At 6 a.m. Emily sits down across from Shane McCollum. His cuffed hands are attached to the table that separates them.

"For the record, you have been read your rights and offered a call to your consulate and a lawyer, both of which you turned down?"

Shane nods. "Aye. I am sure once we talk ye will see I've done nothing wrong."

Emily raises an eyebrow. "Mr. McCollum, you are- -"

"It's Reverend, actually."

"No, actually, it's not. You've yet to be ordained," Emily points out. "Mr. McCollum, you have been charged with 6 counts of murder and 1 count of attempted murder, 7 counts of kidnapping, and 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon."

Shane shakes his head. "No! No, 'twas no' murder! I had ta settle scores, some as old as time, others new ones."

Emily narrows her eyes. "Old as time," she whispers. She flips through the stack in front of her and pulls out the folder on Seamus Lynch. "This one was the old one, wasn't it?"

Shane stares. "Aye. My family has been settling scores fer years. Seamus…he was…a good boy but, like me, was bound ta his family by blood on hands, not just in his veins."

"Blood on his hands?"

Shane nods. "Aye. No' his fault, mind ye, but he still had ta pay."

"Which is why you killed him before carving the words into him?"

"Aye. 'Twas tha least I could do fer another simply caught up in a blood feud."

"The IRA actions of the 70's and 80's?" Emily surmises.

"Aye. His uncle killed me cousin. When I saw him, I heard tha song. I knew he had ta die."

Emily had been right, that death was personal but not for the reason she had thought. She runs a hand over her face. She's not sure which reason is better.

"Okay, Shane, let's go back to the beginning."

By 10 a.m. she has walked him through each murder. Her head is throbbing but the D.A.'s office will have an airtight confession. As she stands, Shane lifts his hands up.

"So, will ye take these off now?"

"No, Mr. McCollum. Two officers will be in momentarily to take you to holding before your hearing."

"Hearing? But…but…I thought ye understood why I had ta do this!"

"Sadly, I do get why you think you had to kill these people. It's a job hazard. You'll never see the light of day as a free man again, Mr. McCollum."

"NO!" He starts to sing "I Only Want to Say",

"I only want to say
If there is a way
Take this cup away from me
For I don't want to taste its poison
Feel it burn me,
I have changed I'm not as sure
As when we started."

Emily stares into his pleading eyes. She sings back to him, paraphrasing the song "Judas' Death",

"You have been spattered
With innocent blood
You should be dragged
Through the slime and the mud"

"NO!" he screams again as Emily walks out of the room.

Emily sees her team, Elliot and Talib standing there. She hands the files off to Elliot.

"Both from 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. He finally went mainstream."

She walks past them all and into the conference room. She drops into a chair and puts her head in her hands. She feels JJ enter the room.

"Jen…I can't fly right now."

"Lucky for you there's storms. Hotch said he'd delay our flight until tomorrow morning."

Emily shakes her head. "No. No, you all go. Henry, Rocky and Jack need you all."

JJ kneels in front of her wife and lifts her chin. "Henry and Rocky need you, too. Besides, Henry will be with Will and Helen until tonight. And we still have to figure out what to do with Sylvia and Joshua Hutchens."

"Oh. Right. Where does the law stand on her son?"

"I don't know. How about you go back to the hotel, rest, and next time I see you I'll have an answer for you."

Emily starts to argue but can't. "Get me a ride?"

JJ smiles. "I think I can arrange that."

As Emily is crawling into bed a little while later she gets a text alert. She smiles as she sees a picture of Henry and Rocky playing in the pool with Will and Helen. It was a beautiful picture of the unusual family she is now part of. And she absolutely loves it. With a content sigh, she slips off to sleep.

When JJ comes in a couple hours later, Emily is in the throes of a nightmare. JJ races to the bed.

"Emily, baby, wake up. Come on, sweetheart, wake up. You're just having a nightmare. Wake up, Emily, please, baby."

Suddenly Emily shoots up in bed. "NOOOOOOOOO!"

"EMILY!" JJ grabs her by the shoulders.

Emily's eyes are wide with fright and confusion. JJ grabs her face and forces her to meet her eyes.

"Emily! Look at me, baby. You're okay. It was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare, baby."

Emily's eyes finally focus and she pulls JJ close. "Oh, God, Jen…McCollum had you and he said I didn't deserve you because I cheated. I told him I didn't but then…fuck…Reese and Doyle were there and they had the kids and- -"

"Shhhh! Easy, Emily. It's okay, baby. It was just your head screwing with you. I'm okay. So are Rocky and Henry. I promise, sweetheart."

Emily's heart rate had finally calmed down. She sighs and leans back. "Thank you, Jen."

JJ smiles and caresses her wife's cheek. "No need to thank me. How's your head?"

"Still hurting. Feel a little woozy, too."

"Have you eaten today?"

Emily thinks a minute. "Uh, those two donuts at the precinct before interviewing McCollum."

JJ shakes her head. "What am I going to do with you, Emily Prentiss?"

Emily smiles, knowing the right answer. "Never let me go?"

JJ gives her a gentle kiss. "Well…since you can't even remember to eat, I guess I will have to hold on to you."

Emily smiles and pulls her close. "Lucky me."

After a late lunch, Emily and JJ had called home to get a run down from Henry all that had happened that morning in the pool. Emily had sworn that call was better than medicine and JJ had believed her. They had then spent the afternoon relaxing and watching cheesy movies on TV.

Just as they were getting ready to leave for dinner with the team Detective Elliot stops by. She tells them that Sylvia Hutchens had been awarded full custody of her son back. In fact, all the writs turning over the children to the cult had been nullified and several families were being reunited.

Rodney Lawson had stolen all the church's money and was in the wind, having gotten away when a clerk misfiled the thumb print that had been ordered by Hotch. But with an APB out under his real name the team was sure he'd be caught soon.

Emily and JJ knock on the door that joins their room to Sylvia's. With Elliot, they tell her the good news. She is excited at first but then she gets scared.

"But…what will I do. I have no job, no family close by, nothing."

Emily stares at her a moment. "No family close by? Where is your family?"

Sylvia sits on the edge of the bed. "Wichita, Kansas. I have a cousin there. We were close until I had to cut ties with my family."

JJ kneels in front of her. "Call her. Family doesn't give up on family."

They wait while Sylvia makes the call. When it becomes apparent Sylvia would be welcome there, Emily steps back into the room she and JJ are using. After several minutes she steps back in.

"Sylvia, there's a charity called the Amy Jareau Foundation." JJ looks up sharply at her wife. "They help people get back on their feet. They've bought you and your son plane tickets to Wichita. They are also setting up a $5,000 fund to help you all get settled once you get there. Additionally, there will be $500 waiting for you at the front desk tomorrow so you have some cash to get started with."

Sylvia bursts into tears, pulling her son close. "I…I don't know what to say."

Emily smiles. "When you get back on your feet, just remember to give back what you can. Sometimes it's just volunteering time to a local charity."

Sylvia nods. "I'll remember. I swear."

When JJ and Emily get downstairs and say goodbye to Elliot, JJ spins around to her wife.

"What the hell, Emily?"

Emily chuckles. "Okay, so it's not set up yet. But it sounds like a good charity to found, right? And it's one I knew you would approve of so I kind of made the name up on the spot. It will be your own personal 'Prentiss Thing' to nurture."

JJ stares at her wife a minute then starts to laugh. "You're right, I do approve which is the only reason I'm not spanking you later."

Emily frowns. "Aw, Jen…why are you punishing me?"

JJ rolls her eyes and pulls her wife towards the door, laughing. "Incorrigible, Agent Prentiss. Absolutely incorrigible."

Emily just smiles, agreeing with her wife's assessment.


JJ kneels down as Henry runs down the hall to her. "Hey, Little Man. I missed you."

"Missed you, too, Mommy!" he kisses her cheek.

"Is she the only one you missed, Champ?" Emily asks as she walks in.

He laughs and reaches for her. "Mama! Henry missed Mama!"

Francesca walks out into the hallway with Rocky in her arms. "Hey, sleepy girl, wake up. Mama and Mommy are home."

Rocky slowly opens her eyes. She sees Emily and smiles. "MA!"

Emily's eyes get wide. "Did…did she just…did…"

"MA!" Rocky says again, reaching towards Emily.

Emily takes her, tears in her eyes. "You did! You called me Mama!"

"MA!" she says again as JJ stands with Henry in her arms.

"Did you hear that, Henry? She said Mama!"

Henry nods. "SI! Good Wok!"

Emily rubs her forehead against her daughter's as the little one says "Ma" over and over again while patting her mama's cheek. Emily looks at her wife.

"It's just as wonderful as when Henry said it the first time." She looks at Francesca. "It was a first, right?"

Francesca nods and smiles. "Si, cara."

JJ kisses her daughter. "Good girl, Rocky. You don't know how badly Mama and Mommy needed that."

"Oh, I'm sure she knew, cara. I'm sure she knew," Francesca says with a smile.

For the rest of the day, JJ and Emily just spend time with their children, letting their love and innocence wash away the ugliness of the case they just solved.

And not once does Emily's headache return.

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