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Chapter One: Jason

Okay, I have to admit Jason is not one of my favorite characters. He acts sometimes in a way that makes you think that he thinks he's all that and a pack of crackers. He isn't but, he can come across that way.

But if Jason dies, I will be disappointed. I like him enough, but that fact that New Rome would be devastated to dust makes me nauseous.

Jason is their Justinian, he is their Constantine. He brought out of them out of the rubble, and rose them to the top.

And, he has another underdog story, that no matter how much Jason annoys the heck out me, it still inspires me, even if just a little.

He was from an underestimated cohort. The fifth to be exact. They have been blamed for the bad luck of Rome, and was full of losers and outcasts.

Or so they thought.

The boy they thought was weak, was actually more Roman than most of them. Jason Grace was strong, powerful, and wise. He followed the rules, never broke one.

And with that personality, Jason Grace became praetor of New Rome.

And yes, no matter how many times Octavian tries to sabotage his successful plans for the future, Jason is still stronge enough (physically and emotionally) to overcome the evil, jealous, augur.

Jason is loved by everyone. Well, pretty much everyone in New Rome. Except Octavian, but we already got into him.

You know, I was slightly relieved that Annabeth didn't particularly like Jason in the beginning, but during Mark of Athena my opinion of him started to change (along with Annabeth's).

I especially like the fact that he apologized for being knocked out half of the book, I mean imagine how much courage that took.

I don't know if I could swallow that much pride.

Jason may be prideful and slightly arrogant, but at least you'll know he will try to make everyone happy.

I hope he doesn't die.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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