Relicanth sighed as he noticed that there weren't as much people dropping by his Soggy Pretzel stand. He shrugged, understanding that there were new shops and venues that were attracting more customers.

"Hmm, not as many people wanting to have some soggy pretzels lately," He commented as he nodded his head. "Oh well. Not that I'm complaining. I got all the time in the world."

Dry Bowser walked by Relicanth's Soggy Pretzel stand, turning around and inspecting the pretzel shop as he folded his skeletal arms together. "So, I see that you sell pretzels here."

"Soggy pretzels, yes." Relicanth corrected as he lifted his head up, to see Dry Bowser, even though his eyes were always permanently closed.

Dry Bowser rubbed his skeletal chin with his left skeletal hand. "Do tell, how much can I get for a bunch?"

Relicanth counted as he offered Dry Bowser five soggy pretzels. "Well, for five of these, I accept 750 pokedollars."

Dry Bowser then revealed a bright, priceless blue gem. "Will this do? I found it while I was exploring the Jungle Japes," He commented on.

Relicanth nodded his head as he took the blue gem, looking at how bright it was. "My, this does make a fine piece of jewelry..." He nodded his head as he allowed Dry Bowser to take the five soggy pretzels. "I accept! Enjoy those delicious, soggy pretzels, my fine skeleton!"

Dry Bowser chuckled as he held all of the five soggy pretzels, continuing westward as Relicanth looked for a place in his soggy pretzel stand to put his new blue gem, knowing that it would make the place much prettier and stand out more.