chapter 6

Writer's note,

It has been a month since Lukas found Charley.

Vinnie's dreaming about Charley and the argument they had the week before the bros left for Mars. Not being able to stand living on the base, he moved in with Harley and Mace. Unknowingly making Modo and the rest more angry with him

"Please, understand doll, I do care about you. More than you know." Vinnie looked down as Charley had tears in her eyes. This only made the millionth time he had asked her to go out. With him he wanted more than just her friendship. He wanted her all. Her pain, to kvgsoothe away, her man or mouse to forever protect her.

"... was it something I said or something or something I did.."

r" No Vinnie." 'Your still in love with Harley' thought Charley.

" But, please let me take you out for a night on the town.. We can get some dogs and Rootbeers...

" Vincent Van Wham! No! Now leave me alone! BECAUSE UNTIL THE PAST IS OFFICIALLY BURIED AND LAID TO REST, THEN WE CAN'T HAVE A FUTURE!" she turned to run up to her apartment, only to be pulled into a tight hug.

" FATHER OF MARS DAMNIT. What will it take to prove to you how much I love you?"

"Can you break the arranged marriage law? NO Vinnie you can't. AND before you say it doesn't matter to you, You'd only be lying. I know about the marriage agreement to Harley. Your family's honor will be crushed because of me. Until..." The tears fell with her heart breaking into tiny pieces. Stepping on his tail he let go of her to watch as she ran into her room. Not being able to stand it he locked up the garage and made for the ship. Bros can be with him or against him. He was going to restart the ship, find Harley and ask her to call off the marriage. Or find away out of this mess. He wanted Charley not Harley. Family honor be damned. His dream shifted to everytime he tried to raise her on the videoconference. Then he thought he saw her walking to him in Harleys house. A sad small smile placed upon her lips, slowly she bent down and kissed him on the cheek. ' I love you Vincent, tears ran down her face. I'll be with you soon. Just wait for me please. Then we can cross the next terrain together...' just as quickly as she came she was gone.

Waking up at Harleys, Vinnie sat up touching his cheek. It was wet from her tears he thought. Pushing himself off the couch he walked in on Mace in what he thought was the bathroom. Slamming the communicator shut Mace looked pissed for a momentary period. " What's up man?"

" Bathroom. I was looking for the bathroom? Hey what time is it?"

" Next door down, and about noon our time. Why?"

"Somethings not right back on Earth. My gut is telling me it's Charley."

"Are you going to try and raise her again on the video conference?"

"Yep, but I am going to try to talk to Carbine first. And if the frozen ice queen won't tell me how Charley is I am going after her. Do you think there is away we can get around that arranged marriage contract? Since you and Harley are together it would make it a lot easier for all of us if it was broken..." The grin on Mace's face told Vinnie that it would be more than ok with him.

During this time at the infirmary; Charley has still been under the drug induced coma. Carbine has left her side only long enough to take care of military issues. So far she has dodged Vinnie successfully. Modo has been taking shifts with Stoker, Throttle watching guard over their Charley girl.

" Nurse Harley, could you please step into my office? I would like a word with you."

Dr. Vero had a grim look on her face as she walked in the small room. Harley walked in behind her only to be followed by Lukas, Throttle, and Stoker. " Before you begin Dr. Vero, I never meant any harm to her. Old feelings came up, and I just wanted..."

"What did you mean Harley about burying the dead?" Stoker interrupted.

" Exactly what I want to know" chimed in Throttle

" Why are you asking me for? The only person that can answer that is Vincent"

" General, Modo's temper will kill him for hurting Charley this way. Vinnie can't come here." Throttle looked worryingly for the weeks wear on him.

" Would it be so bad to tell Vinnie the truth before he comes calling" Dr. Vero asked innocently.

In unison the three mice and Lukas all but shouted yes. All of the arguing continued until there was a collected gasp from the women. Outside the door the male mice saw a shadow from under the floor. Jumping up from the chairs to run to the door, Lukas felt the apprehension from Harley and worry from the unknown person. Outside the door was a distressed Carbine. " Charley is doing a lot of fidgeting like she does when she first wakes up. Would it be safe for her to wake up on her own? With the punctured lung and tubes coming out?"

" Let me examine her first. I gave her some of the medicines from my planet to speed up her recovery. Just let run some tests." Walking into the room she shut the door behind her with Harley left behind to face the rest.

" So happy your alive Harley, please forgive my reaction earlier. In case you haven't noticed I'm overprotective right now."

" Yeah I've noticed Carbine. As of our last talk I still think you're all wrong about Vincent."

" If that was the case then the impulsive ass wouldn't have done what he did, nor moved off base. Or am I wrong and he is staying with someone that is not you?" Carbine snarled at her.

" Just what the hell were you insinuating?"

"You know damn well what I am saying."

" Listen to me clearly Your frozen military highness. Me and VINNIE ARE NOT TOGETHER!"

" You lying Bitch! Then why is he staying at your cave? You know there is a deal in your marriage contract that states if you live in the same cave for two months then the two of you agree to the..."

" That's it!" Snarling Harley wrapped her tail around Carbine s ankle. Pulling her feet out from under the General. Straddling Carbine Harley pinned her former best friends shoulders down to the floor in the waiting room.

" Before you insult me again, you better know this. Yes Vinnie has been staying with me. But he is also been visiting with my MATE!. We both have been trying to find a loop hole out of that contract."

Stoker stood back watching the scene unfold. Throttle was about to pull Harley off when Lukas stopped them. "Let them have it out, mate. It appears that this is long over due."

" ... you act so damn mighty as a general. But truth be known you were always jealous of everyone. If dinnertime came and everyone else got dessert but you, you got mad. And would make the rest of us miserable. You would get jealous if someone outscored you on military tactics. You hated Mace for his prowess when it came to maneuvers. And now when it came to us you were jealous that the powers to be arranged my marriage and not yours!" seething Harley all but spit beside Carbine's head. While Carbine grunted and struggled to get out from under Harley. " You have it all right now Carbine! You are free to mate with Throttle freely, a sister that will soon recover and a well advanced and respected career. Not to mention, family and friends who love you that are still alive. All of my family is dead, Vinnie's family is dead so unless I am adopted or Vinnie is by another clan to renegotiate that marriage contract..."

Wrapping her tail around Harleys throat, Carbine countered the hold. Knocking Harley backwards with a right hook. As Harley tried to strike at Carbine, Carbine caught Harleys wrist, twisted her arm behind her back and pinned Harley against the wall. " You listen to me you-self centered lying Punta! I knew you are betraying us by hiding Mace in your cave. Your kidnapper, You and Vinnie are all being watched. I maybe silent at the moment, but don't confuse my silence for idiocy." She hissed into Harleys ears, but low enough only Harley heard her. Letting her go she stepped back popping her knuckles.

"How long have you known?"

" Thats for me and me only to know."

" ok then why keep silent?"

" Again, thats for.."

" Cut the cheap crap Carbine. You want something, then you have to give."

" Fine, then what do you want to know?"

" How long do I have to get Mace out of your jurisdiction?" Harley sighed holding her head high as with her guard up.

" I'll let you know later. Right now, its not the time nor the place. When I have all my information gathered you'll see me on my terms."

" Ladies, Ladies! This is a hospital not a sparring ring! NURSE HARLEY YOUR SUSPENDED FOR A WEEK. I'LL NOT HAVE ANY VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND HERE. CARBINE YOU ARE BANNED FOR A WEEK AS WELL!" Dr. Vero was beside herself at Harley and Carbines actions. " In all my years, I thought you two would put your animosity aside for the hospital. Carbine, Charley is now stabilized. Her lung is now healed along with her internal organs. I'm going to remove her tubes, and keep her sedated for one more week. The week will give both of you time to cool those tempers. Also time for Charley to gain more strength. Oh mother, would you two ladies stop glaring at each other before I have Throttle and Stoker escort you home." Throwing her hands up in the air the good doctor went back into Charleys room and shut the door.

Trying to contain their laughter the guys were trying to find some thing to talk about.

" So how about those Nubs Stoker?"

" Yeah, Throttle how about them I wonder if we can pick the game up on the radio waves tonight?" While Carbine was glaring at Harley, everyone else tried to cool their moods as Modo walked in. The big guy was moody enough on is own.

" What's going on?" Modo asked as Dr. Vero walked out of Charley girl's room. looked at the family of ragged tired folks waiting for her to speak. "I just got done, removing her breathing tube and her chest tube. She is breathing wonderfully on her own and should be waking up in under a hour or so. However I would prefer to keep her sedated for another week to give her body more time to heal. Plus I want to bring her out with a counselor or Psychologist on hand. There's no telling what tortures they subjected her to.

"Well, if you are going to sedate her would it just be best to not let her raise wake up at all yet.?" Modo's eyebrow raised in a arch.

" yes, but I would like to examine her with a psychologist here. We don't know what they did to her. Ooh no. Modo behave yourself. " Dr. Vero saw Vinnie walking up the hall headed straight to them.