Teeth as white as snow

And hair that has an unearthly white glow.

He has to power over wind and ice,

I doubt you haven't fallen to him once or twice.

Tricky he is and enjoys pranks

The greatest of jokesters have landed in his ranks.

But he wasn't like this all the time, oh no

With a touch as cold as mid-winter snow.

Once a young man, so full of life

That left so suddenly and filled his family with strife.

Saved his sister in exchange for his own life,

As he saved her from falling through the ice.

Emma, her name was

Now has a second chance at life because

Her beloved brother died in her stead

Now laying in a wet and icy bed

Born again in the cold of night

The moon was the first thing in his sight.

New breath filled his lungs

While in the air he floated and hung.

Confused he was at the sight of the tree

But from his icy prison he was now free.

Now with new life he travels from land to land,

The power of cold and winter in his hands.

Though from his past life he doesn't remember a thing

He flies with the wind as if on wing.

Invisible to the non-believing eye

He commands the snow on where to lie.

He saved his sister's life but at what cost,

This young man's name is now Jack Frost.