On the tower of Olympus, there lived twelve greek gods and goddesses. Everyday was.. highly interesting!

Hades looked from the top and down onto the foolish mortals down far below. He smirked his usual smirk.

"Zeus, come look! That guy is building you a statue!

He looked at that statue far down below next to the vast mountains and the hills. He squinted and glared. The statue showed a man of puny proportions. "WHAT!? MY BUTT LOOKS MUCH MORE FIRM THAN THAT. IM EVEN MORE MUSCULAR THAN THAT !"

He angrily veered and whipped up a thunderbolt and prepared to throw it at the statue, before Athena came over.

Zeus and Hades froze up. Athena!

Athena glared at them. "What do you think you are doing firing A BOLT AT MY TEMPLE!

Zeus took a glance back. Indeed. The location was near Athena's temple. He said "This wasn't what it looks like!"

"Oh? So do explain." Athena gave him a second. "THIS MEANS WAR!" She vanished into thin air. Zeus looked at Hades. "This is all YOUR fault!"

Hades groaned, "Ugh.". He tooked a sharp turn rolling his eyes. "I am SO out of here."

Hades slinked away.

The next day Zeus founded that all his olives rotted.