Chapter 15: Two Graves Dug

I know some people think I'm evil for what I did at the end of last chapter, but this one should clear everything up. Yes Xander is being a B*****, but that's just how he is. I have planned that he'll get better. But let's get back Liam and Angelus. Enjoy.

Buffy went into the living room where Spike was coming out from.

"Hey." He said. "Why aren't you downstairs with little AJ?"

"He said that the spell was taking too long and told me to come up here to see what's going on." She replied.

"Really? Cause Willow literally just finished it and she's startin the other spell as we speak." Buffy looked confused. Why had Liam sent her up when Willow hadn't finished. She heard a scream and a loud thud coming from the basement. She turned around. "You hear that?" Spike asked.

"Yeah." They both ran.


"Hey there son." Angelus said smiling. He got up.

"Good to have you back." Liam said while he patted his 'fathers' arm.

"You had everyone fooled." Angelus said. "Even me. I thought that you might beat me to death for torturing you in the future."

"Well what can I say? The world's best actor taught me." They both laughed evilly. "I had to tell 'mom' that so she could feel sorry for me."

"Buff usually was the gullible type when it came to people she thought she could trust most."

"Tell me about it."

"Actually I want you to tell me…" he grabbed Liam by the throat. "How you think I am that gullible." Liam started to laugh. Angelus looked confused.

"I didn't think you were gullible." Liam gasped. "But if you kill me, you'll be right back where you started." Angelus held for a minute then let Liam go. Liam coughed. "I'm here for a reason dad. If you kill me now, soulboy's back and you won't be free for a long time." Angelus pondered this.

"Ok. You bought yourself so time. But if this is some trick…"

"Smell me, dad. Sense me. Can't you sense the demon inside me?" Angelus could smell it. His demon was out and he could smell it. He also could smell the human in him.

"You know there's human in you. I can smell that too."

"And when time comes, I'll fix that. But until then, let's deal with what we got." Angelus nodded in agreement.

"So the future isn't in peril is it?" Liam just shrugged. "So you came back so that you can bring together your family and we can raid, pillage, and plunder like any normal family." Liam chuckled. So did Angelus. "But I think I see a flaw in your plan. If I'm out now, how are you to be conceived in Buff if I only have one life and that's you older brother?"

"I'm not to be conceived until 2007. We got plenty of time come up with some plan."

"That we do." Angelus grabbed Liam around the shoulder bringing him in. "So son, what's the plan?" Liam smiled and then punched Angelus full force, knocking him into the wall. He grabbed him and pushed him against it. Similar to how Buffy had Angel in their spar match.

"Payback." Liam sneered and threw Angelus against the bars of the cage. He went over and started beating Angelus over and over. He pulled out his axe and knife. Angelus was disoriented from the beating.

"I knew you weren't all that evil." He said getting up.

"I'm more evil than you know." Liam plunged his axe into Angelus's shoulder, causing him to scream in pain. Liam took his knife and repeatedly stabbed Angelus in the abdomen. He dropped the knife and turned Angelus around, pinning him to the bars of the cage. "You believe in an 'eye for an eye' hunh?" Liam yelled through gritted teeth. Liam threw Angelus again against the opposite wall and started to beat him again. Angelus caught a fist and threw Liam off of him.

"And here I thought I didn't have an influence on you." Angelus said getting up.

"A small influence." Liam responded, but enough. He ran towards Angelus with lightning fast speed and rammed him into the wall. Angelus grabbed Liam and turned him around so that he was pinned to the wall.

"Don't like it when the shoes' on the other foot." Angelus sneered. Liam spat in his face and kicked him in the groin. Angelus crumpled to the floor. He took out the axe from Angelus's shoulder and used it to chop some wounds into him, making him yell with each thrust. Liam stopped and through the axe away. "Is the way you treat your own father?" Angelus snickered. Liam had enough. He bent down and started beating Angelus again. Buffy and Spike came into the basement and saw Liam attacking Angelus.

"Liam what are you doing?" Buffy asked in horror seeing her lover's body all beaten and bloody.

"You're not my father." He said as he punched him. "You're not my father." punch. "YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER." He yelled the last part and continued to punch. Buffy picked up the keys from the outside of the cage and tried tohurry to open them up. Liam kept punching Angelus with anger. All the years, waiting for Angelus to emerge to exact his revenge, was pouring out into each punch thrown. Angelus gasped and light filled his eyes as his soul returned. Liam noticed this and hesitated. Buffy saw this too. Angel was back. Almost immediately, Liam kept punching Angel. Buffy managed to unlock the cage and ran in to stop her son.

"Liam, he's gone." Buffy yelled while stopping him from punching anymore. "Your father's back. He's gone." Liam stopped punching and got up, staring at his father who had returned. Liam turned and scooped up his jacket and weapons and left the cell. Buffy returned to her lover who was regaining consciousness.

"Angel." She whispered.

"Buffy." He said. She saw him. In his chocolate brown eyes, she could see her lover was there. She smiled and kissed him.


The Scoobies were getting ready to leave. They all saw how beat up Angel was and though that he might have got out and Buffy beat him up. Xander wished that he was there to see it happen. They patched up Angel and gave him some blood for rapid healing.

"Willow, Tara." Buffy stopped her best friend and girlfriend. "Thank you guys so much."

"It was nothing Buffy," Willow said. "You and Angel deserve some happiness." She had a slight grin. Giles went up to Angel who was holding an ice pack to his face and drinking his second cup of blood.

"So what exactly happened?" he asked the vampire.

"I don't know. Liam unlocked the cage and my chains and when Angelus emerged, he started to beat him up. He said that Angelus tortured him in the future, so I'm guessing that it was payback."

"Reasonable." Giles smirked a little. He too wanted to beat up the demon that had tortured him so long ago. "What are you going to do about Liam?"

"I'm going to go talk to him. Father to son." Angel responded and handed the ice pack and cup to Giles. "If Buffy asks, tell her where I've gone but don't follow." Angel left the mansion without telling Buffy. He needed to talk to his son alone. Buffy told him about Liam staying at his old apartment, so Angel headed there.


Liam had returned to his apartment and immediately put on Sleepsong. This song always calmed him after bad day. Today wasn't really bad, but he saw the demon that had brought his whole family hell from one time to another. He wished that he had more time with him. Just so that he could dealt all the pain that Angelus had inflicted upon innocent people back onto him. He sat on his bed while the song played. After it finished he played it again. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Liam said. He would usually ask who it was, but he had a feeling who it was going to be. He was surprised when it turned out to be his father who came in. "Hey."

"Hey." Angel responded and closed the door. "I think we should talk."

"What is there to talk about? Angelus tortured me, I got payback. End of story."

"Yeah, but it seemed like there's more to it." Angel came over and sat beside Liam. "Liam, you're my son. I know when there's more that's bothering you then what you tell."

"You've only known that I was you son for 24 hours."

"Maybe, but a lot can happen in that time." Liam bowed his head. "Tell me what's wrong." Liam lifted his head and sighed.

"I was 15 when I first met Angelus. Drusilla got a demon shaman to take your soul away. Before Willow casted the spell to put your soul back, Angelus kidnapped me and Kathy and tortured us so that we could be his children instead of yours. He failed, but not before he brought out our inner demons somewhat." He paused. "The rest was brought out by you." Angel was stunned. He would actually willingly bring out his children demons?

"How? Why?"

"Your death is the answer to both of those questions." Angle just stared. "It was a few months later. On our sixteenth birthday. Usually an age to party and have fun. Not for us."


Night Time

Summers home, Los Angles

February 3, 2024

Sixteen candles on two different colored cakes were blown out at the same time. Everyone started to clap. Liam and Kathy were celebrating their sixteenth birthdays.

"Ok. Now presents." Kathy said excitedly. "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme."

"What's the magic word?" Angel playfully sang.

"Now or die?" Liam teased.

"Please." Kathy corrected. Angle smiled. His two kids were growing up, looking more like their parents every day. He hoped that Buffy was watching, seeing her kids all grown up now.

"Here." Connor, their 'way' older brother gave them each a present. They tore off the wrapping paper and he sat in awe at the new IPhones that they had just received.

"Awesome. " Liam said. "Thanks."

"Thank you" Kathy said and hugged her older brother. He hugged back with a smile.

"OK my turn." Dawn came over and gave each of them a gift. They tore off the paper and looked at the books that Dawn had given them.

"Books?" Liam asked.

"Journals, for every one of your adventures. They're from your Uncle Xander and myself." Dawn responded.

"Yeah." Xander began. "Sorry for them though. It was a little last minute deal."

"Hey I kept reminding you dad." Said Collin. He looked a lot like his father. He always wore jeans and had a ball cap on everywhere he went. "Here's mine." He handed them a small present. They opened it and it was the new Call of Duty for their Xbox that they shared.

"Awesome" Liam said again. "Thanks."

"I never get tired of Call of Duty." Kathy said.

"Well I wanted to get you guys something that would top my dad's idea." Collin explained.

"It's ok" Liam said.

"Unless dad lets us go out on patrols, our journals are going to be really short accounts." Kathy said.

"When you're 18." Angel said.

"My turn." Gunn came over with a big gift for the both of them. They tore of the paper together and opened a box that held two small axes and matching knives on a belt system.

"Now this is what I'm talking about." Liam exclaimed in satisfaction. Angel gave Gunn a look.

"What?" He said. "For when they actually do go on patrol and they have something to practice with until then." Angel rolled his eyes.

"Our turn." Willow sang. She and her daughter 'Danni' came over with a gift for the booth of them. They opened it up to reveal magic spell books for beginners.

"We figured since mom started learning magic at around sixteen, you guys should too." Said Danni. Danni was about two years younger than the twins. She had red hair like her mother and too wore jeans, but they were usually tight and she always wore a tank top. Her mother wanted her to be noticed by the boys since she was an outcast in high school. Plus Danni felt comfortable in these clothes.

"Thank you." Kathy hugged Danni. Even being considered cousins, they were closer than sisters.

"Now for us." Spike said coming over with his son Bill. Bill was about four years younger than the twins but Liam considered him his best friend out of all. Kathy and Liam opened up the box they gave, to reveal a picture of the original Scooby Gang and AI team after Angel got back together with their mother. They saw everyone there. Their mother and father hugging each other. Willow, Xander, Dawn, Gunn, Spike, Faith, Connor, and some other people who were there at the time. The twins smiled at their favorite uncle. They hugged him without even saying a thank you. They poured it all into that hug. Liam pulled away and hugged Bill. It was a really great gift.

"Now for the father." Angel said and pulled out a big box for Liam and a little box for Kathy. They each took their respective boxes and opened them. Kathy opened up her box to reveal the cross necklace that once belonged to her mother. She had loved the necklace since she was child and always wanted to have it in memory of her mother since she looked so much like her. She rushed over to her father and hugged him tight. He hugged back with a smile. Liam opened his gift and it was his father's overcoat that he usually wore. Liam cheered in delight. He always wanted to dress like his father because he was just that cool to Liam. He put it on in a second and posed. Everyone laughed and cheered at the spitting image of Angel before them. Liam hugged his father.

"Ok smile." Willow said as she held up a camera. The family got together in the picture. Liam on one side of his father in his coat, Kathy on the other wearing the necklace. They all smiled as Willow took the picture. After the picture was taken, they all heard glass break and an arrow hit Angel in the heart. They all stood in shock. Angel looked down at the arrow, then back up at his family. A second later, he turned to dust.

"Daddy!" Kathy screamed.

"It came from outside." Connor said looking through the broken window into the night. "I see the person. I'm going after them." he said angrily.

"Wait for us." Gunn said. He, Xander, Spike, and Connor all grabbed weapons and headed out. Dawn held Kathy as she cried for her father. Willow held Liam who was just staring at the pile of dust that was his father. Danni had tears in her eyes and held Bill as he cried. Collin was stunned at the sight and just stood. Dawn had tears falling form her eyes hearing her niece's cries. Willow had tears forming but they didn't fall. They waited for the rest of the gang to come back. It had been half an hour and still no reply. Kathy had calmed down so what but she was still crying. Liam hadn't shed a single tear since that party went south. All he felt was anger and hate for the man or men responsible. Gunn and Xander came back looking pale. Everyone gathered around them wanting to know what happened.

"What happened?" Liam demanded. They said nothing. "Where's Spike?"

"Where's Connor?" Kathy asked standing next to her brother. Gunn and Xander looked to the floor and the back up at them.

"Dammit guys what happened?" Liam was getting angry.

"We followed Connor, chasing after the man who did this." Xander finally said.

"Must have gone about three blocks before…" Gunn trailed off.

"Before what?" Liam demanded.

"There was a gunshot." Gunn said. This made everyone stare wide eyed at the two.

"Sniper" Xander clarified. "Headshot. Spike is with the police now."

"You mean…"Kathy said through newly fresh tears. "Connor…" They nodded their heads. She immediately broke down. He fell to the floor with Dawn holding her. Both were crying their hearts out. Collin walked to his father and hugged him as he sobbed. Danni leaned into her mother as she cried too. Liam just stood, staring as Bill walked up to him and hugged him. He hugged back by habit. Today was supposed to be a great day for him and his sister. Instead, their worlds fell apart with the death of their father and brother. They were orphans now. Not adults yet, and they were orphans. Things couldn't get much worse in Liam's world.


Present day

Sunnydale, California

Liam's apartment

"But they did later on." Liam said, just finishing the story. Angel sat in shock. "After the funerals, Kathy and I trained with Spike and Dawn and Xander and Gunn and Willow. Learning everything we could so that we could fight these bastards that took you and mom and Connor way from us." They sat there in silence not talking. Angel absorbed everything that happened. Buffy had told him about how Liam told her how she died and why Liam was so distant from her. Now he understands that Liam was tortured by Angelus and that he died just a few months later. Liam was probably so traumatized.

"I'm sorry." Angel said finally.

"It's not your fault." Liam said. "For a while I hated you because I heard about how you could catch a bolt with your hands. You were probably too distracted by your own kids to even concentrate on the bolt." After a beat. "Ironic. Mom died the same way. Being distracted by her own kids."

"Hey." Angel said getting his son's attention. "Don't go around blaming yourself for our deaths. You had no direct or indirect part in it." Liam nodded his head. While he did believe on a level, he still blamed himself on another. "Who were the guys that killed us anyway?" Angel asked curiously. Liam pulled out a coin from his pocket and handed it to his father. Angel looked at the coin. It was a gold coin with a black crow on it and the letter HW on the crow. "HW. Wolfram and Hart." Liam nodded again.

"Wolfram and Hart was practically destroyed in the future. But there were still remnants so that they could rebuild. They had a plan going for about thirty years. Take out you and mom and Connor and some of the Scooby Gang to make way for the apocalypse. They created 'The Crows' to take out any and all opposition. They're good. Real good. We'd be lucky if we got out of a fight with them alive."

"But your mother told me how you were able to stop twenty or thirty of them before."

"Because they didn't plan on me attacking them the way I did. Plus they have reserves like everywhere ready to come in on any notice. But they didn't here. The need them more in the future to ensure that the apocalypse sticks." Liam looked back at the floor.

"There's no way to stop them." Angel said after a beat

"There can be if I finish my work here. And I have yours and mom's help in it."

"I hope your plan is to kill them." Angel said darkly. "Cause that's my plan."

"It's my plan too. But you're not going to be a part of it until I say so." Angle looked at his son. "Dad, one of the things that I was told in the future is that when Kathy and I were born, you killed anyone and anything that threatened us. Humans and demons. Some of the gang got scared because they thought you were going to be Angelus. How you acted in the future is exactly what your team wanted to pull you away from. You can't fight evil with evil. Otherwise you'll just end up with evil. You have to stay good to beat evil back. Don't think that your soul being bound, gives you an excuse to do whatever you want. I can do a lot of things, doesn't mean I should do them. You shouldn't either. After mom died you reverted back to the Angel that everyone knew and loved. He was my father." Liam put a hand on his father's shoulder. "You are my father. Stay my father." They both smiled and then enveloped each other in a hug.

"I promise I'll stay who I am." Angel promised.

"Thank you dad." Liam said back. They pulled away after a minute and looked at each other. From someone's point of view, they looked like twins. But it was really father and son.

"So how did you fool Angelus with the demon sense anyway?"

"Like I said dad, the demon's there. Angelus brought some of it, you brought out the rest. I just learned to control it in the future."

"Oh. Ok. That could come in handy."

"Like it hasn't already." They both laughed. Then Angel then looked quizzical. "What is it dad?"

"Spike has a son?" Angel asked. Liam nodded. Angel burst out laughing more. Liam rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Who would breed with Spike, let alone marry him?" he kept laughing.

"Someone who found love like you did." Angel stopped laughing but had a smirk. Liam looked serious. "I'm not saying who they are, but if it wasn't for them dad, I wouldn't be the man I am today." Angel stopped smirking and looked at his son. "Spike and my aunt saved me from being exactly how you were when you went down your dark path. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have saved so many people, following in your footsteps." Angel was surprised by how Spike had such an influence on his son in the future. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you would stop berating Spike. He is actually a good guy when you take the time to know him. I'd also appreciate it if you would take the time to do just that." Liam looked at his father sternly. Angel was not only surprised at how Spike influenced his son into this man before him, but also how his son defended him like he was family. On a level, he was family, and Angel made him that. It probably wouldn't kill Angel to try and get along with Spike. Or it probably would. But if Liam said that they get along in the future and Spike took care of Liam after his death, then Spike had to be an ok guy.

"Alright. I'll try." Angel relented. "What I can't figure out is how Spike has a son."

"Dad, do I need to give you the birds and the bees?" Liam joked.

"No. I mean I get you and Connor and Kathy through outside forces. Does that happen to Spike?"

"I'm not saying anything. All I'm asking is that you get along with him."

"Ok." Angel smiled at his son and Liam smiled back. His son has really come along in the future. And Angel wants to see it all happen. He looked around the tiny apartment that they were in. "You know, this place is kinda small."

"Yeah. It's everything I need really. I don't really do big stuff. Too much room and I don't do a lot."

"Oh….So you wouldn't want to move into the mansion with me." Angel felt a little disappointed.

"Well…if asked I would."


"Yeah. I mean I prefer this place, but I'll move in if you really want me too."

"That would be great."

"Ok" Liam patted his fathers back and Angel winced in pain. "Sorry"

"It's ok. Come on. Let's get back before your mother starts freaking out."

Liam and Angel arrived back at the mansion where Buffy was pacing, waiting impatiently for them. When they entered she looked sternly at the both of them.

"Well I hope you guys have explanations for the way you both acted." She said to the both of them. They stood there, looking confused. "Why did Liam attack his father? Why did he leave immediately afterwards? Why did Angel leave and not tell me?" she was getting angry. The men looked at each other before looking back at the angry woman standing before them.

"Cliff notes" Liam said. "I hate Angelus."

"Angelus tortured him. "Angel added.

"I wanted payback."

"He got payback."

"Left to cool my head."

"Went after him."

"We talked."

"We hugged."

"We're good." Buffy just stared at the two.

"Ok." She finally said. She seemed to calm down after that but still looked upset at the both of them. She looked to Angel. "Angel how are you feeling?"

"Fine." He answered. My wounds are healing fast. So I should be good by tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight if I have more cup of blood."

"Sorry about that." Liam said again.

"It's ok. You did it to Angelus so that makes me smile." Angel laughed. As did Buffy and Liam. "Also I don't hear him in my head anymore." He paused and smiled again. "It's kinda nice to have some peace for once."

"That's why I came back." Liam said. They all looked happy. "So what's on the agenda for tonight?" Buffy looked down and shifted her feet. Angel did the same. Since Angel's soul was bound and they don't have to worry about a curse, they both wanted the same thing. Liam noticed this. "Ok, I get it. "Liam turned to leave. "If you need me, I'll be somewhere else." He turned back to them. "Try not to need me."

"Oh we won't" Buffy said with a grin. Angel grinned turn.

"Ok, ew." Liam said. "I can't believe I'm asking this but, do you guys have protection?" Buffy held up a box of condoms that she got before coming over to bind Angel's soul. "That makes you in charge of teaching him. I'm outta here." He turned and left. Angel looked at Buffy and Buffy looked back. Both of them had lust in their eyes. Angel came forward and kissed Buffy and picked her up. He winced a little through his injuries but they were minor now after some rest. Buffy kissed back and wrapped her arms and legs around Angel. They didn't stop until the got to the bedroom. Then they started again when they were nude. Even with a few wounds, it was perfect happiness for the both of them, many times that night.


Angel woke next morning with a warmth in his arms. He opened his eyes to find Buffy sleeping soundly. Last night was the best night he ever had. He was with the woman that he loved, he was going to have two sons and a daughter, and he didn't have to worry about some stupid curse. He felt perfect happiness finally since his night with Buffy on her birthday few years ago. And nothing was going to tear it away from him. He had his son to make sure of it and he and his 'girlfriend' were going to help. They were a family. They were together.

So here's the end of the chapter. Angel's soul is bound and he is happy. Now, for next chapter, I can either go back to the canon, or I could make another non-canon chapter about Angels and Buffy's first date with Liam influence. I can do either one. But I wanna know what you guys might want. Review and Comment. I love what you guys are saying about this story. Stay tuned."