I was going to use this as a prompt for someone, but then decided to fill it myself! Bond and Q are best buds. They're both total nerds. Second chapter soon to come. Enjoy :)

At first they simply had a good working relationship. Agent and Quartermaster. They got along, but given 007's charm, and Q's general politeness, it certainly wasn't anything to comment on.

After Skyfall, things changed. Q's actions when 007 "kidnapped" M earned his trust, something not many could claim to have. Unlike most who either awkwardly tried to offer condolences, or pretended nothing had happened, Q simply accepted that it happened and that it was in the past. It was exactly what Bond hadn't known he'd needed.

When Q discovered that 007 was a closeted nerd, their budding friendship bloomed. Movie nights at Q's flat after missions became a regular occurrence. Slowly 007 became Bond, and Bond became James. Despite the rumours circulating MI6, and the "secret" betting pool in the R&D department, their relationship was purely platonic.

It was past midnight when Bond appeared on Q's balcony. Q ushered him in, unruffled as ever, while Bond chuckled a bit drunkenly.

"How's my little nerd buddy?"

Q sighed, used to Bond's comments. "You're just in time, I'm watching Star Trek. How was the mission?"

James smiled, "Oh, explosive as ever. I'll go in for debriefing tomorrow. Which one?"

Q frowned briefly, mentally reviewing the various things that had gone wrong and noting James' slightly drunken state. His expression quickly changed to a cheeky grin as he replied, "the new one".

"But it won't be released for weeks! They just released the trai-OH YOU DIDN'T"

Q's cheeky grin turned just a bit guilty, "They really should have had a better security system. Their fault really."

"This is why I hang out with you" James said when he stopped laughing, "alright put it on, I'll go make popcorn."

Aside from a few shouts of "OH MY GOD WHAT WHAT WHAT" and "DID YOU SEE THAT" "YOU BET I DID" they didn't speak again until the credits were rolling.

James was the first to break the silence. "Do you think I could seduce Zoe Saldana? She may be out of my league."

"If you do, you have to get her autograph for me or I'll stop being your friend."

"If I get it for you can I have an exploding pen?"

Q opened his mouth to reply, but stopped with an odd look on his face. Taking note of James apparent seriousness of the offer he replied, "Get me at least five of the cast signatures, and I'll make you a whole box of them."