"What does he think he's doing talking to that moron." Seething with rage, Mandy watched as Billy mingled with some the superficial girl from the class. The paper with the assignment for the day destroyed, clenched in her fist.

Billy looked over at Mandy when he heard the sound of paper ruffling, to see Mandy failing to contain her anger. Being the only person capable of soothing the beast, which was Mandy's unbridled anger, he thought to excuse himself.

"That's so awesome, but there's this thing I've got to talk to Mandy about, so I'll talk to you later." Attempting to excuse himself from the conversation, Billy halted by the arm.

"Before you go, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out on Saturday." She smiled releasing his arm.

"Sorry, Mandy told me we were going to see some movie on saturday." Truthfully, couldn't recall the movie, he only remembered how adamant she had been about going.

"Why do you always do what she wants?" Obviously growing upset.

"Yikes, calm down, she's my best friend, so I've got no problems doing whatever she wants. " With that, he walked over to the desk to the left of where Mandy sat. He could almost feel the aura of rage that surrounded the girl.

"What?" She spat the words as if they tasted bad.

"You need anything Mandy?" He said sitting down taking note of the papers on her desk "A stress ball, maybe?"

"Are you sure you can talking to me while your bratty girlfriend is watching?" She sneered as she propped up her head with her hand, and turned away. Clearly, not as angry as she once was she was still far from the apathy she usually displayed.

"Girlfriend?" He replied grimaced. "Is that why your mad?"

"Mad?" She sneers disgusted that he would even contemplate speaking such idiotic words. "The feeble-minded idea that i would be jealous of anyone is something only your pea sized brain could even-"

"Mandy, calm down" He threw his hands up, as if to show he was harmless. "Why are getting so upset I only asked a question, do you actually like me?"

"If you stopped talking for a second, and listened to what I'm saying you'd know that there is no was in any possible dimension I would ever feel any-"

"Understood, Mandy, these no need to continue."

"W-what?" Stammering, realizing she'd probably been a bit over the top she attempted to apologize.

"I'm sure already knew," He replied wincing "but I feel weird hearing it said out loud." He attempted to leave, but was again halted.

"Billy?" She said loud enough to get arouse the attention the aforementioned girl gossiping behind them with her friends.

"Uh, y-yes Mandy?" He stammered questioning himself on what he had done on evoke her wrath.

Standing now over the still sitting boy she asked looking directly into his eyes. "Who's your best friend?"

"Y-you." He responded visibly afraid

"Who's the smartest person you know?"


"Who's your Boss, your lord, your Mistress?"


*smack* "Who!?" She said beginning to lose her cool, and in that moment Billy understood.

"You are." He replied staring up at her

"Hey! You can't just hit hi-" One girl started to say

"Shut up." Mandy cut her off calmly " Billy, who do you fear, and love, more than any person or thing in the universe?"

"Your just scaring h-"

"Mandy." Billy said smiling placing his hand over the one that had a vice grip on his shirt. When she released it, his fingers slid in-between her own.

"Good boy." Placing her free hand on the back of his neck, she brought her face to his. " Here's your reward." She added before closing the gap between their faces.

"Thank you." he said lowering his head

"Thank you what?" She grabbed his jaw.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Your welcome," She released her grip "don't forget who you belong to." She glared at the girl Billy had talked to just moments ago.

The school bell rings and Ms. Butterbean rises from her drunken slumber. "OK class that'll be all for today."

"I agree, let's go."

"Heh, you got it Mandy!" He said as he grabbing her hand and pulling her out the classroom.