This is my and my brother wepons form etc.


Wepon(s): Lightsaber

Crush: None for now.

Likes:Like to scare his sissy sometime. Like to be a guest and call himself *Icecream.

Dislikes: When mices hurt his sissy altho he never on, Trolls.


Wepon(s): Eletro Whips

Crush: None

Likes: Like to scare other who try to hurt his friends/family, Transformers, Transformers music, Dupstep.

Dislikes:Hate who hate Transformers and Dupstep. Their stren parent...


Wepon(s): Hidden Blades and Invisable Cloak

Crush: None

Likes: To be quiet, Relex and play Nomal.

Dislikes: Bootcamp.

Eeveepanda(Older Sister)

Wepon(s): Meet later, Maple Story Axe.

Crush: None

Likes: Her Friends and family.

Dislikes: Being Evil.