Hola! So I know that this has nothing at all to do with the actual story of Jace and Clary or TMI but I really wanted to do this story it just got stuck in my head. Anyway I hope you guys like it. Oh yeah and Clarys 17 in this as well as Jace, and Isabelle but Jonathan and Alec are 18. Just wanted to let you know

Btw Disclaimer: I don't own TMI any CC any musicals I may mention in this including Rock Of Ages, Les Miserables, and Next To Normal.

Clary shifted in the uncomfortable plane seats. She put her earphones in her ears and turned on her music, she shuffled through her playlist until she came across her 'Musical' playlist. She pressed the play button and closed her eyes as 'another day' from 'Next To Normal.' She hummed along trying to ignore the annoyed looks from people trying to sleep around her. She looked at the small TV screen in front of her. It signaled that there was only a half hour until the plane reached New York. Clary was moving to New York from Toronto, to live with her mother, Jocelyn and her brother, Jonathan.

She pulled her earphones out of her ears as a stewardess gave her a rather pointed look as the pilot announced that they were to be landing and all electronics had to be turned off. She gripped the arms of her chair as the plane began its descend, she never really liked heights or planes for that matter. Clary tried to think about what was going to happen when she got to New York. A couple of months ago Clary had gone on a music trip to New York with her music class at school, while she was there she saw an advertisement for auditions for 'Les Miserable.' She went on her free time to audition, almost as a joke; she never thought that a couple of weeks later she would get a call from the producer saying that she got the part of Eponine. So she packed her life up and got on a plane to New York. She started rehearsal the next day and she was so excited. Even though she was going to miss her dad a lot she was also excited to see her mom and Jonathan again.

Her parents had gotten a divorce when she was only 13, Jonathan had gone with their mum to live in New York and Clary had stayed with her dad, Valentine. She was pulled out of her thoughts when the plane hit the ground at JFK airport, once the plane had stopped in front of a terminal she stood up and grabbed her bag form underneath the seat in front of her and pulled the strap over her shoulder. Getting off the plane was awful, the line of annoyed and angry people that complained about the wait made clary want to pluck her eyelashes out, after that getting through security and customs was easy. She walked into the welcoming area with her suitcase trailing behind her she looked around for any sign of her mother or brother. A giant sign that read 'Welcome to New York Clary!' got her attention. Her eyes travelled down the arms holding the sign to a fiery pile of red hair that looked exactly like Clarys that was sitting on top of the head of Clarys mother. Clary squealed and ran over to her. She threw her arms around her mum's neck and hugged her, they stayed like that for a minute making up for all of the time they've missed.

'Clary! I've missed you so much! How have you been? How was the flight?'

Clary laughed, 'wow mum calm down, I missed you too! The flight was long and boring.'

Jocelyn laughed, she took Clarys suitcase from her as they walked down the hallway to the parking lot.

'Where's Jonathan?'

'Oh he had to pick up a friend so he said he would meet us at home.'

Clary nodded. They got to the parking lot of the airport and hailed a cab. They piled into the back and chatted for the duration of the ride back to their apartment. It was an industrial loft just a couple of blocks away from the beginning of the Broadway area, which was convenient for Clary seeing as she would be there every day. Jocelyn showed her around the apartment, which was big and spacious, then brought her to her room and left her to unpack. Jonathan was not home yet but Jocelyn assured Clary that he would be home soon. She was glad; she really missed him.

Clary pulled out her iPod and plugged her earphones in, sticking them in her ears again. She turned back on her musical playlist. She started to hum along to 'superboy and the invisible girl' as she put away her things. Her humming escalated to full out singing as she got more into the song. She moved around her new room, which was painted a pale blue; her favourite color. She had her back turned to her door as she rummaged through her bag when two muscular arms wrapped around her waist. She shrieked and turned around, pulling the earphones out of her ears as she went.

'Jonathan? Jonathan!' she laughed and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and wrapping her arms around his neck. He laughed and swung her around. He put her down and hugged her again.

'Clare bear! Broadway huh? You're outshining me again.'

Clary blushed and looked down. 'It's not a big deal.'

'Big deal? Clary you're 17 and going to be on Broadway! That's awesome! And now we get our Clare bear back.'

Clary smiled at him again when she noticed someone move behind him. She looked over Jonathan's shoulder slightly and he got the message.

'Oh right sorry, Clary this is my friend Jace. Jace this is my sister Clary, she just moved from Toronto to be on Broadway.' He stated proudly.

The boy, Jace smirked. 'Funnily enough I got that.'

Clary laughed. 'Nice to meet you.'

He just nodded his head at her. She took a moment to study him when he wasn't looking. He had blonde hair that fell around his neck and golden eyes. He was a polar opposite to Jonathan who had black hair and almost black eyes. The only thing they shared in similarities was their height. They were both probably around 6'2 whereas Clary was a dainty 5'4.

'we have a lot to catch up on Clare Bear, but we'll let you get settled in first.' Jonathan wrapped her in a hug again. 'it's really great to see you.'

Clary smiled as they left the room, she turned around and put her music back on and resumed her humming.

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