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Chapter 5- Elements

The Titans walked into the park. For some reason Cyborg kept looking around, but no one seemed to notice. Then they got to their usual spot and got ready for a picnic. Starfire flew beside the picnic table and set down the paper plates and sandwiches. She then put a bottle of water at everyone's seat; she put a bottle of mustard down for herself. Raven began her meditation; something seemed to be bothering her too. Beastboy excitedly grabbed the frisbee and kept asking Starfire to throw it while Robin was just walking around. Cyborg was also walking around, but not just to take a stroll.

"Yo Danny." He whispered. After a minute or so he said it again. "Hey Phantom?" Then Cyborg's arm beeped. "You don't need to be sneaky." A familiar voice said behind Cyborg. The half metal Titan turned around to see Danny Phantom hovering behind him, arms crossed and a smirk put across his face.

"What's up?" He asked as he landed, making himself shorter than the Titan. Cyborg threw him a plastic baggie and Danny caught it. He held it up and looked through the sides. "A sandwich?" Danny asked him. Cyborg shrugged. "Make a couple extra, thought you might want one." Danny opened the bag and took a bite without another question. "So, how's the past few days been for you?" Cyborg asked. It had been a little less than a week since they had fought against Cinderblock together and won. Danny shrugged and finished chewing.

"Pretty good. Luckily there's been no rain or anything. Trees are surprisingly comfortable to sleep in…" Danny trailed off. He looked down at the sandwich till Cyborg's arm beeped again. Cyborg went to turn the alarm off, but stopped when Danny spoke up. "Ectoplasm." "What?" Cyborg asked, him metal hand hovering over his arm. Danny pointed to his arm. "Unknown energy detected. It's probably talking about the ectoplasm in my body."

Cyborg typed "ectoplasm" into the system and the alarm stopped. "Huh. Would you look at that." While Cyborg was looking down at his arm Danny took a step back, worried about what Cyborg would think. He was about to take another step, but ran into someone's chest and dropped his sandwich. Danny turned around and gave the masked hero a shy smile. "Hehe. Hey Robin… Long time no see?"

Robin walked away from his teammates setting things up for the picnic, tracker in hand. Robin wanted to find Danny Phantom again to ask him some questions and hopefully get some answers. When Robin gave Danny the bag of emergency money he didn't tell Danny that he put a tracking device inside, allowing him to find the teen anytime he wanted. Robin glanced down at the tracker again and looked around. It pointed straight ahead, but at two siblings eating by themselves. They seemed to be brother and sister, laughing and joking around with one another. Though Robin did not know why the tracker was pointing in their direction he continued walking towards them until he stood over them.

A shadow fell overtop of Amelia and her brother. When Amelia looked behind her she saw Robin of the Teen Titans! She grinned up at him and put the half eaten box of Ritz Crackers in her lap. Jake did not notice Robin until his sister lightly elbowed him. Jake then turned around and dropped his cracker. He smiled.

"Hi. Did you happen to see a black bag anywhere?" Robin held up his hands. "About this big?" He asked them. The two gave him blank looks, either they didn't know anything or they were still in awe. Robin sighed and put his hands back to his sides. "There may have been something important in that bag. Are you sure?" Though the girl did not move the boy reached in front of him and pulled a bright pink backpack towards him. He unzipped it and reached inside.

Amelia then realized what her brother was looking for and pulled an empty black bag from her pocket. When Jake saw it he stopped searching and took it from his sister. Jake got to his feet and handed it up to Robin. Amelia put the box of crackers into her bag and stood up beside her brother, slinging her backpack onto her one shoulder. Robin turned the small sack inside out and sure enough there was a hidden pocket inside. Robin reached in the pocket and felt the tracker, barely the size of a quarter, still inside.

"What's wrong?" The girl asked, looking up at Robin. Robin frowned and looked at the bag in his hands. "Where did you get this?" He asked the kids. The girl suddenly found the ground very interesting. She stared down at her shoes, unsure if the glowing teen that had helped her and Jake earlier was in trouble, and unsure if she wanted to turn him in. Though the five year olds brain was not that complex. "Danny Phantom!" He shouted. "He could fly! And he was strong, really, really strong!" Jake was clearly excited by his encounter with the ghost boy.

Amelia looked down at her brother and frowned, then looked back up at Robin. "Is he in trouble?" She asked in a quiet voice. Robin immediately shook his head. "No. I needed to find him, and that small bag was the only way. He didn't know that though, so he's not in trouble." Amelia nodded and turned to her brother. "Jake, I'll race you to that pizza place on the corner!" Jake grinned and started running. Amelia chased after him. "Bye Robin!" She shouted over her shoulder.

Robin looked down at the bag again, thinking for a minute. Then he stuffed it into his pocket and walked back towards his friends. Though he stopped when he thought he saw Cyborg. Too much of his surprise he also saw Danny Phantom floating in the air in front of him. They were both talking to each other as if they had met before. Robin snuck over there and stood behind Danny. When he backed up he ran into Robin's chest. He slowly turned around and gave Robin a shy smile.

"Hehe. Hey Robin… Long time no see?" Cyborg looked up at the mention of his friend's name. "Oh, hey Robin. There's someone I want you to meet." Both spiky haired teens shook their heads. "We already know each other." Danny said, jamming a thumb behind him at Robin. When Cyborg didn't press for anything else Robin asked him where he had met Danny. Cyborg looked at the tree beside them all and saw a pebble embedded deep in the wood. "Right here actually." Yep, same place. A little weird though. "Danny helped me take down Cinderblock. Who knew such a skinny kid could knock back Cinderblock with a single punch?" They then high fived each other, both wearing a smirk on their face.

"He's a ghost, or says he is." Robin deadpanned. That got Cyborg to take the tinniest step back. "Whoa. Really?" Danny crossed his arms and glared up at Cyborg. "Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?" He asked bitterly. Cyborg quickly shook his head. "No, no, no. No problem with that at all. It's just…You're really dead?" Danny looked back down and thought about it. He didn't want to lie to them, and until he turned back he wasn't so sure himself. So far they'd both actually been nice to Danny. He shrugged. "Don't I look it?" Cyborg nodded and asked. "So why didn't you tell me?" Danny smirked. "You never asked." After a period of silence Cyborg spoke up again. "So… Wanna come back and meet the rest of the team?" Danny immediately shook his head. "Huh? Why not?"

Danny rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. "It's…complicated. Look. You guys are the good guys…and some people think I'm not." Both Titans raised an eyebrow. "I just mean the whole ghost thing." Danny started waving his hands all around. "Ghosts are evil. Ghosts have no feelings. They deceive and hurt." Danny sighed and put his hands down to his sides. "Talk about stereotyping someone."

Danny frowned. "It would be best if you weren't even seen with me." He told the Titans. "And it'd be best if I wasn't even seen with anyone." With that he turned invisible and flew off. Danny looked back and saw them both looking around. "Though I shouldn't be around you my hero instinct will probably make me come." He whispered to himself.

Robin and Cyborg looked around for a minute before Robin walked off. A second later Cyborg shook himself out of it and ran to catch up with Robin. "Yo Rob! Wait up!" Robin turned around and let Cyborg catch up. "Yeah?" He asked as he started walking back to the picnic table. Cyborg spread his arms out wide. "Why didn't you tell me he was a ghost!?"

Danny invisibly flew away from the park; he held his arms out to help fly. He couldn't risk the Titans losing their hero status just to help him. People think ghosts are evil, as simple as that. And someone with the powers of one was just as bad in those people's eyes. Danny flew higher into the sky till he was over just about every building in the city. He dropped his invisibility and looked down at the vast city below him, then up at the quickly darkening sky. Danny frowned. "I smell a storm coming…" He really did. The air was more crisp and dry. He could almost feel the electricity in the air, though he was nowhere near the clouds. But just to be safe…

Danny stopped his flight. Gravity took over and carried Danny towards the earth. He tucked his arms in and dived, cutting through the air. He got closer and closer, falling faster and faster. The rush of flying always cheered Danny up. When he saw the ground he spread out his arms and legs into a star to slow down his free fall. Though it didn't help a lot, it helped enough. He started laughing as he reactivated his ability of flight. His legs formed into a wispy tail and he bolted back towards the park, occasionally phasing though any obstacles that he came across. Like he expected, the park was emptied. The storm scared everyone off. Just to be sure he flew around the whole park, but saw no one there.

"Alright." Danny landed in the middle of the park and looked around. After Danny confirmed that he was indeed alone he relaxed. Danny held up his hands and watched the eerie white glow they let off. He then made them into fists. Danny closed his eyes in concentration. "This has to work!" He shouted in his head as a white ring appeared around his waist. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed in the background, pushing Danny to change back. He strained his whole body, and just as slowly as before the light crawled up and down his body. Danny opened one eye and was excited to see the familiar red and white shirt design that he had always wore. Though that excitement cost him.

Just as a clap of thunder sounded the rings around Danny vanished and his red and white t-shirt blurred back into his black and white jumpsuit. No, the rings didn't collide like last time. They just…disappeared. Danny could only stand there, wondering why he could not change back. This time it felt so close! His ghost powers had finally felt submerged! Hidden and ready to be used on a minutes' notice. Then the feeling disappeared. Just like that, gone. Danny frowned. "Ugh!" Out of frustration he shot a random blast of energy into the air. The shot of green went up into the clouds and vanished into the storm.

Danny stomped his feet. He was sick of this. Why hadn't he changed back?! Danny ran his hands through his hair. "Calm down Danny. Maybe… This is good?" Now that he thought about it, it could be a good sign. His transforming rings didn't just snap back together like the first time he tried. So… "Maybe I'm still a little weak." He thought. "Yeah…" Danny mumbled to himself. "Maybe I just need to eat a little more, get enough sleep…" Danny smiled. At least he had a game plan now. At least he had some hope.

When Danny turned around he was about to fly off, till he thought he saw something in the mountains. "What the heck is that?" Danny made a binocular out of his hands and zoomed in his vision. It seemed like a fire, not just a small thing to. It seemed to stand over the trees and slowly moved towards the city! He leaped into the air and bolted over there. "I'm not about to let some stupid forest fire burn down the city!"

Danny was met with a few surprises once he reached his destination. One would be the so called "forest fire". Danny wasn't about to get mad at himself for getting that one wrong, seeing as the fire was actually some weird gigantic fire monster marching through the forest in hopes to burn down the city. He hunted ghosts and he couldn't even come up with an explanation for that one.

The next thing he saw was the Teen Titans, minus Robin, fighting the fire beast. Danny flew down behind his mechanical friend and crossed his arms. "Alright, who forgot to keep an eye on the campfire?" Cyborg stopped fighting the beast and turned around, his arm cannon shrank back into his arm. "Reminds me of Skulker."

"Danny? What are you doing here?" He asked. Danny looked around. The girl with the cloak was uprooting trees, the green kid was knocking them over, and the flying redhead was blasting the trees. "Probably trying to stop the fire from spreading." Danny thought. "Well, I saw a huge fire in the forest and thought, "Hey. Why not take a look?", so here I am." Danny looked up at the beast than back at Cyborg, Danny grinned. "Need some help?" Cyborg looked behind him at the towering fire monster and nodded. "Yeah, but you can't swing a punch at him. Obviously." He didn't know what Danny was planning on doing since he only saw Danny fight with his fists.

Danny smirked. "I can do more than throw some punches." He then flew high into the air and held his hands out towards the beast. His eyes glowed a light blue color, same as his hands. By now the other Titans saw this mysterious teen and watched him fire some kind of beam at the monster. When it hit they were all surprised to see ice forming over the surface of the flames. Danny flew around the beast, firing a few more ice beams, till the whole thing was covered in ice. He landed beside Cyborg and threw an arm over his shoulder for support. After a second the glowing blue in his eyes changed back to their usual green color.

"See. Problem solved." He closed his eyes, already being tired. Then someone tapped him on the shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw the green boy tapping him. "Dude. You might want to take a second look." He then pointed and Danny followed his finger. Danny groaned. The fire thing was melting off the ice fast. It was practically all melted off by now. "Or I just ticked him off. Great."

It broke the rest of the ice off and roared. Suddenly Cyborg got an idea. "Here Take Danny." He told Beastboy, and then shoved Danny at him. Beastboy awkwardly held Danny, awkward for plenty of reasons. "What kind of superhero name is Danny?" He finally asked. Danny frowned and pulled himself out of Beastboy's arms. "It's Danny Phantom. You got a better name?" Beastboy gave him a toothy grin. "Yeah! I'm Beastboy!" Danny was about to give him a snarky reply, but was interrupted by Cyborg. He fired his sonic cannon at the ground and tons of dirt flew up and covered the monster.

It was quiet for a moment, before… "So, did we win?" Beastboy asked. Danny facepalmed himself.
"You don't ask those kinds of things…"
He thought. His worried were confirmed when the inferno-like creature burst out from under the dirt and kept walking towards the town. "Had to ask." The hooded girl blatantly said. Then said girl flew towards the creature. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" She shouted. And out of her hands came some kind of dark energy that wrapped itself around the fire giant. For some time nothing happened, but then the cover she had somehow put over it cracked, fire seeping through.

She gasped as it broke free. Then it bent over and brought its arms close to its chest. Danny's eyes widened as he realized what the thing was about to do, he had done the attack enough himself. Danny quickly threw a shield over them all, but the force was too strong. They bounced along the ground. The girls then helped Cyborg up, but out of nowhere a bolt of lightning hit them all. Danny shook his head and looked at the source. "What the…"

One was tall and skinny, his hair even pointier than Robin's. Everything he wore was some shade of orange, even his hair being a pale orange color. The other was not so skinny. His color scheme was different shades of blue. Danny stood up and got ready to fight against them, hands lit with ectoplasm, but someone put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Please mysterious stranger." It was the redhead. "We are able to handle the Thunder and the Lightning. You have a very strong chance of defeating the flame monster." Danny looked around him and saw the rest of the Titans fighting the two weather powered teens. Then he saw the beast making its way towards the city. Danny nodded and jumped into the air. "As soon as you're done here come and help me." He then flew towards the fire. "Cause I'll need it."

After a couple minutes Danny was tired. He knew the best attack against this guy was his ice powers, but he realized that he was using a lot of his power up. He tried to swing a punch and a kick in there, but the heat had burned him. He was running out of options. Danny looked over his shoulder and was surprised to see the town much closer than he had thought. "Not good!"

Then the Titans came running/flying over. They all stood beside Danny and helped slow it down as much as they could, but Danny realized it wouldn't be enough. He stopped firing and turned to face the town. All those innocent lives. If he failed they could all be gone. Danny thought about it. Yes, that was the only way.

He turned around and looked beside him. "Cyborg!" He caught the Titan's attention, which was shooting water at the beast from a fire hydrant. "Yeah?" He asked. Danny nodded, mostly to convince himself. "Cover your ears and get behind me!" When Cyborg gave Danny a confused look Danny frowned. "Tell the whole team! Just do it!" After a minute the Titans stood behind Danny, ears covered, wondering what was going on.

Danny flew a foot into the air and looked up at the beast, it was now or never. In the air he bent down, arms and legs pulled in. He took a deep breath, feeling the power build up, and finally releasing it in the form of a scream. A wail. More specifically his ghostly wail, a power that Danny only used in real emergencies. The green sound waves rippled out of his mouth and towards the beast. It put its hands in front and tried to push against the scream, but the thing staggered back. Its flames got smaller and it moaned loudly till the attack ceased. But it managed to recover and stood tall. Then it began to slowly continue its march towards the town.

Danny could hardly stay in the air. His mouth was gaped and his eyes half open. He was dazed and could barely think clearly. The fire… The light dimmed, but came back and moved forward. Danny groaned lightly. All that and nothing? He sighed before he gently lowered himself to the ground, falling onto his hands and knees. Then it began to rain. He was beyond tried and rain was the last thing he was worried about. A heavy hand was put onto Danny's shoulder and he looked up at the Titan. "Yo Danny? Are you ok?" Danny didn't bother answering. He gave Cyborg a very weak smile before blacking out.

He watched the fight again. Focusing instead on the newcomer fighting, "He is indeed strong." He then paused it during Danny's ghostly wail. The man smiled behind his mask. All that power. It would be hard to control him, he obviously fights for the side of good, but the reward would be well worth it. "And besides." He continued the video. "This boy already knows the Titans in some way. Having him would help make Robin my apprentice as well." The man then turned around and walked away from the screens, going to do research on this mysterious Phantom.

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