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Chapter 3- Jump City's…sewers

The two heroes fell into the water and were quickly carried away. After a minute a head popped out of the water, gasping for air. The spiky haired teen looked around him and saw another body floating a short distance away. He began to freestyle over to him. Once the masked hero reached the teen he began to wonder how to get the both of them out of the water. It was too dark to see much, the light the boy emitted helped, but not a whole lot. Though Robin's search for a dry spot quickly stopped when he heard something in the distance, towards the way the water was carrying them now. He focused on the sound more. Rushing water, much faster than before.

Robin immediately reacted. He put an arm under the glowing boy and began to swim to the side. He swam diagonal with the current so he could be carried to the left instead of fighting the water. But when he saw the dry land above the water he also saw the edge the water was about to carry them both over. Robin pushed with all his strength to carry him and the other teen to safety.

But he fell short. "Ahhhh!" The cliff they fell over was not that high, but the rapids after it were fast and changed direction often. Robin held on to the stranger he was stuck with, determined not the let him go. The currents shifted, Robin and the teen were dragged along with it. Soon the rushing water gained speed. Every time he or the boy hit a wall he winched. Those would make some nice bruises. Finally they both dropped over one final ledge.

Splash! Under the water it was eerily quiet. It felt like tons of pressure was pushing down on Robin's muscles, but he still fought to get above the water. He struggled and felt the tips of his fingers break free. Then he stopped.

"That kid!" Robin turned around and swam head first deeper. "The kid. Where-" Then Robin saw. A couple feet below him he saw a limp body, slowly sinking. "No!" Robin frantically swam towards him, but begun to loss air. He couldn't let anyone die, saving lives was his job. So Robin swam downwards, following the white light the teen gave off. He got a couple feet closer when the light started to dim.

"…Could the light…be getting weaker?" The boy wonder pushed forward again. "No... I just…keep…going…" Robin reached a hand out, in a failed attempt to grab the kid's arm. He was farther away than he appeared.

The edges of his vision became blurred. Robin fought away the darkness, still trying to save their lives, but…

Then he took a breath for air, instead, water rushed into his lungs. The world seemed to spin; the only thing that kept him aware was a dim light. That light… What was that supposed to be again? Though that didn't matter. The small circle of white light shrunk. Then, right before the light disappeared, a bright green light filled the water. Then Robin blacked out.

*Cough!* Water rushed somewhere close by. *Cough! Cough!* Something was pushed out of his lungs, his breathing eased to a steadier rate. Water… Darkness… Cold… Why did he feel these things? What happened? What-

Then Robin remembered. He drowned. Or almost drowned, but… He and that kid were knocked out, right?

He remembered now, all of it. Before he passed out he was reaching for the boy, but missed and kept swimming towards him. Then his vision shrank… Everything got dim… How was he and that other boy alright? "Wait! The kid!"

Robin sat up. He looked around. He was lying on a pathway above the water. Robin thought he recognized the area, but that probably wasn't the case, seeing as the sewers practically looked the same everywhere you go and that it was still pretty dark. And speaking of dark…

Robin turned his head towards the source of light and was surprised to see the teen, the same one that he had tried to save, sitting against the wall. He had his knees pulled up and his arms wrapped around them. He was looking towards the ground more than anything else, but Robin could see a pair of electric green eyes looking between the white strands of hair. They more or less stared at each other before Robin began another coughing fit.

"…Are you ok?" The white haired boy asked Robin. After another cough Robin nodded. He gave himself a little lift by leaned against his elbows. "Yeah. By the way, thanks for saving me back there." Robin told him. The kid smiled a little. "Sure thing." Robin smiled too. He rolled over onto his hands and tried to push himself to his feet. He barely got onto his knees before a sharp pain stopped him.

He grit it teeth and tried to ignore the pain. His arms wobbled, struggling to hold up his own weight. The kid saw though. He got onto his knees and crawled over to Robin. Then he slid his head under Robin's. He tilted his head to the side and looked into Robin's white mask upside down. "What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He asked Robin, his green eyes held concern. Robin shook his head; he didn't want to worry the kid. He barely seemed older than Beastboy, a year at most.

The kid shook his head, ignoring what Robin had told him. "No. I can tell. We were both in the water when I woke up." He frowned and pulled his head out from under Robin's. The teen then sat down, crisscross, and put a white glove on Robin's shoulder, trying to get him to lay down to avoid further injury. Robin didn't want to fight him. He was also curious as to what happened, so he lay back down and listened to him as he continued his story. "As I was saying…"


Robin reached towards the sinking boy, but missed. Then he started to slow down. He closed his eyes and large air bubbles escaped his mouth. Robin went limp before he blacked out.

A second later Danny hit the bottom of the sewer. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. The water was a little murky, but Danny could see just fine. Above him he saw someone else sinking. Bubbles escaped his mouth, it seemed like he was unconscious. Under the water Danny placed his feet to the ground and crouched down. He didn't want to waste all his energy, so he needed to aim just right.

Danny knew he didn't have a lot of time, so he jumped. The halfa shot through the water, a trail followed him, both his hands were extended and he wrapped them around the masked hero. Both of them popped out of the water and onto a platform on the side of the wall. Danny coughed water out of his mouth. He then looked at the boy wonder, who was still knocked out.

Danny put a hand on his shoulder and turned them both intangible. The water fell off their bodies and the masked teen began to cough. Danny was caught off guard and he scooted back against the wall. He quietly watched him as he began to stir.

"That explains why we're not wet." Robin said, looking down at his dry clothes. But Robin thought about that story again. Something was wrong with it…but what? It took him a minute to put the pieces together. Along with that and the glowing teen sitting next to him the question was pretty obvious.

"What…are you?" As soon as he asked that the white haired teen retreated to the wall, practically slamming his back against it. He looked down and started shaking. "That seems to be a touchy topic." Robin noted. "Alright." He said in a gentle tone. The teen slowly looked up at him, still shaking. "What's your name?" Robin crawled next to the white haired kid and sat down next to him.

He moved away a little, but still didn't answer him. "I'm Robin. The leader of the Teen Titans." Robin offered his name, obviously not his real name, to try and get the teen to open up. After a minute he get a response. "Danny." He answered. "Danny Phantom."

"Phantom?" Robin thought. "What kind of name is that? Unless… No, ghosts aren't- But that would explain the water…"

"Phantom. Phantom as in ghost?" He asked. Danny looked up at him and smirked. "What gave it away?" Robin was surprised by the answer. "Was it the name? Maybe the glowing white locks? How about the green eyes?" Danny got into a more relaxed position against the wall. The shaking stopped and Danny opened up a bit more. He looked at his gloves. Normally pure white, but now stained with dirt and his own blood. Same goes for his whole suit, but who honestly cared?

Danny looked over at Robin. "Maybe he does." Robin was watching Danny carefully probably wondering if he was a ghost or not. And that was a really good question.

"Am I?" Danny thought. "Before I didn't know. I was trapped in a prison, treated as scum, a freak. I had to accept that reality. But… Now I'm free. How did Amorpho put it? Now that I'm out of capture I don't have to live in that reality anymore, unless…that's the only reality there is."

Danny sighed; why did everything have to be so complicated? He looked over at Robin and noticed something off about that ridiculously colored costume of his.

"I was right." Danny pointed to a long cut that was wrapped around Robin's forearm. Robin lifted his arm up and saw the blood dripping from it. He reached for his utility belt, but frowned when he found it missing. "Have you seen my utility belt?" Robin asked crawling around. "I have some medical supplies in there." Danny looked around too, but didn't see it. "Sorry dude, must've fallen off. Lucky you don't need it."

Robin stopped and glared at him over his shoulder. "How could I not need it? Everything that could be of use is in there!" Robin shouted. He was getting frustrated. He lost against the Hive, completely new enemies, was stuck down in the sewers with a ghost, though Robin still had some doubt whether that part was true or not, left his teammates wondering where he was (If he had his communicator, which was in his utility belt, he could contact them), and was stuck with an injury that needed medical attention ASAP. And some ghost boy could just sit there and say that he didn't need it!?

"Hey spikes?" Robin looked up from his position on the ground and saw Danny giving him a truly worried look. "I think you need to calm down, a lot. And let me finish. Lucky you don't need it, cause you have ME." Danny held up a hand. "Come on over here. I can help." Robin gave Danny a very skeptical look, but none the less crawled back over and leaned his back against the wall. Danny looked down at his gloved hand and concentrated.

A light blue made its way up Danny's arm and to his palm. The light danced around, getting bright in some places while it dimmed in others. Both Robin and Danny watched it move around before the light spread to the rest of his hand. "I learned about this power a while ago." Danny told Robin, who was still mesmerized by the light show. "It was right before…life got complicated for me."

Robin didn't say anything; while he was busy staring Danny grabbed his arm and pulled it forward a little. His glowing hand hovered over the gash, before he finally brought it down. Suddenly Robin's whole body felt refreshed, like he had just woken up. A strong chill spread from the cut, running up and down his arm, till the whole thing seemed to be numb. Robin wriggled his fingers, but didn't feel a thing. After a few minutes Danny moved his hand away and Robin looked at the cut, or at least where it used to be. The skin was a little pale, but the color was coming back faster than it should have. It seemed like weeks after he had gotten in! Practically in perfect condition!

Robin stood up, still examining the once there wound, smiling. He then looked back to the self proclaimed ghost. His smile fell.

Danny was still leaning against the wall. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Robin. "…Wasn't…as hard as…I thought." Danny weakly smiled at Robin. He didn't have that much stamina; he was glad he could help someone else with it. Danny moved slowly, putting both hands onto the wall to help guide himself up. It took a little effort, but he managed to pull himself to his feet.

"So... What do we do next?" Danny asked Robin, still smiling. They both looked around the sewers. It was pretty dark. "We have to get out of here. I have a feeling that my team needs me." Robin turned around and started walking. Danny stumbled to keep up, and then something hit him. "Stop!" He shouted. Robin, who was a few feet away, turned around. "What?"

Danny motioned for him to come over, he did. "I was so tired I didn't think about this before. I can fly us both out of here." Danny let himself off the ground the tiniest bit. He held out a hand to Robin, who glanced at it, then looked up at Danny. "Coming? Or are you just gonna hang out here for awhile?" He asked, still smirking. Robin grabbed his hand. The light that surrounded Danny crawled up Robin's arm. He almost pulled back, but he didn't. For some reason it felt comforting, the light gave him a feeling of protection. As soon as Danny's aura surrounded Robin completely he looked down and saw his feet lift off the ground.

This was different from the way Starfire would sometimes carry him. She would be the one flying; he was only along for the ride. But this… He was the one flying. Defying gravity. His cape was even raised a little, flowing with no wind. Danny cleared his throat, catching Robin's attention.

"Ready to go?" He asked the boy wonder, who nodded. Danny smiled and looked up at the ceiling. "Wait. How are we going to fly out of here?" Robin asked. There were no holes in the ceiling, so how were they supposed to fly out? Danny clicked his tongue and flew higher. "You really don't like the idea of me being a ghost, do you?" They didn't slow down as they flew towards the roof of the sewers. "What are you doing?!" Robin shouted at the halfa.

Danny's smile grew. "This is too fun." At the very last possible moment a tingling feeling emerged from Danny's core and spread throughout their bodies. "Whoa!" Robin shouted as they both passed THROUGH the ceiling. "What the heck was that?!" Robin thought as they both came to a stop above a patch of grass. He looked around. They were in Central Park.

"You know, you should have warned me before doing something so reckless!" Robin yelled. Danny, who had sat down at a picnic table next to Robin, groaned. "…Yeah, I get that a lot." Robin turned around and gave Danny a worried look. He had his head rested in his arms on the table. Danny groaned again. "Are you alright?" Robin asked, putting a hand on the teen's shoulder. Danny slowly nodded. He closed his eyes. "Yeah…I'm just hungry, and tired…lost, did I say hungry yet?" Danny sighed.

Robin took his hand off Danny's shoulder. He had an idea… Robin put his right boot on the table and reached a hand inside. Danny heard the noise and listened to the rustling with interest as Robin pulled out a small, black sack. Robin put the bag on the table, right in front of Danny. He slowly lifted his head and stared at the bag, before reaching over to it and opening it. Danny looked into the sack.

"I don't need my utility belt to be prepared all the time." Robin crossed his arms and smirked. Danny looked up at Robin again, trying to detect any lie in that statement, but failing. He reached in the bag and pulled out a twenty dollar bill, then another. Soon he had a little less than a hundred dollars in his hands. Danny looked at the money, then at Robin. "Why?" He carefully asked. Robin was still smirking.

"Why I have them in my boots? I'm always prepared." Danny gave him a sly smile. "Why I gave it to you? You can consider it a "thank you for saving my life' kind of thing." Danny took the small bag and tucked it into his own white boots. "Besides, you need food. And since I don't promote stealing I figured you could buy some whenever you need it." Danny stood up and smiled. "Thanks. You probably need a way to get back to your team. If you wanted I could give you a lift…" Robin immediately declined the offer. "No thanks. I know the way from here." Robin pointed out towards the water, where Danny noticed a giant tower in the shape of a T.

"Wow. How did I miss that?" As they watched they saw something being thrown out of the tower. Danny's advanced sight focused in as three more things were thrown out. "Did you see that?" Robin asked, hoping he hadn't just imagined something wrong with the tower. Danny nodded. "It was your team. Cyborg, that redhead girl, the other girl, and that weird green kid." When Robin gave him a sideways look at the names he shrugged. "I'm not good with names. And besides, I'm not from around here." They both continued to stare till Robin turned back around to talk to Danny.

"I hope you find your way Phantom. Because right now I need to go take care of my team." Danny didn't say anything as the first person to help him in a long time walked away. Robin looked over his shoulder and added. "Try to stay out of trouble, because I'll have to come if you don't." Then Robin picked up speed. He soon got into a full sprint towards the side of a tall building. Robin jumped towards a light pole, spun around twice, landed on a window ledge, leaped onto another ledge, and jumped up. He grabbed the edge of the roof and swung himself over.

Danny stood there, with what he could only guess an amazed face, for a minute before he finally muttered something. "…Dang."

Yeah Danny. Didn't think Robin could do that did ya? So I was thinking about this story and I thought about which ghosts I could use. A ghostly villain. I already came up with a few situations for a couple of them to be in, but I still want your guys' opinions. And also, I watched a couple of episodes again and realized that I may not be able to have Danny in some of those episodes. Just to let you know I will pass over a couple of the non important ones, like "Sisters", the second episode. It's more of a heads up than anything. Thanks for understanding!. ;)