I silently push my ear buds into my ear and put on a song. "Perfect" is the song. I hug Prim goodbye and begin to walk to school.

I hum along to the song and let my eyes wander. When I approach the gate to the school, I look at the tree me and Prim eat at during lunch as I pass by.

Suddenly, I am forced to the ground and a blur of blue and yellow fill my vision. I close my eyes on impact of the ground.

I open my eyes. I see lips moving and a hand come out of his pockets. I accept his hand and stand up. His lips move again. I yank out my ear buds.

"Huh?" I ask. "Sorry." He mumbles. I look at him. He has curly, sandy blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. "It's fine." I answer back. "What are you listening to?" He asks.

"Music." I answer. I see him chuckle, which brings on a blush. "What music?" He asks. "Pink. I'm listening to "Perfect" I like the song." I reply.

He nods with a smile. "Well, see you around. New people are coming a lot more often. I wouldn't mind a change." He says. He walks away, and while he does so, I stare at him while the last part of the song goes on:

You're perfect, perfect, to me. Pretty pretty please, you are perfect, to me.

And I change the song immediately. I make my way to my class, which doesn't begin for twelve minutes. When I see someone I know. I make my way over to her.

"Hey, Johanna." I say, pausing my music. "Hey! Brainless is here!" She says, giving me a hug. The only reason she calls me that is because I got an F on a test. I got distracted listening to my music.

"Yeah, I got changed." I say. "Whatta ya think?" She asks, pointing to her new bracelet, which reads in bold black letters:

Not afraid of a Mason, are you?

I can't help but laugh at her personalized bracelet. "Well, what do you think of this?" I think, pointing to my new iPod. She laughs at my attempt for being a show off.

I look over her shoulder and she the blonde blue eyed boy again. Jo turns around and spots him. "One of the three most popular, Kit-Kat. And a singer, he has won four awards for his voice. Country finalist for each. Not gonna happen." She says, somewhat knowingly. Yeah right, I think.

"Nothing will ever happen." And I knew I was right. Popular people are snobs. But he seemed. . . Nice.
"Well duh. A lot of girls act like a tramp in front of him. But he insists he's waiting for the right one." She says. "Five awards." He says, appearing out of no where.

Me and Jo jump. She rolls her eyes. "Clueless didn't know about ya." Johanna tattles. Another boy comes over. He has bronze hair and bright green eyes like a cat. "Peet. We promised to meet Gale over by the water fountain." He says. He is British.

"Well, Peet. You better get going." Jo says teasingly. "Peeta." He corrects. "Mellark! Lets go!" Bronze boy says. "Alright, alright, Finnick. See you later." He says, waving.

At the new house, I look at my green walls. I put everything left in the boxes in their proper places, when something hits my window. I jump, and yank my ear buds out of my ear and put my iPod on my desk.

I walk over to my window and open it up. "Hello?" I ask out into nowhere. "Hi." A voice says. I look down and see Prim. Prim has blonde hair and has sapphire eyes. She resembles our mother. I give her a half smile.

"What on earth was that?" I ask. "Oh? You mean this?" That Peeta boys comes out of nowhere and throws a water balloon at me. I duck and turn around.

The water balloon hits my mirror. I turn around again. "Katniss, meet our neighbor. This is Peeta." She says. He smiles and throws another water balloon.

I stick my hand out and catch and pop it. "Nice catch, but can you catch this?" Prim asks, Peeta and her both throwing at the same time. Prim's hits me but Peeta missed badly and got the wall outside the house.

I see bronze boy come into view with two balloons in each hand. My eyes widen and he throws them. Both of them. I duck, but I was too late. It hits me square in the face.

"Where did you come from!?" I ask loudly, taking the rubber off my face. "Oh, Katniss, Finnick is my other neighbor, one house away from you." Peeta explains.

"Hello love." He says. I roll my eyes. "Ello lovely." I mock. Finnick shows fake horror and Peeta shows. . . . Jealousy? Prim show pure amusement.

Prim throws another balloon. "You know what?" I say, with mischievous smile. "Hmm?" Prim asks.

I step onto the windowsill and sit down on it. "Take your best shot." I reply.

"I think I will." Peeta says. He throws another, and I shift slightly, having the balloon fly into my room. I smile at him. "Let me do it, for gods sake." Finnick says. He aims for a minute, then tosses it.

Apparently, Finnick has very good aim, because, I end up getting a balloon in my face. I stumble, trying to get back inside, I cant see!

I fall off the windowsill and land in someones arms, who fall onto the ground.

Authors Note: Haha! I left you to fall of the cliff! ~Calliwishis*