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Pairing: Sherry x Jake, side Leon x Ada.


Dashing down the path of the unknown was a tall male looking to be in his twenties, his slender legs pumping him forward at full speed. His rough appearance was to be acknowledged as his crystal blue orbs darted about, searching for an escape route. Yet there was none. The man's labored breathing was beginning to come out in huffs but there was no time for him to gather his bearings, as the sound of his pursuers hit his ear drums.

Letting out a cuss the man dove behind a garbage can just as an onslaught of bullets whizzed through the air where he had once been. Furrowing his eyebrows in irritation, a calloused and battle scarred hand shoved a clip into a pistol; the sleek gun fitting like a puzzle piece. "Eat this you assholes!" He shouted in an edged voice while his body maneuvered from its hiding place, his limbs landing him in a crouch. A digit was instantly shoving down the trigger and killer precision had the hot metal ammunition piercing through skulls; sickening crunches following the action.

Blood splattered and foreign tongues called out.

A satisfied simper was soon taking form on the chiseled face of the mercenary, his fingers flicking his trusty weapon into a holster. Jake Muller just couldn't get over the irony of it all. "Heh, looks like I've got some work to do. Damn, thought I finally had a vacation comin'." He mused lightly to himself, his hardened eyes taking in the flaming bodies of the j'avo. The image was becoming a little too familiar.

Shaking his head swiftly, Jake continued down his desired path, his boots thudding as quietly as possible over the land. Any sound louder than necessary could easily send a wave of enemies on his heels. So while moving one step at a time, the young adult slid his icicle paired hues over every nook and cranny, searching for any sign of life, whether it be from an enemy or a certain blonde. When he spotted nothing out of the ordinary the twenty-one year old let out a weary sigh, his shoulders slumping ever so subtly. "Come on, where are you super girl?"


Two weeks ago.

That was when he received the news that changed his life.

Jake Muller had just been at home relaxing for the first time in ages, his battle worn hands tossing a delicious red apple in an up and down motion, when he got the call. Jake could distinctively remember groaning in annoyance as he rolled himself off his couch, trudging over to his ringing device. He hadn't even bothered to check who was calling nor had he bothered to give a polite greeting. At the time he had been so sure it was just another idiot trying to sell him worthless products. Something like an overly priced vacuum or a super wash cloth or hell maybe even a damn giant feather duster that looked like a chicken's ass. Either way, he knew he wouldn't give two shits.

Mr. Muller had never been so wrong.

"What the hell do you people—"

"Hello, is this Jake Muller? I'm a friend of Sherry's."

Those words alone, or more so, that name alone caused Jake to shut his trap, his soul stilling in astonishment. "Sherry?" He repeated in a cautious voice, his eyes moving to the side in order to stare at the phone pressed to his ear.

"Yes, Sherry Birkin. My name is Claire Redfield; I got your number from her house."

"Redfield? Oh yeah, you're that BSAA guy's sister. Tsk, why are you callin'?"

"Well…I need your assistance in a job… to find sherry. Leon and Chris and Helena will also be going but we need all the help we can get."

Just the thought of working with that prick Chris caused Jake's blood to boil over with blistering rage, his need for answers pricking at his once iced over heart. Suprisingly though, he managed to overlook the feeling inside of him, in favor of picking up on a few key words. "To find Sherry? What the hell does that mean?"


Growling in frustration, Jake shifted the shoulder his cell-phone rested upon, his mouth going down into a scowl. "Listen lady, I need to know why you need me to go down there. There's no way in hell I'm going down all the way to America for no goddamn reason. So out with it, or no deal."

"Alright fine, if you really need to know right now, Sherry is missing."

That was all that needed to be said. Like a flash of lightening rage was sparking throughout Jake's blood, his lips pulling back into a snarl. "What the hell do you mean she's missing?!"

"It means what I said." He heard the mysterious girl—Claire or whatever—sigh before answering him. "She went on a mission and she never came back, we had gathered information on a new bio-terrorist group and she was called in to investigate. The last time she checked in was two months ago. Ever since then we've heard nothing from her."

Everything after that had become a blur in Jake's mind; his vision filling with images of doe styled sapphire gems and an infectious smile. "Tell me how I can help. I'll be catching the next flight."


That was how he got where he was now, running across the state of South Dakota on a wild goose chase for a woman that once saved him. A woman that still lingered in his mind since the last time he saw her.

A woman that could very well be dead.

Gritting his teeth together, Jake slammed back the thought invading his mind and picked up his pace, his determination shifting into steel. Unbreakable and unrelenting.

In a motion as quick as a cobra strike, a powerful kick was delivered to a warehouse door, the blasted portal practically coming off its hinges. Not that the door murderer gave a damn. Pushing past the demolished entryway, Jack whipped his gun back out, a lethal air chilling his ruthless bones.

He needed to find Sherry or he would go insane.


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