Harry woke up feeling almost as tired as he did when he went to sleep, but then when he realized he was at Hogwarts and not the Dursleys' that made him feel better. Today was the first day of classes and his first DYWW class. He was looking forward to that. Professor Adams was a very interesting man, different from all the other teachers.

"Hey Ron, you going to get up? You're going to miss breakfast."

"What! I can't miss breakfast!" yelled Ron, waking up.

"Ha, I knew that'd get you up, always thinking with your stomach."

"Not thinking with, thinking of, I don't want to starve to death."

"Right, anyway let's go. I don't want to miss breakfast and I'm looking forward to our first class, even if it is with Slytherin."

"What class is it?"


"We have to exercise right after eating! Torture! Pure torture!"

"Ron, Ron, Ron, you are getting lazier every year." Harry laughed while shaking his head. Ron just answered by sticking out his tongue. Harry laughed.

After the boys finished getting dressed they went down to the common room where they met up with Hermione.

"Good morning Harry, Ron." she said.

"Nothing really good about it," replied Ron. "We have DYWW first."

"Poor Ron doesn't want to exercise after eating breakfast."

"Not just after breakfast, anytime when it isn't necessary, which is almost every time," said Ron.

"Right," said Harry as he rolled his eyes at Hermione. This made her laugh and Ron want to know why she was laughing; she told him that she was just in a merry mood. He didn't believe her. As this was going on they had been walking to the Great Hall for breakfast. Unfortunately they met Malfoy at the door with Crabbe and Goyle.

"Well, what do we have here," Malfoy said in as nasty a tone as he could use. "Mudblood, heroic Potter, and a snot nosed Weasley." This made Crabbe and Goyle laugh even though it wasn't funny. Ron was getting ready to hit Malfoy when Professor Adams showed up.

"What is going on here?" he asked.

"Nothing at all, Professor," Malfoy said, looking as innocent as an angel.

"Good. Because if there is any fighting going on I have been authorized to give whatever detention I wish. And I have a very good idea of what that would be, and you children don't want to have to find out the hard way."

Malfoy and crew looked like they where going to laugh at this but Adams just gave them one look and they stopped. The three boys turned and went into the Great Hall. Professor Adams proceeded after them, leaving Harry, Ron and Hermione in the hall outside the door.

"One of these days, I'm just going to punch Malfoy in his little ferrety face whether Crabbe and Goyle are there or not," Ron said very angrily.

"That would be a bad idea," said Hermione. "Crabbe and Goyle would very likely seriously injure you, not to mention the detentions you would get, and the points taken from Gryffindor."

Ron grumbled under his breath and Harry thought to himself that his pleasant day had been almost completely ruined. He was not looking forward to DYWW quite as much anymore, in fact he was dreading it because it was a double class with Slytherin. But he liked Professor Adams, and he seemed to be able to make Malfoy behave, so maybe class wouldn't be so bad.

Breakfast proceeded with no problems, and so it was off to DYWW with much grumbling from Ron. The new gym was huge, with all sorts of interesting equipment in it, ranging from swords and rapiers on racks to bows and quivers of arrows hanging on a wall. In one corner were a set of parallel bars, a tumbling mat, a horse, and other assorted gymnastic equipment. Most of the room was wide open though. Harry looked around but did not see Professor Adams anywhere in the room. He didn't come in until almost everyone was there already. And when he came in he did not look happy. Harry hoped that he wouldn't take this out on the students, but you never could be sure, he might turn out to be like Snape. While Harry was studying Professor Adams the last of the students arrived. As soon as everyone was present Adams began a roll call, something the other teachers never did. After roll call Adams began to lecture them.

"I am glad all are present for this first class. I won't have to repeat myself. There will be absolutely NO magic in this classroom. All students are to leave their wands in a secure box by the door before entering this gym. Since this is the first day of class I will pass around this box to collect your wands."

At these words there was a collective gasp from all the students. Never, since their first day at Hogwarts, had their wands been taken away from them. Only with certain punishments did that happen. This was bizarre.

Professor Adams continued speaking. "This is because I do not want you to use magic in this class. It will not benefit you to disobey this rule; it will only harm you in the long run because this is a wand-less defense class. You will be learning to protect yourselves and others without using magic. That is the whole point of this class. Madame Pomphrey will be on call in case of any emergencies, but hopefully that will not happen often. And she is only to heal you in emergencies, like broken bones and such. You are not to go to her for bruises or scrapes and cuts obtained in class. And you will not be able to trick her by telling her that you received your injury in another class or outside of a class, she knows who is in this class and at the end of each class she receives a list of those injured during the course of the class. So don't bother trying to trick her."

He waited for a few moments, to let this sink in, before continuing. "Today I will divide you all into groups based on your experience. You will not move from your present spot until I tell you to. I want all who have taken a gymnastic class to go over to the red circle on the floor, and only those who have taken JUST a gymnastic class, nothing else. Those who have taken karate, Judo, or anything like that to go to the blue circle. Any who have taken sword fighting or fencing are to go the green circle. Anyone who has taken any combination of these three is to go to the yellow circle. And anyone who has taken any sort of class that I didn't mention to go to the orange circle. Anyone who has never taken any sort of class is to stay where you are, in the purple circle. Move."

At that everyone began to move to the colored circle that applied to him or her. Harry noticed that mostly girls went to the red circle. But after everyone was done there were more people in the purple circle than in any of the others. Green came in close second, red in third, and yellow and orange tied for fourth. But the last three colors had a pitiful amount of people in them. Adams shook his head, and then headed over to orange to ask what kind of class each student had taken. Harry couldn't hear what they said because he was in purple with nearly all the other students. He noticed that Malfoy was over in green and surprisingly Hermione was in the red circle. Class ended while Professor Adams was still finding out what experience people had.

Adams passed out a questionnaire that asked what sort of experience people had as they walked out the door. It would have been easier if he had done that at first Harry thought. He was very disappointed with the way class had gone. Maybe it would be better next time.