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Always and Forever

- Raven


Elijah walked towards the front door of his mansion, sipping a cup of coffee, intent on getting the mail and his morning paper when he came across a ball of black fur.

"Well good morning Oscar." He smiled at the adorable 4 months old kitten and picked it up, letting it purr against his shirt.

He smiled at him fondly, remembering the afternoon when they went to the shelter so Elena could pick some sort of an animal. She called it getting a pet to fill the house a bit more, he thought it was compensation since they would never have children but held his tongue not willing to voice such a thought in her presence. And there she found this barely standing kitten that someone almost drowned, black fur and bright blue eyes and she almost purred along with the kitten as she held him. And so they had one more troublemaker in the household. Elena named him Oscar, after Wilde who was one of her all time favourite authors.

Believe it or not, Oscar adored Henry and Matt as well, even though he was a cat. It was quite entertaining watching the wolf feeding the kitten some milk before cuddling him and playing in the garden, carefully watching over the kitten's explorations. The most enjoyable however was watching Elena crooning over little Oscar. He would often meow at her feet just so she would pick him up and he could make himself comfortable on her chest. If Elijah didn't consider being jealous of a kitten utterly ridiculous, he probably would be. Elena's chest was his favourite resting place as well and considered himself as the one having monopoly on it.

He chuckled as Oscar climbed on top of his shoulder and carefully picked up the mail, noticing two heavy cream envelopes, one for them each. He opened his and grinned widely. Oh this was going to be good. He put Oscar down and called for Henry.

"Please take this envelope up to Elena. And a word of advice, Henry. You give it to her, run as fast as you can and take Oscar outside into the garden to play at least for an hour until I manage to distract her enough." Henry looked worried but did as he was told.

Elijah walked back into the dining room and sat down, opening his paper as he listen to Elena's tired sighs from upstairs. She has been working on her PhD from English Literature for the last four years now and it has been straining, but as long as she found it rewarding, he was happy to help or hinder in any she wanted him to. She had moved in with him officially a few months after that fateful Christmas, and while she claimed her own study upstairs, she was more than happy to join him in the master bedroom for the comforts of sleeping in his arms. Their lives were peaceful, filled with studies, quiet evenings and occasional travelling before they always returned, missing their home. It was their home now and that thought made him smile into his coffee.

He just noticed Henry rushing past him with a meowing Oscar as he heard the sound of ripping envelope upstairs. She was reading...processing...and 3...2...1...


He winced slightly at the volume of the profanity but chuckled nevertheless. It has always amused him how collected Elena has become over the years, rarely letting her language slip. Well, apart from a few times in the bedroom but he actually appreciated it in such an environment.

He could hear her rushing down the stairs and a moment later she was standing in the doorway, the creamy envelope shaking in her hand. She looked tired, wearing his shirt barely buttoned halfway and a pair of shorts for comfort while she worked continuously for the past 30 hours. She was adorable even in her rage and all he wanted to do was distract her from studying yet again.

"She has gone completely crazy! Vampires CAN go crazy, right?" she asked, completely shocked.

Elijah shrugged. "Of course we can, but Caroline was hardly the safest vampires to be around even before this. I saw it coming for a while now; you know how persistent my brother can be." Elijah chuckled.

"You think this is funny?" she looked at him, completely shocked but appeared a little bit calmer than a few moments ago. "Honestly Elijah, he can give her his credit card, drag her all over the world and warm her bed for all I care. But marriage?" she shook her head incredulously, throwing the invitation on the table.

Elijah cocked his head to the side. "So what you are saying is that you would rather he kept her by his side, treating her almost like a paid companion instead making an honest woman out of her and marrying her?" he narrowed his eyes slightly. "What is really bothering you Elena, you are not usually like this." he said softly and patted his thigh in a familiar gesture now.

But she stubbornly remained standing, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "I don't trust him. How can you expect someone who has no sense of commitment or morality to share a life with someone like Caroline? And faithfulness for the whole of eternity? I don't think so..." she muttered darkly.

They made have buried the hatchet with Klaus, so to speak and played nice but that did not mean Elena has forgiven him for everything he had done to her and their town. Elijah was suddenly standing in front of her and pulled her into his arms, rubbing her back soothingly.

"Talk to me, Elena." He said softly. They have had many painful discussions over the years. Revealing the gory past on Elijah's part and the emotional turmoil Elena had to go through, but they have learnt to trust in each other and seek comfort from their bond of companionship and love.

Elena sighed tiredly and uncrossed her arms only to loop the around his neck. He bent down slightly and picked her up by the thighs effortlessly, carrying her to the table. He sat her down on the smooth surface and stepped close in between her spread legs to hold her face tenderly. "What is wrong?" he asked once again.

She closed her eyes for a moment, not liking showing such weakness even in front of her lover. "I feel like I am losing her to him. I know, it sounds completely silly and irrational. She is my family and we are both going to live forever so why should I worry, right? But...I don't want her to get hurt. After the whole fiasco with Matt when she turned, then Tyler and that wolf girl, I just want her to be happy." She said softly.

He rubbed her cheek tenderly. "And what makes you think Niklaus does not make her happy? He is one of the least patient creatures I know, yet with her he seems to have the patience of a saint. It took him two years of intense courting to persuade her on a date, and three more to allow him anywhere near her bedroom. For us, time has a different meaning yet I think she was able to consider this carefully before making a decision to trust my brother."

Elena shook her head softly. "I come from a family where marriage is a commitment, a promise, not merely a legal necessity. Caroline is the same, even though her parents did divorce and father was gay. It was something we have been brought up to dream about since we were little girls. It seems so foolish now, realising all the human social conventions. But there is still the human part of us that sometimes cannot resist wanting what we once did."

She understood it was more difficult for Elijah to grasp, considering he was a human such a long time ago but knew he would try to see where she was coming from. He nodded and kissed her gently.

"Why don't you give him the benefit of the doubt, help your best friend plan the wedding of her dreams to make her happy and I promise to teach you how to whittle in case my brother steps out of line?" he winked.

She chuckled and instantly relaxed. He always knew what to say to make her feel better. "Alright, you have yourself a deal, Mr Smith. Now, I need to get back to that blasted paper." she groaned and made to get up but instead found herself lying on the table, his strong frame hovering inches above her face.

"Not so fast, Miss Gilbert. I didn't have any breakfast yet and I find myself...hungry this morning." He purred close to her ear now.

She chuckled. "Is this when your true colours as a sexist nuisance are revealed and you ask me to make you a sandwich? Because I warn you, I do not take kindly to such manners." Elena drawled sarcastically but a gasp tore out of her throat the next moment as his hand shamelessly slipped into her shorts and stroked her nether lips gently.

He hummed softly as he felt the moisture gathering at her twitching entrance. "Now why would I disgrace my taste buds with a sandwich when I have this delicious spread ready for me right where I want it?" he whispered huskily into her ear as one of his long fingers slipped inside her quivering heat.

Her back arched off the table and he took the opportunity to rip the few buttons holding her shirt together before diving for her delicious rosy buds, begging for his attention already.

"Fuck, Elijah please..." she whimpered. It had been a whole week since he has taken pleasure from her and that was far too long for them both. Their heightened senses ensured that they could not get enough of each other and while her PhD was important to her, depriving them both off their pleasure has taken its toll on their control.

He loved hearing her swear in moments of passion, when he stripped her of all the careful control she had built around her body and heart. No one could make her scream the way he did and his male pride swelled at the thought as he pulled the shorts off her body and dived for the sweet nectar of desire. She was writhing in pleasure on top of the polished table, letting him claim her like no one had ever before. While the Salvatores may have treated her with tender care, he knew she was not made of porcelain and his tongue devoured her in the all consuming passion that came with their species.

A moan of completion slipped past her lips as his tongue laved her quivering inner muscles and drank her with relish as if it he did not need any other sustenance for life. She lay back, catching her breath, the intense pleasure still coursing through her veins when she felt him pressing inside her inch by glorious inch. She groaned, the feeling of being filled so perfectly would never get old.

Elijah slid home with a satisfied little growl, her wet heat tightened by her recent orgasm and he could no longer hold back his desire for her. "" he punctuated each word with a punishing thrust, touching her so deeply she was mewling with pleasure.

"I won't...just...please..." she moaned softly as he sped up his thrusts, her nails digging into his strong forearms as he practically bent her in half just to get as close to her as possible. The table was shaking slightly under the pressure of his immortal thrusts yet neither of them noticed as they fell into oblivion, the pleasure gripping them both in vice grip.

She was still trying to catch her breath when she felt Elijah's forehead press into her breast bone, her finger automatically finding his chestnut locks and carded through them soothingly. "We need this again sometime soon...I have always liked this table..." she chuckled, her breathing slowing down.

He chuckled against her heated skin and pressed a soft kiss into the valley between her soft breasts. "If you think I am done with you already, you are sorely mistaken..." he growled.

She cupped his cheek gently. "I'm sorry, my sweet Elijah. I just need to finish this PhD madness and then we can go on a holiday. Somewhere warm, for at least two weeks..." she suggested.

He kissed her tenderly. "I shall arrange it closer to the time. And you need to call Miss Forbes about the wedding preparations, you are not getting out of it." He chuckled at her slightly sour expression.

Her lips however turned into a devious smile the next moment. "I might need some more persuading before I commit myself to such madness." She sat up slowly, shrugging off the remains of her shirt, her legs still wrapped around his waist.

He raised an imperial eyebrow at her words, but his hands were already pulling her dripping core closer to his newly awakening manhood.

"I thought you needed to get back to your work." he teased, his blunt teeth nibbling on her shoulder.

"I might have to be persuaded into finishing that as well. You better get started Mr Smith." She purred, pressing her soft chest into his toned one, relishing the soft tickling feeling of his chest hair.

He picked her up effortlessly and carried her up into their bedroom to do just that, knowing she would not be seeing the papers for the rest of the day.

Henry picked Oscar up and carried the purring kitten into the house. "See, I know you can hear them as well as I do, but I doubt you really understand what they are actually doing. Don't get me wrong, they are both wonderful people, but I am so glad I won't have to spend eternity listening to THAT." He sighed slightly dramatically, a soft meow his only response.


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