A/N: Sorry it's been a while but this is another one of those cases where I had to do a ridiculous amount of research, essentially driving myself nuts. I then had to turn that research into semi-believable plot points around a majorly twisted unsub. Hopefully I have orchestrated another fun story for y'all. Creepy, but fun. Enjoy!

It takes one month for Emily to get cleared back to full duty, to include traveling. She only has a few restrictions and the caution to rest when she gets a headache. During that month she had helped the team from afar as they solved 4 cases on the road, one of which they literally went from one city to the next as it came across as they took off to come home from one.

As Emily drops her go bag under her desk she can't help but smile. She had enjoyed helping the team from Quantico but it was nothing like actually being there for the adrenaline rush of solving the case and seeing it all come together in person. Reid grins at her as he moves to his desk.

"Planning to bribe Garcia for a team case?"

Emily chuckles. "It's a thought but I guess I should let things happen naturally." She leans closer, speaking conspiratorially. "But if she doesn't have us on the road by Wednesday I'll reconsider the bribery."

Reid laughs and sits down. "Good to have you back 100%, Emily. I've missed you being with us on the road."

"I've missed it, too, Reid. Thanks."

After Emily gets her coffee, she starts to weed through her email. She groans when she gets to one.

"Be careful what you wish for. Ugh."

"What's wrong?" Reid asks.

"Just got an email from the prosecutor in a case I consulted on back in March. I'll be getting a subpoena to appear today."

Reid grins. "Yep, definitely a beware what you wish for moment. Lucky you."

Emily rolls her eyes and forwards the email to Hotch with the promise to let him know when the subpoena arrives."

"When do you go?" JJ asks from her desk.

"They want me to testify on Thursday. It's in Dover so I'll just drive up there after work on Wednesday. Hopefully it will be a one day thing."

"Right. Because our luck is always that good."

Emily bites her lip nervously. "Um…Henry…"

"He'll be okay, Em. You can call him and talk to him. It's different than when you were in the hospital."

Emily lets out a sigh of relief. "Good. Thanks, Jen."

JJ just nods and goes back to her own emails.

Wednesday afternoon JJ sees Garcia scurrying to Hotch's office. "Case coming, guys."

Emily and Reid immediately start preparing their desks for the meeting and possible departure. JJ looks at her wife.

"You may want to arrange a rental car. Then you can fly out of Dover and meet us wherever we are going."

Emily nods. "Good thought. We'll see where Garcia is shipping us and go from there."

Ten minutes later the team is sitting around the table as Garcia starts the briefing.

"Get ready for the bright lights in the Big Apple, ladies and gents. We're heading to Broadway."

"Oh, so BAU the Musical?" Rossi deadpans as everyone chuckles.

Garcia nods. "Actually, somewhat close, Agent Smartbutt." She flicks on the screen and the image of a torso with words carved into appears. "A Tony award to whoever guesses the origin of this verse."

The words read:

Love makes fools of everyone
All the rules we made are broken
Yes love, love changes everyone
Live or perish in it's flame
Love will never never let you be the same

The team studies the words but it is Emily who gasps first. "Oh my God! That's 'Love Changes Everything' from Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Aspects of Love'," she states.

Garcia nods, impressed. "Very good, Agent Batman." Emily just grins. "Want to go two for two?"

She changes pictures and this time the verse reads:

You all know about the Devil, don't ya, brethren,
I bet he's got you scared
Cause you can feel it in your hearts and bones, he's in this very town
And he wants your souls now, you gotta be prepared

Emily reads it a couple of times before she gets the tune right. "From 'Whistle Down the Wind'. It's called 'Wrestle With the Devil'. What the hell, Garcia?"

"Two victims, two verses from musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Obviously our killer isn't a fan," the analyst states.

Hotch shakes his head. "Just the opposite. He's a huge fan of Lloyd Webber and he probably feels these lyrics are speaking to him; helping him choose his victims."

"Sort of like Manson and the Beatles 'White Album' giving him directions to start a race war," Rossi adds.

"Ah, right. Well that's your purview, not mine. Mine is simply to tell you that police in NYC have 2 bodies and fear there could be more. If the killer is looking for direction from the Cats-man there are plenty of songs to choose from," Garcia finishes.

Emily sits forward. "I know there's only 2 deaths so far but there's something similar about the two musicals: neither was extremely popular in the U.S. In fact, I saw both in London. It's possible the unsub is from the U.K. since that would allow him to be familiar with these particular shows."

"Keep in mind though that we're heading to Broadway. Could be an aspiring singer/dancer/actor that can't get a break and is bitter," Morgan suggests. "Maybe they think using somewhat obscure musicals will make them standout when they audition."

Hotch nods. Both of his agents had come up with valid points of consideration. "Prentiss, get a flight out of National to Dover and plan to fly from Dover to New York when you're done with your trial."

Prentiss nods. "Yes, sir."

"Rest of you, wheels up in 30."

The team nods and stands. JJ looks at her wife, who is grinning. "You are so happy you don't have to drive."

"Damn right I am," she says, chuckling. They share a quick kiss in the conference room. "See you when I see you, baby."

"Think it will take more than a day?"

Emily shakes her head. "Doubt it. It was just a consult and it just shored up some ideas the detectives already had. Don't think the defense will want me on the stand too long telling people how smart the cops were."

JJ laughs. "Probably not. See you in New York, baby."

"Be safe, sweetheart."

A/N: Before people flip out on my using ALW's musicals, know that I am a HUGE fan of his and have had the pleasure of not only playing some of his pieces in the orchestra but also seeing some performed at the KC in DC, on Broadway, and in London. But his lyrics really do lend to some twisted unsub using them as justification to kill. Or maybe I just see that. Hmm… :o)