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Couple: Jake/ Sherry, Side Leon/Ada

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In the dead of night every tiny movement that was made could be shifted into an explosion of noise, causing ripples upon ripples of sound. That added to the fact there was little to no light within the warehouse prompted Jake to feel uneasy. Hell, it wasn't just his life on the line. Glancing around with a scowl, the male peered into the tangible darkness, trying to find just a simple wisp of blonde locks. Of course though his bounty of bad luck was brimming and he didn't see a single thing.

A sensation of all too recognizable disappointment shackled his soul, causing the adult to grind his teeth. He was getting real tired of this bull-shit.

While continuing his way into the shelter, Jake didn't bother to maintain silence, he figured that his enemies wouldn't keep playing guard dog for long. No, no those mindless bastards liked to chase him after a while. Much to Jake's amusement; those guys were as threatening as a goldfish.

Maneuvering around a corner, his lightning colored spheres roamed around as he registered the faint tick of a clock bouncing off the room's wall structure. It was then he saw it… a figure dashing into another room… a figure that had short light colored hair. "Wa-wa-wait!?"

Pushing his feet off the ground beneath him, Jake launched forward and just as he did he heard a feminine voice call out, "Get away!"

A scowl formed on attractive features. "Not a chance in hell." He murmured to the air, as if the woman running could possibly hear him.

A game of cat and mouse was soon taking place, the blonde managing to elude Jake by just a mille second every time. Glaring in aggravation, Jake kept up his end of the game. Turn after turn and room after room, the chase grew more tiring.

And to top it off Jake had just been a split-second to late once more.

"Dammit, God must really not fucking like me." He seethed; his oxygen deprived lungs wheezing in protest when he forced his skeleton to action.

Dashing toward the entryway, Muller heard the sound of receding footsteps and decided to gain some ground.

Not stopping in his fast-paced pursuit, Jake swerved to the side, allowing his body to hit the ground in a slide. With a flawless performance he managed to pop through a notable crack in the wall, his alert ears catching the sound of a nearby door slamming shut and a click that distinctly reminded him of a lock. Fortunately the mercenary's eyes took notice of another hole in the wall, a cocky simper taking his dry lips.

"And anyway, I don't hate you!"

As he recalled that moment he couldn't help but scoff, dipping his head to the side. It looked like even if God wasn't on his side… Sherry was.

Alright, he could do this. He's been through way worse; a scared Sherry wasn't that difficult.

Calming his rapid breathing, Jake chose to go for a stealth plan. With the speed of a snail, the tall individual lowered himself to his knees, performing a military crawl to get out the hole. He made sure that every move was tranquil, as to not alert the woman that was surely hiding.

After he made it through the passage, he remained on all fours. Scanning the surrounding area, he waited. A sob dripped into the air.


Whipping his skull to the side, his pearl blue hues landed on a girl … wearing a skirt? Her hair was longer than Sherry's and her face wasn't the one he remembered, hell he could tell that, even in the lack of light.

A deep rooted rage slammed into Jake's throat, his trembling hand squeezing the gun stuck to his fingers. "Who the hell are you?!"

A squeak fled the girl's mouth, her head flying up, only to smack it on the desk she was concealing herself under. A rather pathetic whimper fell from her but she recovered quickly, a sassiness taking over. "You're the dolt that was chasing me! What do you want leave me alone!"

Albert Wesker's son swore he felt the vein in his forehead throb.

Shoving himself to his full height, he reached out in a swift movement, grasping a thin arm tightly. "Hey let go!"

"Listen! You're going to tell me who the hell you are and what you're doing here! I'm not here to hurt you, I'm here for my own damn reasons, now stop with the fucking waterworks!" Maybe to some that would've seemed harsh but Jake thought he handled that pretty well, considering the situation. He even felt a little proud of himself.

Although the unknown girl didn't seem pleased at all for she was trying to kill him with her eyes.

"Humph!" Snatching her arm out of his grip, she crawled past his legs, standing up on her own. Her now bruised arm hung limply at her side, the other one crossing over to caress the mark. "Fine… my name is Ashley Graham… do you have any idea where we are..?"

"Nah, all I know is that we're someplace in South Dakota, I don't really have the time to check which part I'm at, just know I gotta keep movin'."

Ashley tilted her head to the side, glancing at him with deep brown eyes. Brown eyes full of fear and uncertainty… so contrasting to the deep blue he once looked into, a deep blue filled with compassion, bravery and determination. He had to avert his gaze.

"Oh… well. What's your name?"


"Jake…well that's a cool name."

The attempt at conversation poked at deaf ears. "Hn."

Dodging past the clearly older woman, Jake went to leave.

"Hey wai—. " The door opened and not by Jake. A gun was sporadically against the intruder's neck, Jake's finger all too ready to become trigger happy. Sadly for his digit, it never was allowed to press the blow of death.

"Put down your gun, Jake, it's just me."

Staring up into the face of a weary Leon, Jake let out a sigh, stepping back into the room. "Yeah, yeah, I'm on it hero boy."

Leon tossed the disgruntled youth a hard stare, his eyes crinkling the slightest in understanding. He knew what he was going through. "So what's the news, get any leads."

"If I did I wouldn't be here, now would I?"

"Heh, fair enough." Leon replied with a grunt, his large hand trailing up to rake through his sweaty bangs.

That simple action drew the attention of a one-person audience. "Leon? Is that you?!"

Hero met victim in a clash of eyes and all Jake could do was bring a hand to his face. 'Great, they know each other?'


Watching from the window outside was a woman, her ruby-painted mouth twisting up into a malicious beam. "Looks like things are coming along smoothly, isn't that right… Ms. Birkin." Golden globes of honey gave their full onslaught to a motionless woman on the ground. Her once vibrant paired eyes now a murky pond. Unfocused.

Just like a doll.


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