Hello there! So this is my second story, my first one is still in progress, but I had this idea and I was just anxious to try it. I'm kinda thinking this should just be a few chapters long. I've seen in many fanfictions that people like to leave Beast Boy and Raven alone a lot. Also I've read in lots of stories of Raven being afraid of thunderstorms. I'm not sure if that was really true in the show, but I like the idea so I think I'll use it in this story. Anyways, here it is! Please review if you can!

Chapter 1:

It was a stormy night, the heavy rain pouring down, the thunder roaring. The five Teen Titans were all sitting on the couch, watching TV. However the show they were watching proved to be boring.

"I think I'm gonna go to my room. See you guys later." Robin said, getting up from the couch and heading to his room.

"I shall also return to my sleeping quarters." Starfire said, flying out of the room.

"And I gotta work on our new security system." Cyborg said, also getting up, leaving Beast Boy and Raven alone in the room. Raven read her book quietly, as Beast Boy stared at the TV.

"Man this show couldn't be worse." He laughed to himself. He turned to look at Raven, who looked like her book wasn't entertaining her either. He shut the television off, and stretched out on the couch. He looked out the window, when another bolt of lightning lit up the sky. It was followed by a loud sound of thunder. His head turned to his right when he heard Raven gasp. She was gripping her book tighter, and for a brief moment, she looked absolutely terrified. She looked so scared he actually became very worried for a second.

"You okay Raven?"

"Huh, what? Of course. The thunder just startled me."

"Okay then." He sighed. He was beyond bored. He stared outside again. More lightning flashed and more thunder sounded. He was startled as something grabbed him and held on to him tightly. He turned his head and found Raven with her arms around him, shaking.

"Uh Rae?"

Raven released him and turned her body away from him. She could tell she was blushing, and tried her best to hide it.

"Sorry" she said quietly.

"Why do you keep getting freaked out? Are you scared of thunder?"

"I'm not scared."

"Then why'd you hug me for protection?" Beast Boy winked at her.

This made Raven blush, so she turned her body even more to hide the red that was reappearing on her face. More thunder and lightning roared, making Raven jump. She was now leaning up against Beast Boy, holding his arm for comfort.

"You are so scared! You have to be if you're coming to me for protection!"

"Are you saying you are incapable of protecting me?"

"No! You just never come to me for comfort."

Thunder and lightning flashed again, and suddenly the lights in the common room went off. Raven was sitting in Beast Boy's lap, clinging to him.

"Don't say anything." She said, with her eyes narrowed. She stood up and went to the common room doors.

"Let's find the others and see how long it'll take to have this fixed."

She tried opening the doors, but they wouldn't budge. She started banging on the doors, then eventually used her powers to try to get them to open. Nothing worked. Beast Boy noticed a pile of papers on the kitchen counter and started examining them.

"Rae, stop trying to destroy the doors, it's not going to work. Look, it's the papers for the new security system Cyborg installed. It says that during power outages, all doors will automatically lock. It also says that the ceilings, walls, and floors are power proof."

"Fantastic. I'll call Cyborg and see how long we won't have power." Raven pulled out her communicator and called Cyborg. Beast Boy stood next to her and watched.

"Hey Rae! Can I help you?"

"How long until the power comes back on?" Raven snapped. She wasn't happy about this. Not one bit. First of all, there was a thunderstorm going on outside. Which she admitted in her head, terrified her. Second, of all the people she could be locked in a room with, it had to be Beast Boy.

"According to my scanners, not till morning. Don't worry, I'm working on getting the power back sooner, but so far it looks like you'll be alone for a while."

"Unfortunately I won't be alone" Raven sighed.

"'Cause I'm here!" Beast Boy poked his head next to Raven so Cyborg could see.

Cyborg tried holding back his laughter. "Well, uh, good luck with that. See ya!" and the screen went blank.

"Don't worry Rae, I'll protect you," Beast Boy winked at her again. She gave him a glare and he backed away.

"Just sit quietly until morning and don't bother me."

"Fine. But if the storm scares you again, feel free to come to me."

So feel free to tell me what you think. I'll try to update soon! Thanks for reading! :)