Methos got off the train right behind the three children, as he had woken up as soon as the train stopped. He headed over to where a lady was standing; he assumed it was Professor McGonagall since that is whom he was told would meet him.

"Leave your things there, it will be taken up to your room, follow me and I'll show you to the Great Hall and introduce you to the other teachers. I'm Minerva McGonagall by the way. You can call me McGonagall or Professor McGonagall."

"I can't call you Minerva, or Min?" Methos asked.

"No, Professor Adams, you may not."

"All right then, McGonagall."

As they where talking she had lead him up to the castle and into the Great Hall. She led him up to the head table and introduced him to some of the other teachers.

"This is Professor Severus Snape, Potions; Professor Flitwick, Herbology; Madame Hooch, she teaches flying to first years; Madame Pomphrey, she is our resident nurse; Madame Trewlawney, Divination; Professor Bins, History of Magic; Delores Umbridge, Defense Against the Dark Arts; Rubeus Hagrid, Care of Magical Creatures; and our Headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore."

At the last name a man with a long gray beard and purple robes stood up and shook Methos' hand.

"Pleasure to meet you Professor Adams." He said. "If you would have a seat between Professor Snape and Professor Umbridge please. The students will be arriving soon."

Methos sat down where he was directed. Professor Snape was greasy haired and had a very unpleasant look upon his face, especially when he looked at Professor Umbridge. Umbridge was rather short and unpleasant looking, she reminded Methos of a toad.

"Hello, I'm Paul Adams, the new teacher of Defense Without a Wand."

"Isn't that nice. A totally unnecessary class if you ask me. Gives the students ideas. I strongly objected to that class being included, but the Minister sided with Dumbledore on the matter. Useless class for Witches and Wizards, no real value at all." With that she turned to watch the students file in.

Methos turned to the man who had been introduced as the Potions professor.

"Snape, potions, now please don't talk to me." Methos thought that was very rude.

The students proceeded to sit down. Methos noticed that they where each sitting at a different table, going by the different colored patches they had on their robes. He saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione come in and nodded to them when they noticed him. Snape made a very unpleasant noise; apparently he didn't like those three very much. As soon as all of the students where seated, McGonagall brought out a stool and a ratty looking hat. She placed these before the head table, and then she headed out the main doors. She came back shortly with the first years following behind her. She lined them up in front of the head table, and then, the hat began to sing.

After the hat was done singing McGonagall began to call names. "Abram, Tracy" A girl with bright red hair and blue eyes came up and sat down, she put the hat on, and after a few moments the hat yelled "Hufflepuff!" The table farthest away from Methos cheered very loudly. This continued on until with "Zarron, Peter", who was sorted into Gryffindor, it ended. After the Ceremony was over, Dumbledore stood up.

"Welcome back everyone, and welcome to the new students, just a few announcements before we begin. We have two new professors and one new class. Our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is Professor Umbridge. And our new class is How to Defend Yourself Without a Wand with Professor Adams. This is a mandatory class for 5th, 6th, and 7th years. As always the Forbidden Forest is forbidden, trips to Hogsmeade for 3rd years and up are allowed once a week on certain days. Quidditch will resume, all teams are to meet sometime next week to decide new captains. On a side note, the new Gymnasium is off limits to all students unless you have class or you have special permission from Professor Adams. Thank you, that is all." and he sat down. And with those words the tables became full of food.

Snape ate without talking to anyone, as did Professor Umbridge. Methos was wishing the worst possible fate for Duncan. Stuck here with wizards and witches all around, and stuck sitting with two of the most unpleasant people he had the misfortune to meet in several years, and that included the last few headhunters.

Thankfully the feast ended and Professor McGonagall came to show Professor Umbridge to her room. She asked Snape to show Methos to his, since the woman teacher couldn't go in the men's area of the teachers' wing. Snape wasn't very pleasant about it. After Methos got to his room, he saw that his belongings were already there. He didn't have much since it was really last minute and he didn't have time to pack everything. He only had two suitcases of clothes, his sword, and a carry on bag with some extra clothes. Methos went to open the suitcase to unpack, but when he opened it he saw that everything was already out of it. He checked the closet and the chest at the end of the bed, all his clothes where there, but he couldn't find his sword. He went out into the common room he shared with Bins and Flitwick, looking for someone to ask about it. All he saw was Professor Bins sitting in a chair reading a rather dusty book.

"Hello, Professor Bins." he said.


"Who would I ask about my luggage?"

"Hmm...oh one of the house elves I would imagine."

"Thank you."

Methos went out into the main hall that divided the teacher's wing, looking for McGonagall or someone and he ran into her, just the person he was looking for.

"Hello, McGonagall."

"Yes Professor Adams?"

"I seem to be missing something from my luggage."

"Really? You'll have to ask the house elves, what was it bye the way?"

"My sword."

"Your sword?"

"Yes, it was a gift from a friend, and I take it every where I go, but now it is missing."

"Well, it's too late tonight; you'll have to ask the house elves in the morning. I'll have one stop in before breakfast."

"Thank you, McGonagall."

But she had already walked off, leaving him standing in the hall. He turned around and went back to his room, after giving that damn picture the pass word, who ever heard of pictures protecting a door...silly.