again!" They all broke into cheers and gathered around the impala, when Dean shouted, "Hey be careful with my baby! He's can't get scratched." John looked surprised "So your cars a boy now?" Sherlock laughed and said "His names Castiel John. Do your research."