She sat in the garage bay holding her knees to her chest. Tears falling so hard she didn't know if they would ever stop. She couldn't get her head on straight through all the pain as her heart kept breaking. He left, they all left, no warning for her to cling to or hope they would be back. Her head spinning with memorable moments the four had shared. Now all she felt was pain and betrayal rising up in her chest.

Then a slight flick of movement in the corner of the garage caught her eye, telling her she wasn't alone. She didn't bother trying to defend herself from the massive hands that grabbed her roughly. The walking tar man called Greasepit for obvious reasons licked his lips at the pain Charley was enduring. His nasty grin and bad breath still wasn't enough to knock Charley out of her pain induced stupor. She wouldn't answer or acknowledge the walking petroleum factory as he shook her trying to get information about the guy's whereabouts. Greasepit being fully enraged backhanded Charley thinking that would get her to open up. Still not giving up a word to him she was tied up and thrown in his vehicle and to the tower he raced. Hoping for some fun for all the embarrassments the lovely mechanic had caused him and his stinky boss

3 weeks later. Chapter 1 Lukas

A mutual friend of Charley and the bros was driving through and stopped hoping to get his bike worked on. Why is she not open? Then a cold chill ran through him, what if? After trying all the doors Lukas jumped on his Kawasaki ninja and sped off to the scoreboard. He calmed down when he saw her newest prototype there only to panick again. There in the scoreboard was Charley laid out on Vinnie's bunk. Battered and blooded with her clothes ripped and half her pants missing. Her hands still tied behind her back and barely breathing.

Bile rose thickly in his throat the closer he got to Charley's side to see if she had a pulse. The pain Lukas felt as he touched Charleys skin knocked him backwards. She was alive but barely. A war of emotions radiated off her within seconds. Lukas feeling so lost scooped her in his arms. Feeling like he had no alternative, he teleported Charley to Mars.

Dr. Vero had to blink her eyes to see what or who was in front of her. Lukas holding the Biker Mice human friend."Lukas, is that you?" Dr. Vero almost lost it at the sight before her. Her normally calm exterior failed her when she came up closer. She went immediately into full saving mode when she saw the injuries. "Nurses we need a gurney and ready an operating room stat!" turning to Lukas Dr. Vero squeezed his hand gently. Then ran with the nurses to the O.R.

With a stormy calm he pulled out his communicator, calling the only other person that would prevent him from killing 3 friends of his. STOKER.

Sighing, an anguished breath Lukas tried to keep calm. Finally the mouse named STOKER, answered his communicator. "Hey there kid, how you been? being still sweet as pie?" snickering he waited for the youth to snip at him. When all he got was silence.

"I need to know where the bros are Stoker, and each moment that passes by is worse for them. " The deadly edge to Lukas's voice didn't get passed Stoker. Something had this Plutonium highly rattled and it was not good.

"I don't give that..." Stoker's sentence was cut off in mid stride when suddenly Lukas appeared in front of him. Before he could move or say a word Lukas had him by the throat. Holding him against the cave wall with one hand and Stokers tail in the other. " After what happened to Charley, you better find them. And now before I do. BECAUSE IF I DO THEY WILL DIE!" there was enough venomous rage in that calmed voiced sentence that Stoker cringed inwardly. As he let what was said sink in, Lukas left Stoker in a flash of light. All Stoker could do was rub his throat and ponder. What in the name of mother mars just happened? And what did he mean by Charley. Was she hurt or kidnapped? Was the bros ok? Lukas is never like this, and what on Pluto set him on a revenge spree? Using his communicator he tried raising Charley-girl. He got worried when there was no answer. Immediately he tried Vinnie's communicator to no avail. Well maybe Vinnie has Charley out on a date it is late earth time in Chicago. Wait, that don't sound right, heading to the base he went to see Carbine. Only to be shocked to see Modo and Throttle but no Vinnie.

After several rounds of hugs and play fights it was time to get down to the dirty deed. "So TWO big bad baby bikers and the third one is gone. What happened you leave Vinnie's slug butt on earth to finally date Charley?" Stoker winced he saw Modo's eye glow red before he turned on his boot heel and walked off. What on Mars was that all about? Turning to Throttle the younger mouse was hard as stone. All he did was just motioned to him to follow not saying a word. When they were alone Throttle let all the war battled weariness out in one breath. Telling Stoker how one of the new scouts found Harley alive. Afterwards when they crashed over night at ship, Vinnie's bright idea was to leave for a few days to see Harley. "So without warning he fired up the ship and here we are. We didnt get the chance to tell Charley girl goodbye and we would be right back. When we got here all war broke loose. Modo kicked Vinnie's tail saying he was a selfish son of a plutarkian for leaving. Charley girl wont answer us on the vid link. Not that I blame her. So Vinnie gave up on her, and is chasing Harley. Modo is so angry at Vinnie's actions that he won't go near him. And I think Charley is either too mad and hurt to talk or I dont want to even think of the other." Throttle waited to hear what Stoker was about to say. The angry tail twitches was nothing compared to what came out next. Fifteen minutes after Stoker said the final vulgarity in his tantrum, he told Throttle of his run in with Lukas.

"That is odd for Lukas, we hadn't seen him in a year. What's gotten into him?" Throttle, out his communicator and called Lukas. Luckily for him Dr. Vero's nurse answered the phone."Mars Infirmary, can I help you?" a cheery nurse answered. "Do you know a Plutonium by the name of Lukas? I thought I was calling him. I must of tuned into the hospital by mistake.." Throttle started get uneasy feeling in his gut. The nurse answered back that she knew him and he was in the mess hall getting coffee.

" Can you please come and be with him in our waiting area? His Earth lady friend was in really bad condition. Dr. Vero seen her and has her in the operating room still." Throttles hands started to twitch as he shook slowly then violently all over. Hanging up the communicator, Throttle looked at Stoker with sadness in his eyes. " go get Modo for me Stoker, tell him its about Charley girl. Meet me at the infirmary. I don't want to tell Vinnie anything yet." if there had been a way, none of this would have happened. His gut had been screaming at him for weeks now that something was wrong. Now looking at Stoker all the pieces had fell into place. Getting on his bike he felt like Modo's cybernetic fist just gut punched him. If he could cry he would be weeping for their Charley girl. All he could do was let out a pain filled growl as he raced his bike to the infirmary. Stoker's head had told him something was bad wrong. After he walked towards his own bike, he noticed what had upset Throttle. There on his neck was a faint blood shaped hand print of Charley girl's blood where Lukas's hand had been.

Pulling up on the lawn of Modo's mom's cave, Stoker fault his own rage. The whole trip out here he kept thinking of Charley. Bella Maverick had always been the unrequited love of Stoker's life. Only Bella loved his best bro, and married into Lugs clan instead. She never knew about it and he never tried to let her know about it either. However, his heart always fluttered even after all these years to see her. " Well, well, well. I must be dreaming and if I am I never want to wake up. Is that there the most gorgeous mother in all off mars sitting with the biggest mouse on mars? Man, what I would do to be as lucky as that mama jamming biker." Stoker gave a wolf whistle at Mrs Maverick, making her simultaneously blush and giggle. Modo gave a irritated growl at the General. He always did this to his momma, and it bothered him knowing how they both flirted with each other. His dad and the General where bros before the Plutarkian wars, where his dad was killed in action. The idea of his momma falling for Stoker, bro or not made his fur stand on end.

" General Stoker, sir, what can we do for you?" the icy bark in Modo's tone wasn't lost on Bella or Stoker. Anytime the younger biker called him General they knew Stoker had overstepped the invisible line.

"I have bad news on Charley, she is here on mars Modo." All the humor gone out of Stoker's voice. " If she is here on mars, how is that bad and how did she get here..." Modo's voice tailored off as his one eye glowed red. Looking at the hand print on Stoker's neck answered his question. Without a word he jumped on lil' hoss and made for the infirmary.

" Stoker sweety, how bad? Will she make it?" Bella knew how much the Earth woman meant to her son. Even when he said just like a sister it was truly more. If it wasn't for Vinnie's feelings, Modo's heart might give in and open up to her.

" Its not good dear, and if so help me if something happens to Charley. I truly fear what Modo's actions will be." shaking his head, Stoker placed his helmet on and followed after Modo's dust trails.