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As the blue specter floated into the tall, eerie tower, purple cloak frayed at the edges, he heaved a soft sigh. His ears perked up at the loud creaking sound the hinges of the door made as they opened, shattering the thick silence that had been hanging in the air and collecting like dust. He flew upwards and phased through the ceiling into the main room, taking barely a moment to wonder why he had bothered installing stairs. Once he was in the desired room, he settled down into a high-backed chair in front of the time windows.

Cogs and gears clicked and whirred around him as the largest time window sparked to life. The scene unfolded before him and he watched with a soft, satisfied smile. The Amity Park bomb squad was removing the now-disabled bomb from the site. The victims, now free of their bindings, were ushered out of the building. Now that the ghost/human shield had been disabled, a young raven-haired teen rushed to his family and friends, a.k.a. the victims of this simple-minded plot. Despite how simple it really was, it actually was quite dangerous, as well as destructive and potentially catastrophic had it been successful. Luckily, all the young halfa had needed in order to stop the ghost behind this, disable the shield, and save his family and friends was a bit of time, which was exactly what Clockwork had given him.

The time keeper turned to look at the various other time windows, all showing the other instances in which he had helped the boy, and lately there had been quite a few (not counting the incident where he actually met his evil future self). These other time windows all could've had the same outcome, had he not intervened. He then turned to look at the cabinet in the corner of the room where he kept the old, beat up Fenton Thermos. Judging by the time windows and all he had done to straighten things out, it seemed that Dan wouldn't be getting out any time soon.

Clockwork sighed in exasperation; he knew that the Observants would be outraged that he continued to help the boy. Clockwork preferred to call it "giving him a nudge in the right direction," though the Observants thought it was only meddling. The Master of Time didn't care though—he was determined to watch out for the ones dear to him, which were, naturally, the ones dear to young Daniel Fenton (a.k.a. Danny Phantom). The wise old ghost had taken a liking to the boy. After all, he saved the world multiple times, stopped future catastrophes from ever occurring, and wiped out those terrible alternate timelines which only he could foresee. Even when it took a toll on his personal life, he still stood up for what was right. The least Clockwork could do was save the boy's family, in turn saving him from himself and thus saving the world from the destruction that would inevitably follow.

Still, his mind wandered back to the Observants.

Why did they only see destruction in what he did? They saw it as cheating—as disrupting what should happen and "possibly destroying time itself," he quoted. Though Clockwork would never admit this to their giant, spherical faces (if you could even call them faces), he thought of them as stupid, insolent ghosts that were in desperate need of a new hobby. They could not hold a candle to his wisdom and knowledge, let alone see what he saw; the averted timelines and future events. He was far wiser, but they never believed him or took his advice. Stubborn little eyeballs.

A sudden, echoing knock stole him away from his musings. Drifting down to the door (and once again pondering the purpose of his staircase), he pulled it open and winced ever-so-slightly as they squeaked even louder than before. He made a mental note to do something about those hinges.

"Clockwork! You have gone too—"

He slammed the door in the Observants' faces and smirked in spite of himself. He was so going to pay for that later, but he really didn't care.

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