*Authors Note: Don't hate on me for this chapter. I have an Idea *evil laugh* Anyway, I gave you a hint I don't ship Gadge, and that I chose to ship Gelly. Gale + Delly, :) Anyway, you get to witness this sad chapter. You're welcome. ~Calliwishis*

I immediately swim up and walk up to them soaking wet, and slap them both. "What the hell is wrong with you two?!" I screech.

"Katniss is was just a-"

"Shut the hell up, Finnick!" I yell, saying his full name letting them know I'm dead serious. "Whose idea was it?" I say in a unforgiving tone. "Katniss-" Peeta begins.

"Whose idea was it, god dammit?!" I screech. Peeta slyly raises his hand, but I know he is taking the blame. "Lying wont work on me, Peeta." I say.

"So. Whose. Idea. Was it?" I say through my teeth. Finnick looks at me and the ocean again and again. "I'm sorry." He whispers.
I step forward and slap him as hard as I will. He falls on his bottom in the water. "Katniss!" He says, looking up at me. I look at both of them. "This friendship is over!" I yell at them both.

I make my way inside, soaking wet. My mother actually speaks to me. "Katniss! What on Panem happened to you?" She asks. I ignore her and stomp my way up the stairs, hearing squishing under my feet as I do.

I open my door, which bangs into the wall, possibly denting the wall. I glance at my window, and see Peeta inside his bedroom, yelling at Finnick. I witness the whole thing unfold. I see Finnick nod, and then open Peeta's door, and walk out, gently closing it behind him.

I see Peeta flop down on his bed, and I squint, and see a tear roll down his eye. And sooner or later, repeatedly. I see his head shift and look at me. I go over to the window and close my blinds and curtains. I wait for a few minutes, and kneel down and peek at him from the bottom of the window. I see him laying on his stomach, back going up and down quickly. I see his dad rubbing his back while he sobs. I shake my head and go to take a shower.

My schedule got changed recently.

Math, Gym, Language, Lunch, Music and then Drama. Drama. Ugh. I make my way to the back and see Delly. "Hey Dell." I say, sitting down next to her. The teacher, who has his name on the board, is standing at the white board. "I am Mr. Heavensbee. The reason I say is because we have a new student in our class. Come up to the class, Katniss." He says.

A few heads snap my way, Peeta, Finnick, Delly and Annie. Perfect, I think with heavy sarcasm.

I go up to him and he puts a hand on my back. "The seat you chose wasn't suitable for a new student. How about. . . . You change seats with this young lady?" He says pointing to a girl.

She sits next to Delly and I sit, coincidentally in the middle of Peeta and Finnick. I put my head down so they know I don't want to talk.

In Gym, I have Annie, Madge, and Delly. Cool. I guess? I walk lazily around in the Gym. "Everdeen! I am your new Gym teacher. I am Ms. Bonnie. Go get dressed." She commands.

When I get out, Delly and Madge come up to me. "Remember how instead of stretching we would do a cartwheel?" Delly asks. I give a small nod. "Well? Lets do a couple!" Delly says in her usual tone. We all stand five feet away if a perfect line.

"One." Madge says. "Two." Delly says with a half smile. "Three!" We all say in unison, taking two steps back and doing our best cartwheel.

We do three without stopping, but when we do, I find myself in front of Ms. Bonnie. "Very good, Katniss! Do you know how to tumble?" She asks. "We all do." Madge says, pointing to all of us in one motion.

"Lets see what you girls can do. Katniss. You first." She commands. People have gathered, in a twenty foot circle around me, Ms. Bonnie, Delly and Madge standing a little closer.

I take five steps back, and then six forward. I put my hands lightly on the ground and I feel myself moving above them. I hear people shout "Move!" And "Uh-oh."

But when I open my eyes, no one has moved. The person standing in front of me isn't Delly, Madge or even Ms. Bonnie. It's Peeta. I shift my head and look over to them. "Delly. Your turn." I say.

I see her miss a step, taking only four steps back, and five forward, so when her body goes over her arms, she looses her footing and I run to catch her, just in time. "It's okay. Madge, your turn." Delly says with a hint of disappointment.

Madge messes up too. She takes six steps back and only four forward, and of course, looses her footing. Delly and I catch her at the same time, and the bell rings. I smile. "Show off?" I ask them both.

"Show off." The repeat. I tumble, without stopping, until I stop just at the girls locker room door.

Since Peeta and Finnick ride the bus, When I finally reach my house, I hear them talking, I can't help but eavesdrop.

"Come on, Peeta. We have to go." Finnick says in a annoyed voice. "Did you see how happy she was?" Peeta asks miserably. "Peeta. I don't know how to make you feel better." Finnick says. Why was the window open? "I don't know, either." Peeta replies. "Wanna sing?" Finnick asks.

Peeta mumbles a song name. "Are you sure?" Finnick asks. If I was there, I'm pretty sure I'd see Peeta give a death glare. "Okay, Okay." Finnick agrees.

They both sing in unison.

"I don't know how else to make you feel better.

To make you feel like she cared.

I know. I know you miss her but,

Ooh, I miss you,

How can I make you feel you when you're just being sad all day,

Ooh, Ooh, I wish I could wipe the sad away, Instead I just ran away.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean those nasty things I said. I just wish I said the words back to you.

The ones that meant so much to you. "Baby, I love-"
Peeta stops, not saying the words anymore, and I hear slight sobs from where I am. I go inside my house and shut the door tightly.

Why do they care so strongly about our used to be friendship? Why? Why do they care?

Peeta's POV

"Finnick." I mumble. "What now? You where almost perfectly happy!" Finnick says annoyed. "Finnick. I saw her out my window. She didn't see me, but she heard the whole thing." I say. "So?" Finnick asks, bored. "So?" I question calmly. Finnick looks over to me. "Why do you care?" He asks.

"You know why!" I shout. "Why?" He asks. I stomp over to window and slam it closed, before yelling: "I love her!"