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Chapter 24 – Big Day

She reached and turned off the shower. Kitai stepped out of the shower; she rung her hair out and walked into her room. Nearly having a panic attack she saw Jinsei sitting on her bed in a black tuxedo. She blushed like crazy.

Not because all she was wearing was a small towel but he looked amazing in it; his pale green eyes watched her lazily. He yawned and ran a hand through his shaggy brownish red hair at now stopped a bit pass the nape of his neck, it had been turned redder when he came back from Suna. His skin was probably a shade lighter than Naruto's.

He smirked and sat up, stuffing one hand in his pocket and balancing on the other. "Your mom wanted me to make sure you and Itachi were properly dressed"

"Properly!? I am properly!" She pouted.

He chuckled "yeah, properly"

She sighed. "Well is Ita-kun ready?"

"Of course, a little bribe can take a three year old far places, I'm just here to help you now..." she stared at him and smiled. "What can I do for you, my fair lady?"

She giggled and looked around. "My dress... it's a bit tight, I really need help with that" he nodded and took off his jacket. "Oh...are you helping like that?" She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He smirked. "Well it would restrict me for helping you" He pulled her arms down.

She pouted. "Fine..." He grabbed her shoulders and turned her to the mirror.

"I'm won't touch you like that until we are standing at the altar" he kissed her neck. "Besides... I have morals, and I don't think your father would favor me if I deflowered you..." She nodded and mentally rolled her eyes.

Deflowered? Is he stuck in the old days…

He smirked. "Now take that towel off before we're late" She giggled and slipped off her towel and held her chest.

"I'm ready" He walked to the closet and pulled out a lavender fairy dress, it was tight at the bust and had a sheer ending at the knee. He let her step into it and zipped it up. She sighed at her reflection. He kissed her seal that decorated her shoulder. "You look stunning"

She blushed. "Thank you... Now for hair and makeup"

He nodded. "I shall go get Itachi, remember lightly... I don't even know why you need makeup" he muttered walking out.

She smiled. Jinsei was a great boyfriend at times he reminded her of her father... She figured it was a good thing. She brushed her hair in a loose bun. He was the same jerk but a sweeter version, she supposed. He didn't push himself on her; he didn't really ever talk about sex... She almost wondered if Sasuke set them up.

"Are you finished, love?" She looked at her door. Jinsei had Itachi in his arms. She nodded and picked up his jacket. Itachi yawned.

"Yeah, are you ready Kiki-chan?" She kissed his forehead.

She couldn't believe her parents were finally getting married, most couples waited 4 plus years, her parents waiting almost 12 years. They came to the old Uchiha compound, the scene was beautiful, and it was elegantly prepared. The marble floors shined, the walls were laced in vines, lavender and white roses. They heard the music. Jinsei kissed her cheek and she went to find her mother. She was in one of the rooms.

She was staring in the mirror. "Mother?" She looked back. "Are you okay?"

"Just a little nervous"

"You've been with dad for like forever!"

She nodded. "No matter..." Sakura and Ino walked in and busted in to tears. Hinata followed suit. Kitai rolled her eyes.

"You look so beautiful!"


Kitai sighed. "You guys it's starting!"




Sasuke fidgeted at the altar. He was the UCHIHA, he doesn't get nervous... He clenched his palms. He had been with this woman for years now; they were official after this... He smiled, of course half of the audience gasped at his lips. Many never seen him actually smile... The music changed and he started sweating.

Naruto and Sakura walked in, followed by Shikamaru and Ino by Neji and Tenten... Finally Jinsei and Kitai... He smiled at his daughter who blushed brighter. He heard Jinsei muttered something about not falling. He also jumped out his skin when Naruto patted his shoulder.

"Finally!" The Uchiha growled. The music slowed and Itachi walked in this the rings. Naruto five year old daughter, Kushina followed after throwing white roses along the sides.

Itachi giggled. "Hey daddy..." Sasuke nodded. After what felt like years, Kakashi walked in and Hinata took his arm. Sasuke felt his heart stop. She smiled; the entire Hyuuga family was in awe. Hanabi was trying not to cry. Hinata watched him carefully; her dress was white and faded into the same lavender was the bridesmaids.

She was finally in front of him. "H-hey" He couldn't speak but nodded. Her hair flowed in soft curls. After vows, Tsundae smiled. She asked Sasuke the question.

He just stared at her. "Sasuke..."

He nodded. "I... Do so much"

"And you Hinata" She started crying. Sasuke touched her face.

She looked up. "Promise to not to leave me..."

He smirked. "I promise..."

"Then... Yes, I do..."

"Then I now pronounce you married, you may kiss the bride" Sasuke took no time. The room cheered. Itachi and Kushina said 'Ew' in unison.




Kitai sat at the river. "Are you not eating, hime?" She turned Jinsei smirked and sat beside her.

"Do you believe in happy endings, Jin?"

"How could I not... I'm with you..."

"For now... You will have to take the head after Gaara-sama resigns" He hugged her. "Then you will leave me..."

"Do you think it's that easy to get rid of me?"

She looked up. "But you're the next Kage?"

He nodded. "I can give it up..."

"Oh no! I won't stop your life!"

"You are my life... Though it is my birth right, and I can't ask you to leave with me but the next Kage doesn't matter to me" he looked at her. She looked down. "I can step down and give the head to my aunt or uncle..." He paused. "My aunt because... My uncle is retarded... I swear... Like you should meet him... The things he does!"

Kitai giggled. She loved seeing Jinsei like this, actually like a 19 going on 20 year old. "I would love to meet your family!"

"So she wants to meet my family" he poked her cheek. She pushed him. He sat up on his elbows. "That's ail baby doll?" She jumped on him, staring down into his eyes. "I know those eyes, Kit" She leaned down kissing him. He clenched his fist from groping her body, well because… "Your parents are watching"

She rolled over. "So we weren't doing anything…" He chuckled. They both felt Sasuke's chakra spike. She laid her head on his chest. "Let's worry about the future when it comes"

"Of course, hime"




"I can't sit here and watch them kissing and touching!"

Hinata sighed watching Itachi play with Kushina. "We kissed?"

He growled. "You aren't comforting me!"

"Sasuke, she isn't a little girl anymore, Jinsei gives her the right balance"

Sasuke nodded. "And that all he better be giving her…"

"I thought you liked Jinsei…" She smiled turning to him.

"I do and I trust him…" He grabbed her. "I don't trust that Kitai…"

She giggled in his chest. "We just got married and you're worried about Kitai love affairs?"

He frowned. "Sorry…"

She grabbed his arm. "Let's give them some privacy, husband…"

"Oh course, wife…"

He followed behind the woman of his dreams.




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