(McKian's POV)

"Halt! Program! You are not authorized to-"

Feet flying... Body shaking... Chaos...

Why did this feel so familiar, like I'd done it forever, like it was just something natural?

Who am I kidding? I had been doing it for forever, at least it seemed like that. Actually, I was kind of surprised that they hadn't been chasing me before. They really should've been, but I wasn't about to tell the Occupation that. Let them chase the Renegade around. It didn't look like they'd be catching him anytime soon.

I rolled my eyes and kept running. "Shut up already," I snapped. Everything sounded distant, like it was echoing. My feet hurt as they bounced off the road; the city lights spun as I left them behind.

No way to turn around now... I didn't even know if I could find my way back with everything swirling around me.

I could feel myself falling, but there was no way to stop it. Hitting the ground, I rolled over on my side and gasped.

Trying to focus was impossible. I knew my energy levels were low, way too low, but since I was out after curfew, that was the least of my problems; the approaching orange lights definitely weren't anything optimistic.

And suddenly the whirling orange lights turned blue.

Bright blue.

Every noise blended together. All I heard was a lot of ringing.

It felt like I was getting sliced in two; I glanced at my wrist, watching as the bright blue started to fade, along with everything else- except the pain.

Slowly, over all the roaring pain, I could've sworn I heard someone talking, someone whispering close to my ear...

"When the lights go down, I'm gonna be there. When you're on the run, I'm gonna be there. When you're hanging on, I'm gonna be there... I'm gonna be there... I'm gonna be there..."

And then everything disappeared.

Hello! Um... I'm kinda new here and this is my first time writing anything- for this site. (I'm better at drawing stuff.) A couple of my friends suggested that I post this, so here it is... (If it's really bad, I'm sorry!)

- Bold lyrics from Capital Kings "Be There"