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New Olympia was seldom quiet. A city of constant activity, one time flowed directly onto another, and there was little distinction between day and night – in terms of noise, at least. The early evening was punctuated with blaring music and traffic noises, drowning the cityscape in a blur of noise.

Strangely, the evening was quiet. Too quiet, almost melodramatically. There was a change in the air.

Sipping a cheap coffee from a Styrofoam cup and flicking through the day's newspaper, the Oracle looked up from the headlines as a shadow fell over his small street-side stall. Though his mortal form was physically blind, his inner senses alerted him to the identity of the figure before him. He smiled.

"It has been a long while, god of time."

Stepping closer, the figure laughed. "I've been busy, Oracle. Surely you know that?" He gripped the sides of the stall, the steel threatening to buckle under his strength.

"You know why I'm here," Cronus hissed. "Is it over? Is the prophecy complete?"

The Oracle sighed and removed his glasses, revealing his iris-less blue eyes. In his palms, he conjured a circle of glowing energy. He studied the orb for a few moments, ignoring the penetrating stare of the god of time.

"I see a time of uncertainty," the Oracle announced slowly. "Perhaps if I were to look closer, I could give you a definite outcome."

Cronus shook his head. "That won't be necessary." From the interior of his suit, he withdrew his golden scythe. "Can't you see why I'm here, Oracle?"

"You've come to kill me?" The Oracle almost sounded surprised. "To prevent any more prophecies, I assume?" He shook his head darkly, disgust dripping from his voice. "I thought you to be a better man, Cronus."

The god shrugged. "I'm not a man." Then, locking eyes with the Oracle, he raised his scythe upward, summoning all his power into the gold weapon. And then, with a cry, he brought it down again, aiming for the Oracle's disbelieving eyes.