Chapter 7. Lets get ready to rumble

Chicago, Illinois


"You called your cheesiness?"

"No, I just adore screaming out you name. Of course I called for you. Idiots I am forever surrounded by idiots. Greasepit did something right for a change. He brought that meddlesome bitch to us. Tell me, is she still here" facing the doctor he noticed the slight look and smell of rancid fear.

"um, um, no, she isn't here per say. When we couldn't get anymore information out of her, I had the goons take care of her. Jackson was to dispose of her." shaking in his lab coat he waited for his boss's temper to explode. However it never came, a gleeful sigh came from the fish boss. " Splendid, however my good doctor, retrieve that wasted excuse of a woman. I have a plan to rid myself of her and those mice for good."

" yes my supreme cheesy boss. I'll call for Jackson immediately. Would there be anything else I can do in the meantime?"

"No, no not now just hurry up and do it. In the mood I'm in, you best produce the mechanic quickly or I'll have your ass. Understand me?" The purple clad business man raised his eyebrow as he turned to look at the deranged scientist.

Back on Mars...

Modo's eye is glaring at Vinnie as he is walking towards the group. Before Vinnie could ask what is going on Carbine pulls Harley to the side. " Harley," she hissed. " If you want to keep Mace safe grab your stuff now and get Vinnie's sorry ass out of here now.!"

" No! He needs to know she is here! What makes you God over their life? You cold-hearted bitch, did the war really hardened your heart that bad?"

" There's a time we were like sisters Harley. That time is over, and I'll not let that bastard destroy her! And if you call me a Bitch one more time I'll really show you what a cold-hearted bitch is. Its his fault..." Stopping in mid sentence she stood frozen in shock.

Vinnie walked up to Carbine with her back turned to him blocking his view. Modo, Throttle, Stoker, Lukas, and Dr. VERO stood there with their mouths gaping. " Carbine, look I know your busy. But have you heard from Charley? This is killing me I need to know she's..."

In the doorway leading out of Charley's room stood a wide-eyed scared waif that was once Charley. Trembling and walking slowly she looked down at first at her hands. Taking some small steps towards the nurses station she looked ahead of her. Then as if sensing she was watched she turned facing the dumbfounded group. Shaking she slowly made her way towards them. Her eyes getting bigger than saucers the closer she got to the group. When she was directly in front of Stoker she stood there, gingerly reaching out to touch his hand. She ran her hands across Stoker's cheek. One by one she touched the bros as if to prove to herself they were real. VINNIE, WHERE'S VINNIE! As almost instantly she had a rush of energy. Modo was helping Carbine block Vinnie's view. Charley pushed them out of her way so she could see Vinnie. No, I'm dead. I cant be alive, their dead and this is the afterlife. That's why I can feel right? Only one way to find out. Painstakingly slowly with trembling hands Charley reached up to touch Vinnie's face. Not satisfied with just touching the fleshy part of his face, she pulled him to her. Not caring who was watching she wrapped her arms around his neck. She rubbed the back of his neck with one of her hands. Kissing him soundly on the mouth in front of all.

Frozen Vinnie couldn't believe his eyes. Coming towards him was the Angel that had haunted him at night. But how did she get here. What happened? Why didn't anyone tell him. Harley, the bros, Carbine, why did they keep silent? Now she was doing the one thing that made his heart soar bittersweet. Kissing him as if it was the only thing keeping her alive. Wanting to prove to her she was the only one he'd ever want he returned the passion in the kiss.

Letting it sink in Charley pulled away. He's alive. We all are. That woman beside Carbine, must be Harley. By the Gods if I was a mouse she could easily be my twin? " No, No this can't be!" Charley started shaking violently. Vinnie started to reach for her. Instead of being able to pull her into his arm's she punched him in nose. She let out a heart wrenching gut twisting scream from her soul. As if the realization to her was too much she blacked out. Reacting out of practice, Vinnie caught Charley. Ten minutes went by with him just cradling her in his arm's like a baby. Unashamed tears fell down Vinnie's face. Kissing her forehead, he slowly lifted his eyes to look at the lot of friends.

When he looked at Dr. Vero icily, he asked her " which room?". While everyone gawked at him, he followed Dr. Vero in the room Charley came out of. Lovingly he laid her on her bed and covered her frail body. That was when he noticed all the surgical scarring. He bent over her bed to make sure her pillows was supporting her head. Then without anyone's interference he touched his antennas to her head. The images her mind held drove he past the point of no return.

"damn you Harley! Modo will kill him now, why couldn't you get Vinnie out of here when I asked you? Carbine hissed.

" All of you have lost your minds. You saw how those two kissed. They are in love with each other. No matter what happened to Charley, it'd never change that she maybe your daughter now but if there was a way those to could marry would you allow it?"

" Oh Shit!" Lukas felt a raging, blinding surge of anger and pain. It was enough to bring him to his knees. Looking around him he found where it came from. Moving slowly as if he was a predator about to go in for the kill. Out came a white mouse with a slightly blood tinged fur around his nose. His fur on his body stood on end, and a low ominous growl was coming from Vinnie. Vinnie kept flexing his fists as he came out of Charley's room. He was looking at the floor starting of into a void that wasn't there. Not noticing he was watched, he started down the hallway. Throttle made the mistake of touching Vinnie's arm. Throttle didn't have time to duck. Vinnie nailed him with a right hook. Modo came into the auction hitting Vinnie with a left upper cut. Before the fighting could continue Lukas intervened.

With all the people he tried to teleport at one time, his destination went askew. Not realizing they were in Harley's apartment, the bros kept fighting. Fur and punches kept flying. Hearing the raucous, Mace made the mistake and came out of the bedroom.

" Stop it all of you before you destroy my place damn it!" Yelling at the top of her lungs n Harley's tail twitched wildly was she stomped her feet. Stoker pulled Throttle out of the fight, while Lukas grabbed for Modo. Mace stood in front of Vinnie trying in vain to keep Stoker from realizing he was there. With one deep inhalation it was too late. Three extremely angered mice turned an overdue hating attention to Mace.

"Wait before you do something t you'll regret Stoker."

" Nice move rookie, but you should be over here ready to kill him with the others."

" No! You'll not be taking my mate!"

" Harley have you lost your mind, he kidnapped you that filthy rat has you brain washed!" Modo's ominous growls were being split between Vinnie and Mace.

" Carbine, tell her she is insane. He's killed his parents!" Throttle's accusation did it. Before Carbine could stop it, Mace tackled Throttle to the ground. Stoker lunged for Mace as Vinnie nailed him to the floor. Lukas held on to Modo, shouting " Enough! Again? Another fight? You all are adults, stop this. Carbine you started this fight you're gonna end it. You put your blaster up and let Mace show him the truth."

" Stay out of this Lukas!"

" No! Carbine you have had us watched for days..."

" Weeks."

"weeks?" Harley asked incredulously.

" Since I saw you call Vinnie after Charlie's operation." She said non charmingly.

All of the men other than Lukas shouted out " You've what!"

Having enough of the arguing Mace showed one by one to Throttle, Modo, Stoker, and Carbine everything that had happened.

Modo's shouldered pride crumbled as he looked from Mace, Vinnie and Harley. Vinnie went from Stoker then to Carbine showing them what he couldn't put into words. How he truly felt about Charley. Then without another word he walked out of Harley's place defeated. He missed his bros, but them not telling him about Charley was more than he could stand. His tail thrashing wildly he walked back to the infirmary. His tail stopped thrashing as he walked into her room. His girl laid on her bed breathing slightly labored. Dr. Vero saw him but stood on the door. " Tell me the truth Lela, how bad was her injuries?" Vinnie was doing his best to not cry over her.

" She almost died. I had to remove a lot of clots from her liver and spleen."

" Out of all of them, my so-called bros Lela your betrayal kills me the most."

" My betrayal? I've done nothing to you!"

" Really? You knew how much I love her. Yet you kept silent. You just told me she almost died. Where was the friend that I had when we was put in the fight zones. The one that had me tell Charley how much I cared about her before I was ready? All because you thought we all was going to die because of Nickerson. If I had of waited like I wanted to this wouldn't have happened."

" That is not true and whether you believe it or not this is not your fault. Bad things happen.."

" Whatever you say doc. Did you give her a sedative?"

" No. Dr. Sloop is a psychologist on call for when she wakes."

" Fine, when she wakes I'll be gone."

" What!"

"You heard me. I've made my mind up. I'm leaving Mars, and I don't know when I'll be back."

" Where will you go?"

" That's for me to know. You and everyone else kept Charley from me. I don't feel what, when, or where or anything I do or go concerns any of you. From now on I'm on my own."

" Vinnie please,"

" Don't! Don't try to justify any of this. Now will you please let me have some time alone with her."

Dejected from her " bro" Dr. Lela Vero walked away. Vinnie sat beside Charley holding her little hands in his big hands. Tears raced down his face as he laid his head on her bed. Around his neck was the red bandana she bought for him. She accidentally turned his last one pink doing the laundry. He promised he would never take it off. Here I'm breaking another promise. Removing the bandana he placed it on her bed. Writing a note he rolled it up and tied his bandana around it. He laid it near her hands, raised up and kissed her a last good-bye. As he walked out of the hospital, Vinnie grew colder. Steeling himself, he climbed onto sweetheart, and headed to the barracks. In the morning he was leaving, when he would be back he didn't know.