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Chapter 1 – His Curse

Being alone by choice was different for being torn away and being force to cope with it, if that made any sense. Hinata hated being alone when she was young, but now it came as second nature. She sat on the roof of the Hokage Tower letting the cool air run over her skin. She looked down at her hands. She had been wrong to trust him with anything, especially something as important as her heart.

Her eyes were swollen and red from crying. She was smarter than this, than to let someone control her emotions like this. Not again.

Naruto had taken the role as Hokage around the time she started to see him. He promoted her to ANBU and that gave her all the more reason to drift off and be with him.

He was gone for good now and she had to pretend to be okay. It was like someone had actually stabbed her in the heart and nothing would make her feel better than to sink into the bottomless pit she had dug for herself. It was her fault.

He was so intoxicating that she couldn't help herself. That one kiss was like a fire and she would eventually get burned from the lack of control. He left her two nights ago on a mission. She was left with her guard down and heart broken. She couldn't tell anyone she would surely be put in prison for even talking to him without reporting it to the Hokage, Naruto.

She put her hands to her face and sobbed harder.

"I can't focus on my work when you are crying like this?" She didn't have to turn to know who it was, The Hokage himself, her first love, her friend. She wiped her tears quickly. He walked down softly and took a seat beside her. "You have been very distance lately, Hinata" She mumbled a sorry. He nodded and looked out into the sunset. They had all grown. Naruto was barely twenty and was already deemed Hokage.

He sat his hat on her head. "Tell me what's wrong?" He let a small smile grow on his face.

He was her friend. He loved her like a sister and over the past months she had been acting nothing short of a stranger, just a person he would pass in the street but didn't speak to.

She swiftly took the hat off. She smiled sadly and thought up a believable lie. "My mother…she died on this day almost ten years ago…" He sat there quietly and rubbed her back. His skin made her feel sick. Everything made her feel sick.

"I'm sorry"

She wanted to be sad and mope around until Sasuke was just a distance memory. He would be just a man who used her like the rest. It started with her father; he only kept her around because it was bring a bad name on the Hyuuga name if he banished her. Neji, he just was being nice to her because he pitied her. There was Kiba who tried to feel the hole that Naruto left in her heart, but just broke up with her after she didn't want to have anything more than a simple relationship.

The normal things, besides she was only sixteen. Being with guys weren't important with her but he gave her a very convincing argument.

"Why stay hung up on a guy who is too stupid to understand how beautiful you truly are?"

Hinata frowned. She wished she understood why guys were so much alike…well with her. Was she too forgiving? When Gaara came to the village for her seventeenth birthday party, he got angry and slapped her at her OWN party and was the one by the end of the night apologizing.

Sasuke was so different. At least that's what she told herself, things weren't complicated in a sense. He came as a shadow. She was on her first ANBU mission alone and they fought in the rain in the middle of a village. He didn't hold back on her and that what caught her, he was whirlpool. Unpredictable in a sense, He held his katana to her throat and dared her to speak but she did.

"J-just kill me, S-Sasuke…I don't want to do t-this…"

"You're pathetic"

"Then save the world from it"

He didn't. He used her… He admitted it but she was using him. He was just a quick high before she had to go back home and be ignored and punished by her father.

That day on they used each other completely contented, knowing if the village found out about their planned meetings that he would be hunted down and she would be thrown in prison.

A rush of relief came over her as Naruto stopped trying to confront her. She stood and looked into his eyes, feeding him lies through them. He ran a hand through his hair. "You should get some rest, Hinata-chan"

She nodded and headed home. What was home? She was almost twenty and that place didn't feel like home. Where ever Sasuke is, was her home. She passed by ghost-like eyes and went into her room. She lit a candle and sat on her bed trying to drowning out the sound of rain that annoyed her as it hit the roof.

She took off her sandals and crawled into bed and began to cry. Her heart broke more by the second. She fell into a dream state.



Waking up was horrible, she would scream from the nightmare that haunted her every night and run to the bathroom to throw up. Shino and Kiba forced her to go to the hospital. She didn't need a doctor. She was sick, physically sick… being without him made her sick. She looked down at her lap. She silently concluded this was his curse. He was burning a part of himself in her head.

Naruto, Sakura and Ino walked into her room. The walls were white and almost seemed to close… the room was stuff and uncomfortable. Sakura touched her head and she fought back the urge to throw up again. "They tell me you have been having nightmares?"

Who were they?

She clenched her fist. "Y-yeah…"

"Do you think it's because overall a lack of sleep?"

Hinata was distance… too distance. She was here physically but mentally she was in a different world. She looked up at Sakura and tried her best not to sound rude, but this time it didn't matter. He had rubbed off on her. "Aren't you supposed to know?"

Sakura was taken back, this wasn't the Hinata everyone loved. Ino stepped up to her with a sweet smile. "We are going to induce you into a dream state… it may help" Hinata watched her and wondered why Naruto was here. Sakura's hands glowed a dull green and started from her feet, which started to feel numb. She moved up to her legs which took the same effect.

Sakura paused over her abdomen and looked up at the blank faced Hyuuga. "Hinata…" She said in a shaky tone. Hinata looked over. "Are you pregnant?" Everyone eyes widen. Hinata started to tremble.


"I feel another chakra…"

Hinata got up. "You are wrong!" She activated her Byakugan and there it was a faint, bundle of chakra. Her legs didn't support her and Naruto caught her. "I can't be…"

Sakura grabbed a notepad and gave it Ino, she nodded and ran out of the room. "Hinata… you've been having morning sickness" It didn't explain the nightmares…

She was trembling and shaking her head. Naruto walked up to her. "I didn't know you were in a relationship" The word almost made her vomit then.

"I… I'm not"

He raised an eyebrow. Ino came in with several pill bottles. "You should start taking those to make sure the baby is healthy and congrats!" She smiled. Hinata frowned as she laid them out on her lap.

"Who said I was keeping it?"

The room fell silent. Sakura laughed. "Hinata, stop joking…" She looked over at the pink haired woman.

"When was the last time I joked?" She spat out. "It's my choice, correct?"

"Yes but…" Sakura stumbled over her words. Something must have happened to her, the Hinata she knew wouldn't kill anything innocent, not even a bug let alone a child. A living creature. "Are you sure Hinata – there are other choices, adoption?"

She stared down at the pill bottles. "No."

Naruto frowned. "Hinata…what is wrong with you!"

She snapped her neck at him. "Nothing is wrong with me, Naruto-sama" She said it with so much hate. "Can I leave now?"

"At least think about it…you have at least three months left" Ino paused. Sakura nodded. "Yeah you're about 3 weeks along"

Hinata stood trying to regain feeling in her legs. "Three weeks too long"

She stumbled a bit and walked out. She hugged herself being careful not to look at the trio. She walked out into the street. Tear brimmed in her eyes.

I can't be…

That means I was pregnant before he left… Maybe if I would have known I could have told him… No Hinata don't be foolish…

She walked into street, the sun was hidden behind thick gray clouds. People were taking cover from the soon coming storm. She walked behind the house into the dojo. The sound of thunder reassured her that the storm had finally hit. Tears stream out.

"I shouldn't have been so foolish!" She sobbed. The lightening flashed through the dark room and thunder wasn't far behind. It covered her screams. She grabbed a nearby kunai.

A thick cover of pain ran through her body.

Nothing can be worse than living with a monster growing of me…

She looked to the ceiling and clutched the kunai.

I refuse to live with this curse.

Lightening flashed out.




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