Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yes, it's another one of those stories. Multiple chapters, continuous chapters, takes place in Seaside Hill... but the plus is that it's for Pokemon, and it stars Relicanth. And it all started with a picture. If I wanted, I would have just called it Relicanth's Soggy Pretzel, but that's being a bit too obvious. Enjoy!

Relicanth was in the western side of the ever so popular and tropical Seaside Hill, being right next to the sandy beach as he had a nice yellow shack that stood up among the green grass and orange checkerboard hills by the seaside, with the outside being colored yellow and the inside being all blue colored. He had a showcase glass containing several soggy pretzels, all of them right out of the pretzel machine, with Relicanth using his water attacks to make them soggy.

"I've been in the business for years." Relicanth remarked as he nodded his head slowly, mumbling to himself as he was making more pretzels, with it being morning in Seaside Hill. "And I always had these nice and cheap for all the friendly customers. After all..." He chuckled to himself as he shook his head. "You Relican't beat these prices! Oh ho ho ho!"

A young female Finneon swam up towards the pretzel stand, flopping up and down as she wanted a soggy pretzel. "Excuse me, Mr. Relicanth, can I have a regular, soggy pretzel?"

"Why of course, young girl," Relicanth kindly remarked as he opened up the pretzel machine, taking a well finished salty pretzel and spitting water at it, handing the young Finneon it. "That'll be 150 Pokedollars."

Finneon reached in her right fin as she pulled out a bright yellow coin, handing it to Relicanth in exchange for the soggy pretzel. She giggled as she hugged the soggy pretzel, thanking Relicanth. "Oh thank you, Mr. Relicanth!" She then headed back to the sea, munching on her soggy pretzel on the way back.

Relicanth chuckled as he placed the yellow coin inside his grey cash register, closing it as he looked out towards the ocean. "Ahh, to serve all these fine, young folks with my delicious, soggy pretzels... it warms my ancient, rocky heart, it does..."

"Is that the only thing you have to say?" Lumineon spoke up as she fluttered her big butterfly like fins.

"Well, uh, technically uh... yeah." Relicanth spoke back as he shook his head. "There's not much you can do to make a simple statement complicated."

"Well that's not what the script says," Lumineon said as she then held a copy of the script for 'The Soggy Pretzel'.

"Let me see that." Relicanth demanded as he took the script, going right through it as he shook his head. "All this nonsense... rated T? Rubbish!" He then used a water pulse on the script, following by using rock slide. "I don't need to have raunchy stuff to get myself some attention. Why, I think going by a more kid friendly rating will do me well!"

"If you insist." Lumineon shrugged as much as she could with her fins, proceeding to leave Relicanth to enjoy his soggy pretzels in peace, with the story not exactly going as it was initially planned.